Large Sweater HCs

•Tyler looking for a comfy sweater but it’s gone

•He checks underneath his bed.

•He asks Eth where it is and realizes he’s wearing it.

•Tyler towering over the smol blue baby boy who just crunches into a little ball in fear of the giant.

•Ethan whispering in a tiny voice “I just want to have a little bit of you everywhere I go” and Tyler’s heart ACHES

•Amy & Chica be watching Ethan w/ his clothes and they’re like ( -.-)

•Tyler feels his heart skip a beat each time he sees Ethan with his large sweater/shirt/sweatpants.

•Tyler eventually just blurtin out how he loves seeing Ethan in his clothes and everyone just “AWWWWW"s

•Ty setting fiRE to Mark when he offers his jacket to Ethan and he instead gives his own willingly.

•The tall boy slipping his hands around Ethan and laying his hands in the pockets to curl around Ethan’s haNDS AND ETH LEANS BACK AND THEY KISS AND IT’S SWEET. I MIGHT CRY OKAY.

1. I’ve been writing too many words for boys
who crunch poems between their teeth
and sigh gestures made of smoke.
My hand reaches out to grasp
what isn’t there.

2. So here, here are my words
for the girls who are too afraid to
be in their own skin: do not
underestimate the spark you have ignited
in your bones, or the fire burning
in the back of your throat.

3. They will hand you a bucket of water
and tell you to dim down your light
but baby, I hope you burn brighter.
Burning too brightly
is not a flaw.
The sun doesn’t apologise for the
light it emits.

4. Don’t let them tell you
you’re just the light at the tip of
their cigarettes. You are
the match, the lighter, the sting
they feel on their fingertips when they
hold on for a little too long.

5. Have you ever seen the way
a wildfire moves? How it doesn’t stop
until the whole sky blazes orange?
You can take down cities
with what you have inside of you.
—  A.Y // daughters of the sun