boyscouts of america

Names my friends and I have chosen to give characters in Overwatch

Genji: Naruto, Nart, Dollar Store Sasuke, Green power ranger, Shingeki No Payload, Daftpunk, “What about sunrise land?”
Mcree: Woody from Toy Story, Clint Eastwood, The state of Texas, Remember the Alamo, Tumbleweed Trash
Pharah: Ball is Life, Inaccurate Weather Girl, Justice Rains from My Ass
Reaper: Edgelord666, Knock-off Kylo Ren, Sasuke 2.0, Linkin Park
Soldier 76: Dad, Daddy (when he has that one skin), Boyscouts of America, Steve Rogers, G.I. Joe
Tracer: The Calvary, Sanic, Usain Don’t, Nyoomi, Lost in Time

Bastion: Brave little toaster, Mr. Robot, Transformers™ Robots in Disguise, The little engine that could
Hanzo: He tiddy, Merida, Katniss Everdeen, Dark Pit, “Hire a Samurai”
Junkrat: Mad Max: Fury Road, Crispy Bacon Child, Dirty boy, wheel of fortune, Beyblade™ Let it Rip
Mei: Knock off Elsa, Donald Trump, The ice queen, “We’ve invaded China” said the Mongols, that one girl in your ecology class who won’t shut up about the polar bears
Torbjörn: lawn gnome, Swedish dwarf, useless, OFC HE GOT POTG, turret v payload
Widowmaker: Hot French Mama, violet from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Mountain Dew Dorito Gremlin, my life as a teenage robot, X-J9, Markiplier’s granddaughter, Buzz Lightyear, Gamer Girl™, Gamergate™
Roadhod: Pumba from The Lion King, Peppa Pig, the OTHER bacon child, shark bait ooh ha ha
Zarya: mother russia, gravity bong
Winston: harambe, gorillas in the mist
Reinhardt: foxy grandpa

Ana: gramma
Lúcio: a friend
Mercy: mom, my angel from heaven
Symmetra: idfk, the 3-D printer
Zenyatta: Bob Marley, Ghandi, Zenyatata