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bts reaction: you find out you’re pregnant. (F)

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Jin would be excited afff, even if it weren’t planned, (despite the initial shock): He would make sure to give you plenty of kisses (and stomach kisses despite no baby bump) mentally planning out baby names. He would be absolutley thrilled- And wouldn’t even bother to try and hide it.

‘I’m going to be a daddy? Oh my gosh Y/n! This is amazing, I’m so excited baby! I love you so, so much!’

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Boy would probably be too shocked to show how thrilled he was. Then when he saw your nervous face at his lack of reaction- He immediatley pulled you in for a kiss and hug. Telling you how excited he in fact was. Already wondering about what steps need to be taken next to ensure the best pregnancy possible.

‘Ahh I love you baby, this is such exciting news! I can’t believe it, we’re going to be parents to a little boy or girl! I’m so, so very lucky, honestly.’

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Calling ray of Sunshine Hobi…BOY WOULD BE SO HAPPY DON’T EVEN THINK OTHERWISE. He would shower you with affection whilst also paying extra attention to the (not showing) baby bump. Reminding you of how much he would love the baby and you, whilst assuring you that he was thrilled to the core.

‘I’m going to make sure you’re both taken such good care of babe. I love you and our little guy so much already.’

‘Little guy? You think it’s a boy?’

‘Is it too soon to guess? Either way girl or boy, I’m going to love them- and you so much.’

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This (bias wrecker oops) would be emotional and ecstatic at the same time. He wouldn’t admit that he was a little nervous bc ‘wow it’s actually happening’ but he was so deeply in love with the idea of having a baby with you-That he couldn’t hide his happiness, turning into a ball of giggles and kisses. You would 100% be feeling how happy he was as it would be radiating of him. Basically, nothing but love all round.

‘I already can’t wait, in nine months time we’re going to have a mini us. An actual human that we made, they’re going to be perfect, just like you baby. I love you to peices Y/n.’

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Would be in a total state of shock initially, which would send you into a nervous panic. But then he would very quickly step into action, of trying to assure you how (whilst he was lowkey scared) that he loves you so much, and he would love the baby just as much. Then, would probably also become very giggly and excited too- and he would give you so much affection, whilst spending the evening already planning a baby room (and names) with you.

‘I think we should have a dinosaur themed room- or a jungle! or a fairy? I don’t know it’s too hard! But we’ll sort it out, I’ll make sure it’s just perfect for our little bean babe. You’re going to be such a good parent Y/n, I might be nervous, but the best kind of nerves, I can’t wait!’

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We alllllll know Taehyung is a family man. So he would be so giddy and hyped up. Granted, he would be a little bit nervous - but he quickly turnt his nerves to nothing but pure excitement. He would start planning gucci outfit attire for the little baby, and would shower you with love and care, also wanting to ready the baby books and everything. Esentially, Taehyung would be be become very prepared for his future with you, and you both would be so excited for it.

‘I can’t quite believe this is actually happening babe. I’m going to do everything I can to be the best dad I can, I promise to take the best care of you and our child. I’m going to love them so much, just as much as I love you.’

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Homeboy would kinda freak out, not in a bad way- just in an emotional way. You would probably later see him staring at the multiple positive pregnancy tests with a big grin on his face. He would then give you so much cuddles whilst gently rubbing your stomach, also thinking about what steps needed to be made next to have a safe, comfortable pregnancy. He would be very openly nervous, but would also plan out so much, loving the whole process from start to finish, being as best prepared as he could be for the arrival.

‘It’s okay to be nervous babe, but just think about how much we’re going to love our little boy or girl, we’re going to love and cherise them so much.’

‘I know baby, I love you.’

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thank you so much to the person who requested this!!! Sorry if it’s a tad repetitive, and sorry if these requests took a bit long, I’ve been very busy and poorly (im still blessed with sickness yay) and I have had a few setbacks this year, I hope you understand!💗

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What would be the moment where the boys realize they actually LOVE their crush? Like would it be something little or just a random thing that makes them realize just how deep their feelings are?


A single candle flickering in the dark room. And yet they are the only source of warmth he cares about. They’re lying beside him, bathed in the dim candlelight, lashes fluttering in their sleep, and even without looking at him he’s still trapped with the thoughts of their eyes opening and imprisoning him, making him a willing captor. He wants to give himself fully to them, to devote his entire being to those eyes, to that face, to this person who, by some miracle, sees his flaws as things of beauty. And he finds himself hoping for it, longing for the moment their gazes meet again and he feels helpless and powerful all at the same time. He realizes he never wants to be without that feeling. He’s trapped, and he loves it.

