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Dress Code (m)

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➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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pretty boy

I wanna be a pretty boy with long, soft hair that i can put up in a bun and when people see me they’ll say “look at that asshole with the manbun” and I’ll laugh because yeah i am that asshole pretty boy with the manbun and itl be so wonderful that someone saw me and thought of me as enough of a man to add “man” to a previously gender neutral word, so that itd be obviously acceptable for a man to have his hair up in a bun.

And i wanna be a pretty boy with a flat chest a real cock and not this fake one made up of socks that no one would wanna suck on except maybe a fetishist but thats not what i want. i wanna be a real pretty boy with real pretty boy parts so the world will believe me when i say im a pretty boy instead of having these parts that my mother and doctors and society insist are only for girls even though some boys can have these parts and some girls never have these parts and thats okay.

And i wanna be a pretty boy so all the other pretty boys see me and think “wow i wanna kiss that boy” and it wont just be straight boys who look at me when i walk past in fact straight boys will wanna avoid me because I’ll be so pretty thy wont be able to stand it. they’ll have to look away from me and my long, soft hair thats up in a manbun and my soft smile and the glitter thats on my cheeks and my ripped jeans and high heels and red lipstick because I’ll be so pretty they’ll realize that they aren’t straight and that’s terrifying for them.

And i wanna be a pretty boy who can take his shirt off at the pool without getting arrested and i wanna feel the water on my bare chest and feel how flat it is while im sitting on a reclining chair and covering my chest with sunscreen so i wont burn and I’ll ask my pretty gay boyfriend to put sunscreen on my pretty gay back because I dont want that to get burnt either and he’ll laugh and mock me for being so pasty that i need 100 spf sunscreen and I’ll laugh at him and slap his leg and he’ll grin and kiss me and the summer sun will shine down on both of our pretty gay bodies as we both can finally have our chests free to the world.

And i wanna be a pretty boy so when i look in the mirror i dont see a silly little girl in instead see a pretty, queer boy with pretty, queer eyes and pretty, queer lips and pretty, queer hair and a pretty, queer body and i want the world to see me as a queer boy and not a slutty girl or a boyish girl or a lesbian or a freakish girl or a quiet girl or whatever it is people see me as i dont want that all i want is to be the slutty, freakish, quiet, queer, fabulous, nerdy, cute, lovely, ugly, annoying, hot, sparkly, handsome, obsessive, stupid, innocent, scary, pretty boy that i really truly am.

“Ah ah ah.  Do you know what tomorrow is?  
Yes!  My birthday!*
Since I’m looking forward to it, I always let people know.
I’ve been like that every year since elementary school.
Why do I tell everyone?
Because I want everyone to tell me happy birthday lol.

So I’ll be waiting for everyone’s congratulatory messages, okay!   ❤️”

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

*He writes “yes my birthday” in Katakana English.  

boys of summer

”You know body positivity?” Magnus asks, drumming his fingers against his thigh.

”Isn’t it like, the celebration of all kinds of bodies?” Mahdi says with a mouth full of waffles.

“You want us to celebrate your body?” Isak smirks, leaning back on his chair.

“You’ve got great arms, Mags,” Jonas nods.

“Aww, thanks bro, you too,” Magnus reaches out his hand to squeeze Jonas’s arm. “No but what I mean is, I see Vilde look at these body positivity accounts on insta, right. These chicks posing in their underwear and shit, you know the stuff?”

“I’ve been over accounts of chicks in their underwear for a while now,” Isak sucks in an exaggerated breath. “But do continue.”

“So, I see her look at these pics, right, and from the way she talks about them, I get the feeling that she wants to try it out but is too afraid to do it, you know?”

“You mean post a body positivity pic?” Jonas asks, receiving a nod from Magnus. “It does take a lot of guts to put your body out there for everyone to criticize.”

“Yeah man, especially for chicks, they get so much hate online,” Mahdi chimes in.

“Yeah, I can see that, so I wanna do something to encourage her, to show her that I support her, which got me thinking, maybe I should do it first?”

“Ojjj, are you leaking your nudes,” Isak cocks his head.

