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he keeps a picture of you in his office downtown

zimbits not!fic

(read on ao3)

There’s a reason that Jack Zimmermann never lets anyone look at his phone. (And contrary to what some of the Falconers rookies might think, it’s not because he’s hiding porn on there.)

After he and Bitty started dating, Jack took pictures of Bitty whenever he could get away with it. Bitty never let him keep the pictures he saw, so Jack had learned to take quiet photos in loud moments. One picture, his favorite, was of Bitty in the kitchen. He’s got flour all over his shirt (there may or my not be handprints on his legs), and he’s half turned toward Jack, smiling blindingly. He looks happy, happier than Jack would have ever thought it possible for one tiny human to be.

Jack made it his lockscreen the morning after he took it.

He’s not stupid! As much as he would love to have that boy beam at him as soon as he turned on the phone, he keeps it hidden behind a password and pages of apps.

Of course, sometimes he can’t helping making heart eyes at his phone screen. He is dating Bitty, after all. (Dating!!!! Sometimes he can’t believe it) So far, he’s been quick enough to lock his phone before anyone can grab it from him.

He takes Bitty to family skate. Most of the team knows by now, and the ones that don’t are abruptly informed by the way Jack and Bitty share quick kisses on the ice. Marty takes him aside later, and doesn’t say anything to him. He does pause for a moment before giving him a hug that Jack is almost too shocked to return. He tells Bitty about it later. (Completely by coincidence, three of Marty’s favorite pies show up in his locker later that week.)

Jack definitely gets more careless after the whole team’s met his boyfriend. So one day, when Snowy grabs his phone and he can’t lock it in time, he laughs and sits back. The whole team crowds around the phone as Snowy ceremoniously presses the home button. Jack thinks he hears Tater squeal before the whole team begins to chirp him.

Poots shyly tells him later that Jack and Bitty make a good couple, and he’s glad that Jack is happy with him. Jack smiles and asks if he’d like to come to the Haus for dinner that Saturday.

BNHA Week. Day 1: Character(s)

Shinsou and Aizawa when anybody says anything bad about cats.

Reference used.

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Akaashi and Semi spoiling Daichi

ooooh i’ve never considered semi and daichi :-0c pls……share your thoughts with me

also i love when any character spoils daichi!! that boy deserves all the love ;;v;; akaashi spoils daichi whenever the latter is tired or sleepy, letting him lean on his shoulder or put his head in his lap. he’ll stop reading whatever book was in his hand to gently brush his fingers through daichi’s short hair. the tired smile daichi expresses gets akaashi smiling too. he’ll then plant a short kiss to daichi’s forehead ;v; akaashi isn’t the type to be overly touchy (he gets flustered any time daichi surprises him with back hugs) but he enjoys the quiet touches: hands brushing, fingers linking, knees and thighs touching, soft kisses to shoulders.

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would u write headcanons.... for my love christine canigula..... like, maybe a s/o who rly loves theatre as well and they basically geek out over it and its cute :0

tris is that u

ohhhh boy howdy mY LOVe

-you would both audition for the same play/musical and sometimes the same part!!

-ofc u would help each other prepare!! she would s w o o n seeing you get in character and that s just while pRACTICING

-dude if u happen to get into something that she doesn’t she ll be hella upset??? like what do u mean that i can t sing beside my love???

- but she will be at every performance !!! every!! single !! one !!! and she’l compliment you on something different each time!!

-if she happens to get into something that you didn t then she will make sure that u get aLL of the backstage access. all of it.

-and ,,, lets be real, she would always insist that she practices any kissing scenes w you……

-now!! for actual dating things c;

-christine singing in the car? you re singing in the car. the car is your theatrer.

-cast albums!!!! if you guys live together hell even if you don t then u guys totally buy cast albums together and trade them and jsut!!!! if u can, u will totally try getting them signed and!!! jam out!!

-if you guys don’t have the money for tickets/plane/train stuff, then you guys probably try entering a lot of those giveaway things?? that, and ya ll work ur asSES off for money!!!! u guys have a shared jar that you put some money in!!!


- legit, she ll just subtly start humming it..,, and then slowly starts singing it and she gets all blushy and smileyand !!! she ll smooch u throughout !!!!!

