SKAM S04E03 Clip 4 - Didn’t Talk About Him

[MOM: Are you gonna serve anything to your guests on Friday? Dad and I are going to be home late, but I could make something to heat up?]
[SARA: It’s ok with alcohol at the bus meeting, right?]
EVEN: Hey.
EVEN: How are you?
SANA: Yeah.
EVEN: I heard you and Isak have been talking about Mikael.
SANA: Oh, yeah. He saw a picture of Mikael on my Facebook.
EVEN: Okay.
SANA: We didn’t talk about him or anything.
EVEN: How are the boys doing?
SANA: Good.
EVEN: What is Elias doing these days?
SANA: Elias is taking a gap year. Just messing around, as usual. Living off of mom and dad.
EVEN: You have to say hi to your mom from me and say that I miss her shish barak.
SANA: I’ll do that.
ISAK: Hey.
EVEN: Hi! I was just asking Sana where you were.
ISAK: Yeah, I’m here. You joining McDonalds with Jonas and I?
EVEN: Of course.
ISAK: Lovely. You joining?
SANA: No thanks.
ISAK: Okay. Wanna bail?
EVEN: Yeah.
ISAK: Good bye.
SANA: Bye.
EVEN: Talk to you later.

Click for better quality. Third Piece in my Arcana Game Tarot designs. It’s not quite as colorful as my others but here’s Lucio as the Devil card. For obvious reasons. I tried to make his “horns” in the same way as his arm.
The others can be found here:
And Julian:

Go get the game, seriously. It’s got great art, and great boys and babes.
It’s tumblr is @thearcanagame so go check it out!

Clip “Snakket ikke om han”(“Didn’t talk about him”) - at 11:21, 26.04

Text from mom:
Are you going to serve your friends food on Friday? 
We won’t be home until late, but I can make something you could heat up?

Text from Sara:
It’s ok to bring alcohol for the bus meeting, right?

(Even comes up behind her)

Even: Hey.

Sana: Hey!

Even: Everything alright?

Sana: Yeah.

Even: I heard that you and Isak were talking about Mikael?

Sana: …uh yeah, or well, he saw a picture of Mikael on my Facebook.

Even: Okay? 

Sana: We didn’t talk about him, or anything.

Even: How are the boys?

Sana: Good.

Even: What is Elias up to these days, then?

Sana: Elias, he..has a gap year. Just messing about, like usual. Leeching off of mom and dad.

Even: You have to say hi to your mom and tell her I miss her shishbarak.

Sana: I’ll do that.

Even: Sana, that shishba-

Isak: Hello

Even: Hi! I was just asking Sana if she knew where you were.

Isak: Yeah, here I am. You joining me to Mcdonald’s, with Jonas? 

Even: Of course.

Isak: Swell. You joining? 

Sana: No, thanks.

Isak: Let’s go?

Even: Yeah.

Isak: Bye!

Sana: Bye.

Even: See ya.

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But please, someone who knows, tell me what food Even mentions that he misses. I think I got it?

Edit: How did I get McDonald’s wrong (Macdonalds)? Guess that goes to show how “often” I eat there.

should anyone ever try and shame you for your looks, remind them that lions are proud about their manes; they probably have longer hair than you and they’re still the kings of the jungle.
and should anyone ever try and shame you for your looks by comparing you to a girl, remind them that the lioness one of Africa’s most respected and feared predators.
—  then follow in her lead by taking a bite out of their face for daring to suggest that not conforming to societal gender roles or being feminine is something to be ashamed of ✨🦁 (this ones for you boys, especially trans and nonbinary boys!)
(cc, 2017)
My Help

Hello Serirei, my dear old friend.

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When Reigen returned from the bathroom in only his briefs, Serizawa was sitting on the edge of the bed with his hands in his lap, back straight to near stiffness, and he was still wearing everything down to his socks.

“Don’t be nervous, Seri,” Reigen said gently, sitting down next to him and clearly trying not to laugh. Serizawa’s gaze drifted down his body, from the light blond hair on his chest to the long fingers that settled on his thigh.

“I just…don’t know…um.” Serizawa swallowed, hoping he wasn’t sweating as much as he felt like he was.

“We don’t have to do anything,” Reigen said coolly, finally resting his palm over both of Serizawa’s, squeezing. “We can just talk. I can turn on a movie or something.”

“No!” Serizawa yelped, feeling Reigen’s fingers jump. “I…I want to…I want…all of it. I’m just…I don’t have much experience, Reigen-san. My apologies.”

Reigen rose from the bed and stood in front of Serizawa, picking up his hands to lift him to his feet so they were standing close enough to touch, resting his head against Serizawa’s chest for a second. “Don’t apologize. It’s fine. We’ll take it slow, and if we need to stop, just say so.” He reached up and started unthreading Serizawa’s tie first, slipping it from his collar and lying it on his desk chair. He leaned up to kiss him as his slid his blazer off his shoulders, folding it neatly with the tie, and then started on the buttons of his dress shirt.

“What if…I don’t know how to make you…what if I can’t make you feel good? What if I screw up? What if –”

“Katsuya,” Reigen said, firmly. “That isn’t going to happen.” Serizawa shuddered as he felt Reigen place his hands on his hips, soft skin under his trembling digits. “I already feel great. Want to know why?”


“You’re here. The rest of it’s just a bonus.” He grinned as he finished the last of the buttons and slid his hands inside the open shirt, around to Serizawa’s back, rubbing and stroking, a comforting gesture as much as one that made Serizawa feel like he was about to float away. “You’re always so reliable at the office…let me be your helping hand tonight, okay?”

Serizawa took a relaxed breath and nodded. “Okay.”