Reasons why you should watch WolfBlood

Not only does it have wolves

But wolves that can have fun with it and act like puppies

It has…

Fierce girls

And shy girls

Girls that do well in school

And girls that don’t do well in school

Sporty boys

And artistic boys

Boys with tempers

And supportive boys

Girl friendships

And boy friendships

And girls and boys being friends with each other

Girls being protective of boys

And girls being protective of girls

Boys being protective of girls

And boys being protective of boys

Girls being emotionally vulnerable with boys

And boys being emotionally vulnerable with girls

Girls being emotionally vulnerable with girls

And boys being emotionally vulnerable with boys

Girls talking about their problems with other girls

And girls talking about their problems with boys

Boys talking about their problems with other boys

And boys talking about their problems with girls

A lot of physical affection

Boys having female friends, despite their crush’s jealousy, without it interfering with their relationship with their crush

Girls that can be friends with their rivals

Girls that are not responsible for the feelings of their guy friends

Teenagers that act like teenagers regardless of how mature they are otherwise

Teachers that care about the emotional and physical well-being of their students

… And that actually do things to support that duty of care

It has great relationships and an awesome ensemble. I absolutely adore the canon romances. It is very worth checking out.

a short list of boys that are cute
  • trans boys
  • disabled boys
  • boys of colour
  • dd boys
  • gay boys
  • bi and pan boys
  • ace and aro boys
  • nonbinary boys
  • fat boys
  • skinny boys
  • curvy boys
  • boys who wear makeup
  • boys who wear dresses
  • boys who need to be told right now that theyre cute and important
  • you’re cute and important

feel free to add

Important things in life
  • Strong boys
  • Boys with brown eyes
  • Boys that are handsome
  • Boys with strong eyebrows
  • Boys with stern expressions
  • Boys who take care of their best friend
  • Boys with holy biceps
  • Boys who play volleyball because of their best friend but then learn to love it themselves
  • Boys that never let their best friend’s carefully concealed insecurity get the best of them
  • Boys that like agedashi tofu
  • Boys called Iwa-chan
  • It’s Iwaizumi Hajime
  • Iwaizumi Hajime is important
a message for the boys

this blog is boy positive AS FUCK

all the boys out there, i fuckin love you

big boys, small boys, old boys, young boys, masculine boys, feminine boys, everything-in-between boys

boys who like girls, boys who like boys, boys who like enbys, boys who like everyone, boys who like no one

boys who are happy, boys who are sad, boys who are angry, boys who are hurt, boys who are beautiful multi-faceted human beings

i love you.

and if you need a friend, my man, i am fuckin here for you.


When the boys spotted you in the crowd during the hi-touch of their concert

Meeting his parents (hyung line + Jimin) 

Dance practice with Bangtan boys

Boys coming to your graduation

Rainy day with Bangtan boys

Perfom with Bangtan boys

For the first time to spend the night with Bangtan boys

“Fun” after cuddling

When you come visit them on tour

First time with Bangtan boys

Outfits for you having a hard time at home and they come pick you up and take you away somewhere 

Bangtan boys gf in school outfits

Outfits for the boys being jealous because another man is looking at you in the wrong way

Pool party with BTS

Award ceremony with BTS

The first meeting with Bangtan boys

Ideal type of Bangtan boys

When he said that he in love with you

Beach day with Bangtan Boys

Sweater weather with Bangtan boys 

Tomboy outfits that the Bangtan boys would like

Girly street outfit 

Halloween party with BTS 

Short prom dresses boys would like

Amusement park date with maknae line + J-Hope

BTS gf’s wedding dress

You are MC of big award and will deliver the prize to the BTS (you’re girlfriend of them)

When you first meet them 

Dance practice with Bangtan #2

Valentines day with Suga, RapMon and V

Winter date with JHope, Jimin and Jungkook

Cuddling with BTS

Christmas with BTS

Pick bts up from airport

Winter outing with BTS

Bts gf BigHit audition outfit 

Dance party with BTS

Lazy day ( maknae line + Namjoon)