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Their hands make their way up his sides, leaving tiny pulses of energy in their wake, and that touch alone makes his concentration completely evaporate. He turns and sees their smile, gentle and welcoming, and suddenly his coding program seems like a bunch of mumbo jumbo while they bring their lips to his temple, his cheek, his jawline. His world completely around this secure center that is them, and he knows that without their luring him to bed he’d have said up through the night. And God is he grateful for them, his last shred of common sense, of relaxation. He wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the one thing that wipes his mind clean - them. With a grin, he rises and turns to them, returning their teasing touches and kissing their lips, feeling the worry slip away, and the bond strengthen that much more as he carries them to bed.

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He wants to be alone. He told everyone that just before he slammed his bedroom door and took to attempting to punch holes through the concrete wall. He’s about to yell at the intruder as they open the door, but then there they are. And all they do is open their arms, and he’s holding them, clutching at them desperately, laying them on his bed and burying his anger in flurried kisses. Their lips are the most powerful painkiller as they kiss his raw knuckles, their body his sanctuary, their skin emanating love and only love as he presses himself against them. He surrenders fully, handing over his hardship and marveling at how they take it and mold it into a passion that courses through them both. He loves their acceptance, their ability to wash away their pain, and knows that without them this world would be a lot more painful.

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Their smile is twinkling, a row of white teeth peeking through a perfect pair of soft pink lips while they press another strawberry to his lips. Sweetness floods his mouth, and he coos out a sound of satisfaction, earning another sheepish giggle from them. He reaches forward and kisses them, his new flavor intermingling with the taste of theirs, that even without fruit bursts with only the sweetest flavors. They laugh as they pull away, pressing their face into his neck and letting their humor-tinged breath breeze across his skin. He’d do anything to hear that laugh, be anything for them to smile around him. With a grin he paints a line of strawberry juice across their cheek, and they erupt into laughter again. 

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Bts’ reactions to their girlfriend twerking to mic drop

Namjoon: He’d probably start walking away to go tell the other that he thinks his girlfriend is loosing her shit like he’d be so confused but would low-key be kinda liking it.

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Jin: he would probably find it cute despite u thinkin u look fine af he probably thinks it’s adorable that ur gettin turnt to his music

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Yoongi: yoongi would find it hella attractive and would probably be really into it.he’d turn off the music and decide to have a “talk” to you about how he can tell you really like the song, but he could also find it hilarious depending on his mood

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Hoseok: boyyy this boy would probably start hypin you up like “yas Y/N slay me queen ur my inspiration!” This boy would love it wayyyy too much

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Jimin: broooo this boy would giggle at first the he’d soon realise “like oh damn she look fineeee” he wouldn’t know what to do if he should start dancing with you or show you something else ;)

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Taehyung: tae would probably film it on his phone giggling at himself like “oh my god! She’s got moves this is great” he’d find it adorable and funny. After taking the video he would probably just walk off and not tell you about his encounter

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Jungkook: bruh this boy would be so shocked like “oh fuck wrong time to walk in” and he’s just walk back out like nothing ever happened

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Bruhhhhh this took wayyyyy to long like fookkkkkk hope you enjoy requests are always open

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Long and Kind of a Bumpy Ride...

Okay, so I’m going to be addressing ALL messages about the incident in a post or maybe a couple…(there were a lot of opinions…) and after this, it’ll be over with and we’re going to leave it behind us so that the incident doesn’t define us!

Also, lil’ side note, to the asshole anon that sent me hate, hope you enjoy my crappy ass writing I’ll be posting later today, just to spite you.

Momma is cranky cause it’s f*cking hot and sticky and just bleh…

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉

Okay, so, first of all…YES! Exactly, it was a once-off mistake and has been dealt with accordingly, everyone is going to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again! Also, I’m glad you’re happy with how we all dealt with it, we love you too Squishynon 🐣 and maturity, oh boy, would be loved right about now, all you nice anons being mature is so appreciated, you guys have no idea.


Now, Pasta is actually quite upset about this but I would like to take a brief moment to add that Pasta’s pronouns are they/them, I know you all mean well, just a lil’ note.

And thank you so much, I’m not confident in my art but it does cheer me up to see so many seem to enjoy it! My writing, pfft, always changing, the judgement is being ignored!

This. Needs. To. Be. Understood!!!

Writing is so hard and based completely and utterly on MOOD!!! So many anons have been so kind to pasta, so thank you!

Two things.

