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it’s a 3k follow forever! lookie here!

Hi hello, I hit 3,000 followers today!! Thank you to all of you who are here and have been here for me for the last year or so in the hockey fandom, and those of you who follow me and don’t know why. I truly love each and every one of you that’s stuck around with me. 

here we go! this will not be in any order i’m sorry 

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Again thank you all so much, you’re all great, thank you for 3k!! 


Em @bitch-marner 

Finally got around to making my follow forever! 

I’ve only been here for about 18 months now and I’ve made more friends than I have in 22 years of regular everyday life. Bolds are bae’s the first time around the whole thing was bold so I had to narrow it down a bit. (and then britt’s just got some italics as well because I hate you) 

You all make the internet a better place and I love you all very much <3 Happy Blogging!


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I recently hit 3 thousand followers (unbelievable) and I really want to thank everyone who follows this blog. Thanks for putting up with the sometimes confusing amount of fandoms I post about and the way I’m slowly being sent insane by the Funhaus guys, thanks for putting up with the shippy stuff I post and for the countless times I’ve vented to no one in particular.

You’re all super fab and I have a lot of love for you all! These are a few blogs that make me extra happy, my absolute faves are bolded, you should go follow them all if you aren’t already! (not in alphabetical order because i’m lazy)

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Favorite Friday!

I have favorites this week. ENJOY!

4 of my favorite things this week:

  1. I went fishing my my dad, sister, aunt, and uncle on Monday. We bonded, we caught many-a-fish (I won the boat pool! Biggest fish on board), I fell asleep standing up, and then we went out for a very healthy Mexican supper. Fried plantains happened. No fucks were given.
  2. Had my second interview for a position that I’ve been salivating over for a while. I think it went well, which I attribute to my pantslessness. (Thank goodness for phones.) They’re getting in touch with references and making the final decision by next week.
  3. Reacquainted myself with the kitchen.
  4. I had a comically hormonal [for me] week. There was the headache/migraine/whatever, then the cookies from last night, but also this:

(“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” #lololol My secret: second time I’ve watched this in a week. Also, I still don’t get the Leo hype.)

3 of my favorite Tumblrs this week:

  • Kelly - everyone wants to be her. Or on her. I can’t decide which I’d rather.
  • JC & Skinnin - eating vomit, lifting mountains.
  • Cindy - sweetest, loveliest human being on the planet. I JUST REALLY LOVE HER, OKAY?

2 of my favorite songs this week:

1 of my favorite inspirations this week:

boyswanna-be-her  asked:

1, 2, 7, 20!

1. How did you get into Achievement Hunter?

I saw the Slender Rage Quit over someone’s shoulder at Sakuracon. That is the first thing. And then my friends who were there all started watching the Minecraft LPs and I went “I’ll never be able to tell these guys apart” and. now i’m. trash. Minecraft will always probably be most special to me for that but I love so much of what they do, ugh.

2. Member you think you are most like?

I used to think I was most like Gavin, because I’m generally incompetent but try to be funny, but recently I’ve identified more with Jack’s big smooshy heart and our shared tendency to mother hen. (And build houses.)

7. Favorite Lets Play?

Oh god this is legitimately a hard question um

Honestly I can watch a lot of what they do multiple times and not get tired of it, it’s unreasonable tbqh. I tend to like them more the longer they are for whatever reason (I’ve napped to the Fuel LP more times than I can count), and I love Gavin’s stupid questions and how ridiculous they all get when they lose focus or have technical issues (coughMegaDigcough) and. UGH. This is DIFFICULT.

OK I… I think my favorite… is… fucking Mega Dig part 2, because. Fuck me, the Minecraft LPs keep getting better. And what a bunch of ridiculous fun in that shit.

20. Best way Achievement Hunter has changed your life?

holy shit dude what a heavy question okay.

The best way. A single best way. There’s a lot of ways they’ve changed my life, but the actual best and most important to me? Is making friends with you, Kelly.

(distant screams of “gaaaaaaaaaay”)

no seriously though without these idiots playing video games I wouldn’t have met you and you’ve helped me so much more than I can even describe in these last few months so. I can’t even imagine how much more amazing our friendship is gonna get in the future, dude. you’re fucking awesome and I want nothing but the best for you and I want to see all your dreams come true and. i'ma cut this off before I get even gayer

(i say “i’m gay” a lot for a pan person hahahah what’s with that)