“I was thinking of, I don’t know, posting a shirtless pic or something. Do you think that’d be weird?”

“Why would it be weird to want to support the person you love?” Isak asks, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes gone.

“Yeah bro, nothing wrong with that. Think how many shirtless pics that guy William probably takes per day just to support his ego.”

“You heard the man,” Jonas says. “Just do it, straight up.”

“Thanks dudes,” Magnus beams, taking off his shirt. “So, who’s gonna take the pic?”

“You wanna take the pic now? At school? The fuck?”

“I just told you? I wanna show my girl that I support her as soon as possible.”

“Jesus Mags,” Isak shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Give me your phone and strike a pose.”

“Wait, I’ve got a better idea,” Jonas grins and abruptly springs up from his chair before clapping his hands. “Mahdi, finish your waffle, boys, take off your shirts, it’s summer, we’re taking a pic.”

“We are?” Magnus cups his cheeks in excitement. “How should we stand?”

“Isak can be in the back row since he’s got the ugliest face,” Mahdi shoots.

“For your information, I’ve got the best legs so I’m gonna show them off in the front row,” Isak says, throwing his leg on the table.

“But wait, Isak, before we take the pic,” Magnus says, eyes widening, “can you get Even to come here?”

“Get your own fucking boyfriend.”

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This is silly and weird?? But you know how Bitty is a southern gentleman and was raised with MANNERS. Well the first time he accidentally burps around Jack he probably freaks out

“I can’t -” hic “believe -” hic “I did it again!” Bitty wailed, thumping his head down on Jack’s shoulder.

“Oh Bits,” he tried to sound sympathetic, but couldn’t quite keep the amusement out of his voice.

“Don’t laugh at me!  I really was gonna be responsible this year.”  Jack squeezed Bitty’s thigh where he was holding him up.

“It’s Spring C, nobody’s going to judge you for being schwasted.”

“This is the second time you have had to piggyback me home from this.”

“Yes, but this year you have both shoes, so you’ve made progress.  I bet next year you’ll walk back all on your own.”

“Chirp, chirp, Mr. Zimm-” Bitty was cut off by a loud, rumbling belch falling right out of his mouth.  Jack snorted, then coughed, and finally doubled over with laughter.  The sudden lurch had Bitty gripping him tighter, fingers bunching the sleeves of Jack’s shirt.  “Oh my lord,” He pressed his burning face into the back of Jack’s neck.  “Excuse me.  Oh honey, I’m so sorry, I’m just a mess.”  That only made Jack laugh harder.  Bitty huffed, “Well, I’m glad you think it’s funny,” and proceeded to let go and roll off of his boyfriend and onto the grass of the quad.

He pushed himself up to sitting and tried to start wobbling his way across the lawn.  It was pretty slow going since he felt like a baby deer.  Behind him, Jack’s laughter tapered off, and he heard footsteps as he closed the distance between them in a couple long strides.  As soon as Jack’s hand cupped his elbow, the world steadied.  And then Jack was in front of him, easily supporting him and reaching with his free hand to brush through Bitty’s sweaty hair, his expression concerned.

“Bits, what’s wrong?  Why are you so upset?”

“I just-” his voice went wobbly, vision blurring with frustrated tears.  “I’m tired, and sweaty, and drunk, and I really just want to be home.”  He sniffles.  “And I really, really, want a shower.”  

Jack moved to Bitty’s side, wrapping an arm around his waist to keep him steady.  He kissed the side of Bitty’s head.

“I think we can manage to make that happen.”  Bitty sighed happily and leaned harder against him.

“Thanks sweetpea.”  They shuffled their way back to the Haus together, walking along in contented silence.  Bitty was still pretty out of it, and Jack didn’t mind the quiet, so they shambled along, Bitty still heavily bolstered by Jack’s hold.  At the Haus, Jack nudged Bitty up the stairs, following carefully behind in case he stumbled, and sent him into the bathroom to pee while Jack fetched a pair of pajamas.  Then he joined Bitty and got them both undressed and into the shower, Bitty leaning against him again as he sudsed up his hair and gently washed the sweat and dirt smudges from his body.  He combed his fingers through Bitty’s hair to get the bubbles out, tipping his head back into the spray and shielding his eyes with his other hand.  When Jack washed himself, Bitty tried to clumsily reciprocate, humming and giggling and giving Jack a soapy mohawk that made him laugh outright.

