Okay I understand I’m stupid and that I’m so guillable. But I know when you’re lying. Like my own mother lies to me. So if you wanna hurt me like the way most people do it go ahead. I’m not afraid to feel the hurt I’ve already gotten. And on top of that you said you’re broken like me. No we’re not the same. You’re broken. I’m shattered. Suicide would be the easy route out of hurt. But no imma stay alive. So you can look at my shattered face. So you can see the tears roll down my face behind that fake smile. You said you never lie. But you’re no better than the rest. Don’t take care of me. I can do everything myself. You are broken. I am shattered. And if you talk all I’ll say is : “Who are you?”
—  Sammy
A convo with Tae and Yoongi
  • Taehyung : Hey Yoongi, why can't bicycles stand up on their own?
  • Yoongi : Please don't...
  • Taehyung : Because they're two tired
  • Yoongi :
  • Taehyung :
  • Yoongi :
  • Taehyung :
  • Yoongi : *is booking the next flight to Russia*
Nygmobblepot Break Up
  • Ed: Oswald, you have to listen to me! We are not seeing each other anymore, can you accept that?!
  • Oswald: ...Fine...then I just want to be friends.
  • Ed: Good
  • Oswald: Plus a little extra
  • Ed: *sighs*
  • Oswald: Also, I love you
  • Ed: *rolls eyes and walks away*

anonymous asked:

what is your honest opinion on p chris?

gonna answer these together…..

ok, firstly, my honest opinion is i don’t have one??? he barely showed up in the first season and wasn’t rlly around in the second season either, i don’t really care about him, i don’t hate him, i don’t love him, and i’m a lesbian so i can’t even just love him for his looks either. 

secondly, i think skam has already shown off the fuckboy side of the boys?? like. did you SEE isak first episode. him and his group are such Boys, and they’re the very masculine, rapping, stoner,  'frat boy" stereotypes. and yet we’ve seen so many different sides of them and broke the biggest stereotype of them all : that they’re straight. isak is the BIGGEST fuckboy and he’s gay and we all love him. so i don’t really think a season for breaking that stereotype in particular is super necessary. i think if chris had more personality/backstory it could be interesting to dive into him and see more about him, but honestly we don’t have enoguh to really call for a season. was this rude?? im sorry if this is rude you totally have a right to ur opinion and chris is definitely a bigger fuckboy than any of the Boys, idk. <3

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