mustard on fries

the thing is

we made headway

late night movie

getting to know you giggles

it had a sad ending

now so do we

we couldn’t stop smiling

then you called

and that first night

lasted longer than you were actually by my side

are you asleep

no way

i cant either


you’re here

and i was, i still am

then the football game

while we whispered, huddled together

they did too

are they dating

him and her

no way

of course!!

as if we were a public attraction

our relationship an amusement park

the ride made me feel like i was flying

but when i finally felt the ground it hurt

and you couldn’t handle the roller coaster

you got scared

oh no

there could be no chance

for you to fly

because what if you got hurt

what if i didn’t love you

oh but i could

and oh how i do

we spaced for a while

still talking and texting

but something had shifted

an uneasy cloud had settled over us

words we both had in our hearts

but couldnt bear to say outloud

i like you

all of you

i really really do

i wish we would’ve just exploded

that the rain would’ve fallen

in heavy

thoughtful drops

and cleared the fear straight out of our minds

but the storm never subsided

after the PSAT

we ate lunch

it was almost as if we were the old you and i

ear to ear smiles

stomach ache laughter

mustard and fries

you and i

you said

that my smile could change the world

make hearts beat faster

was your heart beating faster

as we looked at each other

because you never told me

you left me guessing

im still guessing

then came the haunted house

we were inseparable

i had to come late

my friends told me you kept asking where i was

you were nervous i got lost

when i came your mood changed

like you were living in black and white

i was your color

i was all over your face

and you held me the whole way through

and my head hurt

not because i was scared

but because your hand in mine

was too good to be true

because not knowing if you were mine was terrifying

you whispered in my ear

you held me by my waist

we were together

i was sure you would ask

will you be mine

i would’ve said yes

i was already yours

but once we passed all the people with painted faces

and the haunted house was over

the scariest moment of the night happened


and its been 3 weeks

and still nothing

no talking

no holding

no mustard on fries

you and i

a path down the road to nothing

6 months of you

and now nothing

when i smile at you

does your heart still beat faster?

because it feels like mine isn’t beating at all


Battle of the Sexes

So I was gchatting with my guy friend and venting about personal stuff when we realized that the conversation was going nowhere. He is always going to think what he thinks and I am always going to think what I think. I feel like I’m constantly defending what I know and feel is right. This is what I get for asking a guy for advice. -__- 

We often find ourselves debating topics that define us as males and females. There is a clear disctinction that boys think with their heads and girls with their hearts. But who is the better of the two? Is there one sex who trumps the other? Each has their pros and cons but I’m sure that there are enough people who could agree and disagree with both of us so we decided to put it all out there and blog about it.