-dances w you!!!! oh mym gosh!!! christine will jsut… take ur hands, start swinging a lil… and oH LOOK FULL BLOWN SWINGS

-i m v tired so i don t have much else other than christine being a huge cutie who just wants to have fun w you and practice and perform w you <33

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The ot4 pain is real. I felt it when Minhyun was the only one to make it to top 11, and I was so unsure of what would happen to the other boys. I love the exposure they are getting lately: rising album sales, variety show spots, and more fans, but it just feels bittersweet. I have wanted this for them for so long yet it is without Minhyun. I am supporting Nu'est W and Wanna One with all my heart, but I also want time to skip to when ot5 is back together :,,,(

I feel you so much.

I’m a long term fan right… NU’EST have been through so much change and I wasnt ready for anything…

As NU-BLESSED only admin for 2 years now, I really want to stay strong for you guys! I love you all and I want to protect from all this pain!!

But I can’t protect you cos I’m feeling the same :( all we can do is ride through the pain together!

You guys need to know admin Amina is a sensitive bitch and for past 1.5 years I will be having many mental breakdowns like today.

But I adore you all and will always update on nu’est no matter how many stupid typos i make cos i get too excited and my hands shake.

Even though this is bitter sweet, lets turn our pain into power and buy/streaming like crazy on the 25th!

I love you all so friggin much.

Maybe NU’ESt have gone through the most pain, maybe loves have hurt so much, because our flower path is the most beautiful of all??

I want to protect them and  you.

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Is it possible, since I've seen it before I think, to request dumps of info about Servants? Cause I would love to hear about my first gold Boi Yan Qing, cause I know nothing of him historically.

Yan Qing, 36th of the 36 Heavenly Spirits, the Wanderer, is a character from the very important Chinese novel “Water Margin”. 

Yan Qing was known to be extremely beautiful: He was a slender, toned man with long black hair, broad shoulders, a narrow waist, red lips, pale skin, and was over 2 meters tall. His upper body was covered in flowery tattoos, which were all the more striking due to the contrast with his pale skin.

Langzi, as he was also known as, lost his parents when he was but a toddler, and was adopted by Lu Jungi, a squire who had shitloads of cash. He raised him lovingly and with great care, and in exchange, Yan Qing was very loyal to his “father”, becoming his steward and bodyguard.

Our dude was not only beautiful, he was also very talented! He was overflowing with charisma, was an accomplished martial artist (disciple of Zhou Tong himself in some records!) who is one of the original masters of the Chinese martial art Mizongyi (Lost Track Fist, also known as Labyrinthine Boxing), wrestler, and musician. He was often sent on espionage missions later in his life because of his many talents, charisma, and ability to become one with a crowd.

His main weapon was actually the crossbow, with which he was lethal. During any given fight, he would fire no more than three bolts, and that was all he ever needed, as such was his skill. He also was extremely proficient with the staff (which he learned from Lu Jungi), the bow, and as mentioned before, his fists. He was so lethal and efficient in combat that even the savage Li Kui, the “Black Whirlwind”, fears him in battle (and thanks the stars they are on the same side!).

Yan Qing is one of the few fortunate characters from Water Margin to survive the story. After the rebel leader Fang La is defeated, Yan Qing leaves when no one is looking, because he’s afraid a certain character won’t permit him to leave later. He lives a secluded life afterward, until the end of his days, knowing peace and tranquility for what is left of it. In many versions, Yan Qing and Li Shishi fall for each other and leave together, becoming lovers.


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)

There's plenty more where that came from :)
  • MC: *kisses top of Saeran's head*
  • Saeran: What is this?
  • MC: Affection. :)
  • Saeran: Disgusting.
  • Saeran:
  • Saeran: Do it again.

So, our last voice project got a crazy good response and @lightsintheskye seemed really happy with our work, SO! WE DECIDED TO DO ANOTHER FOR FUN. This one was a little more difficult to complete, but it was worth the work! Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Gets a little loud at times and contains swearing, however, its best heard with headphones!

Voices: @taidatenshi as all Toon Links, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link and Breath of the Wild!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and now introducing @actornoj as Skyward Sword!Link and A Link To The Past!Link!

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Aboda Village music from the Spirit Tracks Soundtrack