Post #1 >> I might be Cliche

Why do we girls wear makeup if we ALL hate it? We are lying to everyone and ourselves about our appearances. —— so WHAT, you have a red spot on your face.. so does every other person in the school… and how many times have you been repulsed by it? (Maybe twice) 

If we all hate it, then why do we continue to do it every single morning? I guess we all just think it’s a competition to see who can hide themselves the most under a thick layer or new skin. 

I was talking to a guy once, yes “talking talking”, and he told me that if we went on a date he didn’t want me to wear makeup…. What? A BOY doesn’t mind ME not wearing makeup?


I know, I know.. If I feel this way then I shouldn’t wear it.. but no… I’m going to be a hypocrite about it all.

But honestly ladies, I’ve met more than one boy that doesn’t see the different in makeup or none. And when you find a boy that doesn’t care about your makeup. Marry him. Right there.. because a life without worrying about makeup… sounds pretty legit.