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Underrated Boy Groups Recs

If you like…

Group name [Most recent MV release - Personal Favorite]

  • Songs that always go hard and memorable choruses: 24k [Only You - Bingo]
  • Ballads and a bunch of goofballs: Knk [Rain - Knock]
  • An actual band and endless talent: N.Flying [The Real]
  • Bright concepts and refreshing tunes: ONF [On/Off - Original]
  • Super in sync dancing and high energy: A.C.E [Callin’ Cactus]
  • Energetic dancing and songs always stuck in your head: Golden Child [DamDaDi]
  • A fun duo and bright concepts: MXM [I’m The One]
  • A group that you don’t know what they’ll surprise you with next: Hotshot [Jelly]
  • Groups able to do any concept and incredible dancing: Up10tion [Runner - So, Dangerous]
  • Unique voices and never failing to deliver a bop: VAV [Flower (You) - Venus]
  • Cool kids who’re always bringing their A-game: B.I.G [Hello Hello]
  • A group constantly improving and colorful songs: Snuper [ 유성]
  • A group that’s gone from boys-next-door to your crush: Imfact [Tension up - Lollipop]
  • Strong vocals and angsty love songs: 100% [Sketch U - Better Day]
  • R&B like songs, song covers, and smooth rapping: Bigstar [Full Moon Shine]
  • Groups that go from rebellious to soft: Boys Republic [Get Down - Hello]
  • Pastel colors and upbeat songs with sad lyrics: Romeo [Stay With Me - Target]
  • Retro yet sexy tunes and well, more sexy songs: MR.MR [Good To Be Bad (Jpn) - Out]
  • Guys with a tough & sexy visuals: Cross Gene [Black or White
  • Song with a chill yet additive vibe: MyTeen [Take It Out - Amazing]
  • Collaborations, strong vocals & raps: High4 [Love Line - Babyboy]

Not meant to be a complete list, comment a group I didn’t include and I’ll add it to the list.

Just in case you need some underrated boygroups to stan

Imfact: MV, Dance Practice

Day6 (Band): MV, Band Practice

Up10tion: MV, Dance Practice

History: MV, Dance Practice

MYNAME: MV, Dance Practice

Romeo: MV, Dance Practice

Viction: MV, Dance Practice

24k: MV, Dance Practice

UNIQ: MV, Dance Practice

Topp Dogg: MV, Dance Practice

MadTown: MV, Dance Practice

Map6: MV, Dance Practice

Snuper: MV, Dance Practice

Boys Republic: MV, Dance Practice

B.I.G: MV, Dance Practice

N.flying (Band): MV, live acoustic

Highend: MV, Dance Practice

AFOS: MV, live performance

MASC: MV, Dance Practice

Varsity: MV, Dance Practice

IMGL (Band): MV, live acoustic

INX: MV, Dance Practice

Halo: MV, Dance Practice 

Cross Gene: MV, Dance Practice

 Knk: MV, Dance Practice 

Nu'est: MV, Dance Practice 

Mvp: MV, Busking

Hotshot: MV, Dance Practice 

VAV: MV, Dance Practice

Seven O'Clock(SOC): MV, live performance

A.C.E (didn’t debut yet, still trainees, but pls love them): live cover, Busking

feel free to add some more

Things fans of underrated groups understand

*“please stan them”
*struggling to find subs in your language
*“why aren’t they more popular???”
*one comeback a year (if you’re lucky)
*the joy and shock of reaching 1 million views on a music video