Both boys toweled off and pulled on shorts and t-shirts and all but fell into Bitty’s bed, smiling and thoroughly exhausted.  Jack, curled on his side to face his boyfriend, reached out to run a hand under the back of Bitty’s shirt and touch cooling skin.  

“Feel better?” he checked.  Bitty nodded, scooting closer so he could tuck his face into Jack’s shoulder.

“Much.  You always take such good care of me, baby.”  Jack closed his heavy eyes and settled deeper into the pillow.

“I learned from you.”

“Oh stop,” Bitty murmured, sounding half asleep himself.


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Young God

Jughead x Reader

It’s approaching the last night that the drive through is open, so you and your boyfriend Jughead try to make the best of it. Based off the requested song: Young God by Halsey

Warnings: emotions, kissing, and more emotions

Word Count: 2,027

A/N: I think this is angst? I tried my hardest to get the feel right! AHHH I hope you guys like it. I hope it’s okay

he says “oh baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends

i’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven.”

The drive-in was Jughead’s favorite place to be besides next to you. It was a bit weird to call him your boyfriend, since you had only been best friends since kindergarten. You were there for Jug over the summer when no one else was, and your feelings that had been right under the surface came to light with late night talks, walking to and from Pop’s and of course, movie nights. It only took about half way through the summer for him to confess that he also had a crush on you, for nearly just as long. Half way through the summer is also when the town got flipped upside down at the announcement of Jason Blossom’s death and the news that the drive-in was going to be shut down. You stood by your boyfriend through all of it, and even supported him when he told you he wanted to start writing a novel about it. Not soon after, you told him you loved him. Only problem was, he hadn’t said those words back.

It was the day before the drive-in was supposed to close, and some of your friends were sitting around a table outside trying to decide what movie was going to be played. It had to be a good one, after all.

“What about Mean Girls?” Kevin suggests, sitting across from you, next to Betty and Veronica. You all stare at him for a moment, thinking it over.

“It is a cult classic.” Betty jumps in to defend his suggestion.

“No way is the last night in the drive-in going to be Mean Girls.” Jughead protests, his eyebrow furrowing as you lean in closer to him. He puts an arm around your waist out of sight from your other friends.

“What about Rebel Without A Cause?” you ask, looking up at him. It was the first movie you ever saw together as a couple, and you knew it was one of his favorites.

He smiles, giving your side a light squeeze, “That sounds perfect.”

“Of course he chooses your pick, you’re the queen of his universe.” Kevin chimes in, clearly annoyed that his pick wasn’t chosen. You guys also weren’t hiding the fact that you were in a relationship anymore. Things were too different when you got back to school, and your friends almost immediately noticed something was up. It only took them a week to get the details out from you.

“And he’s my king.” You smile, chuckling along with your friends.

Kevin made a gagging sound which furthered the laughter. It felt good to laugh like this with your friends, with Jughead. Jug had been so focused lately on trying to keep thing running and also his novel, you barely saw him smile anymore. It was always a good day when you could see him happy.

As the laughter dies down I can tell that Jug has something to say, because whenever he does, he bites his lip and his eyes can’t seem to focus.

“Will you all be there?” Jug asks, looking at all of them expectantly. You knew that this meant the world to him, and it would secretly break his heart if your other friends didn’t come.

“Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Betty tells him, looking at Veronica afterwards. Ronnie just smiled and flipped her black hair over her shoulder.

“You heard what my girlfriend said, we’ll be there.” She smirks, nudging Betty on the shoulder. You were so wrapped up in your summer with Jughead you had almost forgotten that not soon after Veronica moved here, she asked out Betty. They had been nearly inseparable since.

Everyone then looked to Kevin, who put his hands up in surrender, “It’s not Mean Girls, but I’ll be there.”

