bayonetta AU where rosa and balder are alive and bang all day and buy a house somewhere where they can watch the sunset and they give each other those weird squashed nose parent kisses and balder has a tiny paunch because rosas pussy cooking is too good and rosa loves wearing marlene dietrich trousers and they go to high society dancing clubs 

honestly nathan’s attempts at being hetero are really not working


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2016.02.13]
┗ Can’t stop, won’t stop…eating

jude has to resist the urge to wrap them up in his arms when he swings the door open to find them standing on his front step, moonlight illuminating the tears on their face. he knows what this is and it takes everything in him not to break and turn into the doting boyfriend he’d always been, because he’s not that anymore – their boyfriend, that is. “you don’t get to do this. no, it isn’t fair. you left me, you can’t just show up here crying and expect it to change things.”