This show visually is really fucking good. 


OH MY GAWD! This show is adorable. Premise, an oyster was contaminated with oil which caused it to mutate, creating a humanoid boy named Boyster. He tries to go to school and pretend like he is a normal human boy. But because he is an oyster, he gets in trouble a lot so he needs help from his BFF Rafik and his TV addicted oyster shell brother, Shelby.

The show is funny, cute, and very charming. Boyster is a lovable loser. When I read the premise, I thought it was going to be stupid but it has an unique atmosphere which makes the show highly recommended. The art style seems very familiar. It is almost like westernized Shin Chan.

My biggest criticism is that after watching 6 15 minute episodes, the parents haven’t shown up once. The intro shows that he has parents so why aren’t they in the show? One of my pet peeves is when children cartoons act like parents don’t exist or that parents are useless. Humans with two freakish oyster children, there is so much potential in that.

Overall, highly recommended.

anonymous asked:

What cartoons do you recommend to watch

ah jeez i got a LOT. My personal suggestions and faves would be Penn Zero Part Time Hero, Wakfu, Xiaolin Showdown, Bunny Maloney, Shezow, and Milo Murphys Law. if you want something more on the super-silly side id recommend Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Mr. Men Show, Boyster and Pucca :-D