skimmilkistrash  asked:

I don't want to sound annoying or anything but do you have any pointers or tips for being vegan and how to go about it I guess :p lol

No, that’s not annoying at all!

Well, first: DO RESEARCH 

I cannot stress this enoughhhhh. Here are something awesome sites:

Other than that, make sure you go grocery shopping and KNOW what to look for before you officially “go vegan”

Also, don’t give up just because you made a mistake (like eating bread with honey). Everyone makes mistakes and being vegan is a learning experience.

If you plan being an ethical vegan (as I am) you not only practice a vegan diet but also a vegan lifestyle

So, all body products, clothes, shampoo, tooth paste, deodorant has not be tasted on animals nor contain animal products. (I generally use organic just because)

Awesome stores for this stuff:

I, personally, loveee LUSH

You just HAVE to ask questions and have to do research.

Do any of my vegan-tumblr-friends have extra advice for this desiring vegan?