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Con in the sheets

a story

so in the other day i went to the bathroom at my school and found this on the door of one of the restrooms

and immediately it gave me an idea. and on the next day i did this:

no one in my school will never understand this, but i do so who cares? i do care this school has no one who watches cartoons halp me ee 

my friends thougth its super wierd that im hanging anime posters in the bathrooms but not long ago they hang pictures of boys without shirts and this is dimocracy so i get to do whatever i want!

i wore thigh highs today bc i felt so so cute in them and when my mother got home from work she was like ‘they’re too sexy. boys will get the wrong idea’ and i just

You can’t tell me we don’t need feminism  when today I witnessed a male administrator at my school walk directly past a boy without a shirt on to tell a girl her dress (which was knee length) was too short and that she needed to put pants on (even though it was 75 degrees outside).

my gym teachers are gross tbh?

“i dont have anything against you”
you used hardcore sarcasm and it pissed off my dad
“you said no to walking blah blah blah. I didnt do anything to you. Also! I watched you on the weekend biking, why cant you walk?”
she watched a teenager bike over the course of 2 days, like tell me that isnt a little predetory??

strumm, a male gym teacher, was talking to a girl who was wearing a croptop, which generally could have been classified as a shirt or tanktop, meanwhile theres a boy walking around without a shirt on.
“why do you show up to school in revealing clothes? what do you want people to think of you?”
shes a human. she can do as she pleases.if you sexualize her you’re truly disgusting. i get theres a dress code but when you get fucking hard over a 16 year olds shoulders you are making a fool of yourself.

anonymous asked:

pidge is 14... like yeah Desexualize the Breasts! but.... shes a minor. tiny lil kid. you have allura, nyma, and shay who are older and adults!

well ppl never freaks out if a 14 boy runs around without a shirt! >:/

Also one of the staff members said that the ages in the show it up to interpretation! probably to avoid people having problems by having otps like sheith?

AND to be friggin honest i think pitch just might be too mature to be an 14 year old she was in the old anime.. so in my version she’s about 15-16?? i think that age suits her better since it’s an age where you are still quite rebelious but also mature enough to set the right priorities! .. and .. ok i was always a late bloomer! but when i was 14 i still invited my friends over to play with toys n stuff???