25th Times Lucky?

WHAT HAPPENED TO 25TH TIMES LUCKY                                                                  

(The originally made bl ‘pseudo manga’ on the blog

Like I accidentally stumbled across it today and read all four chapters, and then, only THEN, did I realize the fact that the last post was about 5 months ago.

Sob. Does anyone know what happened? An answer would be great.

With my first incomplete year on Tumblr nearly at a close, I decided that I needed to thank all of the people who made my blogging venture simply fabulous! If you’re included here, thank you so very, VERY much! I had a wonderful time watching my innocence fade away into nothingness with you. If you aren’t here, don’t worry! I also thank you; I’m just short on time and I follow 121 people right now.

If all goes well, I’ll have my blog for quite a few more years, so I hope to get know all of you much better!

(All of those pictures are of my cat, d'Artagnan, by the way. I couldn’t decide what fandom to use and I can’t draw to save my life.)

Without further ado, my Christmas 2012 Follow Forever!

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