This post is to show that u can also change anything in your life! It is crazy to see that 1 year ago I was other person in the way to see things, I realized I had to change my thoughts before even see any change. I wanted to change my physical appearance but above all needed to change how I felt about myself. During this journey of self knowledge, I tried to understand more my body and hear what he was saying.

It is not just about be transgender, but the distorted and dissatisfied vision we often designed for ourselves.

The first photo was already in weight loss process and had lost a lot of body fat (one day post an older ). You resists those foods that u ate throughout life, you sweat from every pore of your skin and at the end the greatest reward of all is not the aesthetic results but on your health and how you feel. I did not attend the gym, do not take supplements, but I do 6 meals a day and work out at home 6 times a week. There is no secret or magic for it, what matters at the end of all is to do what you really like and eat what u feel good eating. The process will require you a lot of focus but gradually u will be rewarded.

If you want to see change in your life, be the change! Thank you guys for the support! <3