Studying at a cafe

Coffe store date

Black and White event

Young Girls Fall In Love With Those Good Gentle Boys

Young women
fall in love –
if you must fall in love –
with those good gentle boys
boys who have never been in a fight
boys who don’t know what it feels like to hit another man so
hard that you break the bones in his face
young women
don’t fall in love with those troubled boys
with those boys who have gone mad are mad and half insane
with those boys who scowl and refuse to smile
with those boys with darkened minds and a proclivity for long bouts of silence
fall in love -
if you must fall in love -
with those boys with bright eyes
and healthy smiles
with those boys with kind hearts and who
speak well and are spoken well of
ignore the others
those troubled boys who will grow up to be troubled men
they’re inhuman
cruel and ill tempered
they drink too much and fight too much and they love like they fight, violently,
with blood and fire and their love is a doomed kind of love
young women
you will only break yourself on those troubled boys
tears, like a two week storm, will fill your bed
they will infect you with their madness
they will turn you inside out
while a safe soft kind of love blooms in those good hearted kind natured well spoken well mannered boys
young women, if you should see a soul on fire let it burn let it flame like a sun like a dying star
and run the other way as far and as fast as you possibly can
young women take your love and spread it where it will be nourished and reciprocated
love -
if you must love -
those good gentle boys

- A. Ramirez

Why I’m Not Too Sad About Not Many Women In Silicon Valley

It’s because they’ve given us something else you don’t get to see very often.

Sensitive Boys

Boys that have anxiety.

Boys that are awkward when others are upset.

Boys that show that they care…

…even if it means they slap a kid.

Boys that show a lot of emotions…

…and boys that struggle to emote…

…without being these guys.

Boys with low self esteem.

Boys that struggle with their masculinity even if they’re masculine enough.

Boys that cover insecurities with insults.

Boys that we love because of their flaws and not despite them.

So while I’d love more ladies, I wouldn’t change a thing.

what i want in future arc 2morrow:

  • kodaka your boys
  • giving animtor dude a fucking personality
  • kodaka’s boys
  • the boys on the ship
  • the ship carrying the boys. 
  • the sdr2s. on the ship. 
  • the boys
  • Here Come Those Boys
  • Boy, do i want to see those Boys
  • your boys kodaka
  • boys with “gender neutral names” are still boys
  • boys with “girl names” are still boys
  • girls with “gender neutral names” are still girls
  • girls with “boy names” are still girls
  • non binary people with “boy names” are still non binary
  • non binary people with “girl names” are still non binary
  • names do not determine gender
  • this does NOT mean that transgender people don’t have the right to change their name to one that fits their gender

The Problems of Boys

  • Boys that don’t understand us but say they do
  • Boys that ruin our life
  • Their break-ups that are too harsh
  • The frustration boys bring
  • Their oblivious ways of talking
  • The hurtful words they say
  • How they forget that girls are very sensitive
  • The casual flirting towards other girls
  • How easily they can break girls’ hearts
  • How they can be so inconsiderate sometimes
  • How some boys are emotionless
  • Boys that don’t care whether you painted your nails differently, got new clothing, a new hairstyle, or new shoes
  • Boys that don’t take you shopping or use their phones the whole time
  • Boys that don’t get you surprises

But there are boys who:

  • Buy girls new clothes and flowers as surprises
  • Give girls hugs and make them feel loved
  • Put girls as their first priority
  • Always care and are considerate to girls
  • Can mend girls’ hearts easily
  • Make sure to say nice things that are non-affective to sensitive girls
  • Are full of emotion; good and bad
  • Take you shopping every month and buy clothes for himself and girls
A, S, V, L, N
Heavy Heavy Low Low
A, S, V, L, N

once more we clearly see
you’ll choke on 3 words
but you won’t choke on dick
swallowing your pride swallowing your pride
like drunken friday nights
whose next?
and i’m thinking that this could not be so bad
girl eats boys
boy eats girl
and we all get fed
I’ve always viewed this as masochistic
we all have our vices and mine is getting “fucked”

in every true meaning of the word
once more, we see where you stand
fuck you.