Get To Know The Cast of NO BOYS DORM: Tavia Pereira! 

Tavia Pereira is super excited to be back and working with the MediaJunkie team as Lara No in No BoysDorm.  She was also responsible for coordinating the stunts that you see in the show (mainly falls, lots and lots of falls). She is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s joint program with Sheridan College in acting. Since then, she has been exploring acting through many different mediums with her favourite being voice-overs and stage combat. Tavia has received her Basic Actor Combatant certification from Fight Directors Canada. You can also see Tavia modelling for Ms. Dress-up’s zipper pull, as the Queen of Cups in (My) Immortal: the Webseries, and Leslie in The Line.

Tavia spends most of her free time reading books made out of paper, or browsing the internet. Tavia’s favourite anime is Ouran High School Host Club followed closely by Death Note. Her favourite bookseries is Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb which actually expands into a 13 book series (don’t read it out of order like Tavia did). She quite enjoys The Legend of Zelda, and songs from Ocarina of Time always makes her super happy. Her ringtone is in fact Song of Storms.

The Boys' Dorm - Ten

Now that it’s the tenth chapter of this fanfiction, I would like to promote myself in the Shinhwa tag again! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I haven’t been tagging it for the past eight chapters to avoid spam, but when I think about it, some people might not have known about it and might want to read it.

Classification: College AU, Ricsyung

Summary: The escape of 18-year-old Hyesung from a hectic family life to an even more hectic college life, featuring the catalyst of craziness: Eric the roommate. What are the possibilities of peace-loving Hyesung surviving in an environment of day-to-day partying?

Published on Tumblr, but also at AFF. Enjoy! (*◕‿◕*)

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