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do you really think that boys are not good enough and would not be succesfull without Louis?

The simple answer is yes. I do think Louis is the key to how they evolved as a band. It has nothing to do with whether I think the boys are good enough on their own.

Take the things we know: Simon wanted to put together a boyband. He had a formula in mind and a shelf life. Simon originally gave them a three year contract which is what I think he thought their original shelf life would be. But Simon never had plans for longevity.

Louis has always been their leader. He’s your favs fav and he cultivated each of the boys individually and collectively. There’s plenty written about Louis pulling Liam out of his shell. Watch the way the other boys talk about him.

I’d bet money he was one of the loudest about every aspect of their image. We call them a boyband but they really bucked a lot of those troupes and you have to have a strong personality who’s not afraid to make that happen. That person is and always has been Louis.

I also very strongly believe that Harry is the greatest performer of his generation and that part of how he’s gotten there is he had Louis in his corner. He had encouragement all along. You don’t become that person in a vacuum.

All in all, he fought for them. He fought for the sound they ended up with. He fought for their image. And all of those things add up to the lightning in a bottle that is One Direction. Without the version of One Direction that came to be we wouldn’t love them as much and they wouldn’t have the solo success they’re all having.


He’s reading as she flits around the room getting ready for bed, he hasn’t read in a long time and is determined to get most of it read tonight, back propped up a bit as his long legs are spread across the mattress. He pays her no mind as she buzzes around the room, gaze not leaving the page as she crawls into bed next to him. He’s completely immersed in the words till she begins unbuttoning his shirt just a bit more.

She had gotten bored cuddled next to him moving instead to lay between his legs her elbows resting carefully on his hips while slender fingers trace over the two little birds. She’s not doing it for attention it’s just something she likes to do, trace them, his tattoos running her finger along the lines trying to feel a difference that isn’t there. He sneaks a glance looking to her face under the book, she’s not smiling or frowning her cheek smushed a bit as she rests her head in her free hand, she looks content it makes Harry feel funny he likes this just being in each other’s company not needing anything more than the comforts of each other’s presence … little does he know …

He returns to the words hand faltering as he turns the page, her nimble fingers cold against his stomach as she unbuttons the rest pushing it away with featherlight touches, she’s going for the butterfly, it’s her favorite one, she’s told him plenty of times before, that and the ferns she especially likes to trace with both hands mirroring the movements of one with the other across the identical ink.

She starts with the antenna to the right tracing the outing ending with the left antenna before running her fingers along the details of the middle. She too caught up with her tracing she doesn’t notice him setting down the book after dog earring the page, keeping his hands at his sides, it’s not hard just letting her do her thing biting at his plush bottom lip watching her touch him like he was some kinda work of art. She traced a finger down dragging it in a lazy circle around his belly bottom before weaving it through the course hairs crowing his boxers. His breathing has picked up a bit, something about the moment making his head swirl and blood begin to relocate.

She doesn’t know what she’s doing to him, starting at the rightmost part of the tattoo and tracing to the left, she feels it then as she shifts to have better access to the other branch, his growing cock, it’s been getting heavy and full with her touching, his lip is abused as he bites it to hold back the sounds. At the first feel she looks up at him shyly, “What’re yeh doin’ hmm?”

She looks back to where her finger is just starting the final tattoo, “I’m just touching you" she responds as her finger begins to move again. He doesn’t respond right away, letting her almost finish,

“Feels good”

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Please consider: Jared, Connor, and evan doing each others makeup


connor does evans, evan does jareds, and jared does connors

connor –> evan: The Boy Is Good With Makeup. u KNOW he has used his fancy schmancy debit card to get all the good shit from sephora. he knows how to properly highlight and contour a face, how to perfectly apply mascara and eyeliner and use just the right lip stain to make u look Amazig. evan ends up with a fairly simple look: light contour w/ bronze highlight, v light mascara with a subtle eyeliner wing, and lips covered in a very soft pink gloss that rockets the Kissable Factor to the moon. his bfs have a hard time staying focused

evan –> jared: evan is nervous to make him look bad. jared is happy to act as a lab rat for his bf’s makeup abilities (“babe, so long as you don’t permanently disfigure me i’m good”) Shaky Hands Boy™ tries, and the end result is a slightly messy layer of pink lipstick, a surprisingly good looking purple smokey eye, and a bit of heavy blush that looks, well, not good but not BAD either. jared loves it

jared –> connor: jared is out for sabotage from the very beginning. connor can tell Immediately that hes being painted like a clown, but he doesnt rly care (and its NOT because his bf looks cute when he’s laughing to himself and sticking his tongue out in concentration, no siree). the end result nearly sends evan and jared into cardiac arrest, because What The Fuck, why does jared’s purposefully heavy contour, dramatic eye makeup and candy red lips make him look like the hottest drag queen in the damn world????

the makeup experiment ends with tons of selfies and LOTS of making out to……test…….the lasting factor of the makeup

This is Charlie and he is a Good Boy. For a long time we thought he was a girl, I spent $300 repairing him after a snake took a chunk out of his chest, and his ladies don’t respect him. He’s got anxiety, but at least he’s very pretty.


oh my gd what a beautiful and special boy….!.!.!.!!. 1000/1000 i relate to your anxiety charlie

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I NEVER KNEW YOU DREW KREM ART!! I've been following you for years HOW DID I MISS THIS VITAL INFORMATION?? My heart is aflame I'm so happy WHAT A GOOD START TO THE DAY, BLESS

Krem is one of my thousand children whom I love dearly and wish him a good life

One of my favorite posts on my blog is actually about him! I came up with the headcanon that he had a crush on a waitress and it ended up with everyone joining the fun and explaining every single bug he has in the game as something that actually happened

(I know that someone also sent this post to a writer at Bioware and in the DLC Trespasser, you can see that they really used the explanation “I was up on that chair to look at my girl” HAHAHAHA)

Anyway, I’m glad everyone loves Krem, he’s a good boy


If you ask people to return to darkness - they’ll simply say no.

                                               F I R S T   W I Z A R D I N G   W A R

                                                                                          That might not be enough to save us.

My favorite meta floating around is that Touka has become yet another unhealthy coping mechanism for Kaneki. “I dont know what to do but i’ll live for you” mindset. It’s sort of Oedipus-like in the sense that she serves as a maternal figure to him that offers both female support and abuse made to look like concern. She’s acting just as his mother did and he seeks comfort in the familiarity and predictability of it. “Be a good boy, receive praise, survive the mood swings, and she will live for me too”. He has allowed himself the illusion that he can be valuable if he sacrifices his self-comfort. It’s a really easy choice for someone with depression to make, many of them willingly suffer abusive relationships because they think of themselves as bad and deserving of that “punishment”. With that mindset, those that delve out the punishment seem to know what’s best and therefore give out the only love they deserve.

Hopefully Touka’s inevitable death will be coupled with Kaneki finally depending on his friends and finding a healthy mentality. It can be as if his mother died again but this time he wasnt left all alone. He was left better off. In the case of a child it can be representative of Kaneki nurturing his own immature self into a healthy and well-loved adult.


Color practicing and an exhausted Bakugou sketch