One; Pasta will appreciate this, you guys, they’re so upset this happened and they’re going to try hard not to make the mistake again!

Two; FUCK THE ANON!!! I’m not too fussed, I had gone to bed before it was sent and oh boy, Lady Lucifer sure made me feel loved! All you guys did too by the by, so no worries. We’ll ignore that nasty lil’ rotten hatchling

Oh god, the drama, you have no idea how much I despise drama, like, fuck…it’s a bad subject, fuck, it’s horrible but PASTA DIDN’T MEAN TO! A tired mistake and I’m so relieved it was sorted out as it was, it was tearing me to bits trying to figure out what was going to happen but the anon that suggested pre-reading things before they’re posted really helped resolve the situation!

Thanks for the love @najelacy it helps us all at this stage, thank YOU for being so kind!

Pasta will be so happy to hear this!

We are living and yes, mod pasta feels bad about what happened! The unfollow button isn’t hidden either so while I, plus the other mods, would be upset to see people leave…if you don’t like our content, you probably should!

I won’t! Thank you so much for the support! All the love we’re receiving definitely helps!

Pasta won’t be leaving the blog! That is that. Thank you for your input though sweetie, it’s all appreciated!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It…took longer than I’m willing to admit but the piece in total only took two hours…so an improvement I suppose! But thanks again, I’m blushing! @nikkistrations2-point-0


@im-kitten-lena Thank you for the love, Lady Lucifer is kind enough to help me deal with the hate that comes into the blog because sometimes I just…don’t know how to handle it? Or rather, how to respond…but the love and support pasta and I received is so helpful!

Mm maybe? Who knows BUT THANK YOU

@musicdork wowowow so defensive, feeling the love! Momma is okay, didn’t even see it until Lady Lucifer told me to go check out the blog this morning…like, fuck, damn anon…but still, thanks for the love!

Thanks sweetie, so sorry you have to see all this!

manners would be great, I grew up with them and fuck, I use ‘em too! Everyone here appreciates your love sweetie, thank you!

Thanks so much, I mean, maybe I deserved it? I dunno, not bothered, have a great day!

THANKS SO MUCH! So glad you enjoy them! Abuse is shitty but fuck, it happens…

Perhaps it was but yeah…thanks for the love my lil’ hatchling!

Ah, it’s okay, hate happens, I knew it’d happen when I started the blog…but still, thanks for the love!

Things were harsh at some point unfortunately but it’s okay, mod pasta apologised and everything has been resolved, it’s all good!

Oh sweetie…where have you been…? OF COURSE! Only momma’s ask box is open right now and there are PLENTY of omegaverse requests!

Well I’m the owner of the blog and Lady Lucifer is the 2nd in command, most things that happen here are thoroughly discussed between the two of us…so it is sort of our job/responsibility to apologise for things like this! ESPECIALLY if it isn’t what we wanted on the blog!
But everything is resolved and there are no issues so thank you and take care!

I don’t understand why people are sending in hate…but…yeah…I don’t know why they went for me so personally either but nothing much I can do, thanks for the support!

It was definitely an accident and things have been resolved now so everything is fine again! And thank you, I worked so hard on the icon!

It’s fine to call it pastagate but pasta isn’t being punished, things are just being checked over so it doesn’t happen again…

Now, with the tamaki request, I wrote it specifically so that his uh…bits didn’t actually ENTER her mouth because he would never force himself upon his s/o but it was also difficult because of the request itself and I went for a less forceful version of that, I didn’t really think to put an alert because it’s in the request itself, what I wrote was DEFINITELY tame compared to what I could’ve written for it but still, I will be careful in the future.

Thank you so much, both myself and lucifer try to react quickly with problems because it’s turned into such a big blog, it’s necessary! But we love you too sweetie!

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Quick! You and your TD bias have organised a group date but the rest of the boys don't have anyone to invite. Which of your mutuals would you pair with which TD boy and why?

I love these and I’ve never gotten one!!!! 

I think this goes without saying….. @byungjoo & Bjoo obviously. Best ship out there tbh. @sangdonie and Sangdo (if I really had to give my soulmate up to someone else I think Sangdo would be the only one I would trust.) @hjjxxn and Hojoon because #GetAlexADateWithHojoon2018 is in full effect. @prettysei and Yano because last time I checked he was creeping up on her bias list and I love my maknaes??? And tbh I dunno who to pair with Xero….

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble


ok but consider this: viktuuri au where this is how they first met in the streets

(based on this)

I have this new fixation and it’s called demon fairy Orion

boyf riends playing ds: pixel edition


long-haired boys (*´♡`*)