That left Archie, who had decided not to join you today. You didn’t know if they had made up at all, but there was a point in the summer where you weren’t even allowed to say his name without receiving the silent treatment from Jughead. You and Betty passed silent words with each other as you gave her a look. She knew that Archie had to be  there, so she would do what she could to make him.

You felt Jug sigh in relief that everyone he cared about would be there. He wanted the last night to go well, and if he wanted it so did you.

Soon Betty and Ronnie and Kevin got up to leave, they had some English project they had to do, leaving you and Jughead alone.

You could tell he was a bit on edge, so you took his face in your hands and made him look at you, smiling softly at the way his hair curled just the right amount coming out of his beanie.

“It will be okay, I promise.” you say, placing a small kiss on his lips. You only could hope that your words remained true.

But do you feel like a young god?

You know the two of us are just young gods

“Why do you write?” you ask later that night, curled up with him on your bed. You fit together perfectly, your head on his chest and his hand playing with strands of your hair as you just enjoy being near each other. This has become a near nightly occurrence, him staying over at your house. He was welcome any time, as you knew what was going on with  his dad, but you still wonder if something else isn’t going on.

“It releases stress,” he says, taking pauses to think about what he says next, “it’s a surreal feeling when you’re the one in control… like you’re the only one in the universe who can write something the right way, and so you do.” he explains, staring at the ceiling.

You nod your head against his chest, trying to understand his brain. You had been best friends for so long, but he still hid parts of himself away from you. He had parts to himself that were for his eyes only.

You sit up slightly, looking at him with admiration. “Are you okay?” You ask.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” he responds, joining you in sitting up. He rests his head on your shoulder, your back to his chest. He slowly begins placing small kisses on your neck, trailing up and down and back again. You tilt your head to the side to allow him more access.

“No reason, just wondering.” you lie. You know why you asked. You asked because you can tell that something is bothering him, something that he hasn’t told you. This is different from other things he hasn’t said. You know that there’s a portion of himself that he doesn’t like to share, but this is something different. He’s become distracted, preoccupied with something else entirely. He was more upset about the drive-in closing than he was letting on, and you wanted to know why.

“You’re thinking too much.” he says, a smile forming against your neck.

You turn to face him and press your lips to his, stopping him from speaking another word. He deepens the kiss, cupping the side of your face as his other hand slips under your shirt. Your breath hitches at his touch on the small of your back, his cold fingers tracing circles, driving you mad.

Your hand slips under his shirt, feeling his chest, committing to memory all the divots and crevices of his body. This boy was beautiful, and he was all yours. You pull his shirt off over his head, breaking your lips for him only to go back to your neck.

“Kevin was right.” he whispered.

You smile, “And you say I think too much?” you let out a small laugh, opening up your neck as he continues down your chest.

“You’re my queen.” he says.

He says, “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges

I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon”

The drive-in was packed, cars lined up in neat rows, people in blankets. You and Jughead were near the back, a blanket laid out in the back of the truck your dad let you borrow for the night.

“It’s just about time.” you say, looking over him as you finish setting out the popcorn and drinks to the side. You hop in the truck and pat the space next to you for him to join you, “Everyone is here, even Archie.” you continue, gesturing to the cars and blankets next to you, your friends chatting about nothing.

Jughead looks nervous, his hands fiddling with each other, his leg shaking as he looks out over the crowd. He turns around and heads back to the building that plays the movie.

You follow close behind him, nearly chasing after him to see what’s going on. He enters through the back door and slams it shut. You hesitate to knock, unsure if he would let you in. You try the doorknob and it’s open, so you try to silently open the door. What you see stuns you as you let the door close.

There’s a small mattress in the middle of the room,  shirts and shorts thrown everywhere. There are posters over some of the walls and a small mirror hanging on the back of the room.

The projector sits neatly at the front, the only part of this room that is actually supposed to be there.

“Jug, what is all this?” you manage to get out. He looks up from his work at the projector, his eyes growing wide. He bites his lip, and then you know that this is what he had been keeping from you.

“(Y/N)! You’re not supposed to be here.” he says, frantically coming around to meet you. He tries to push you out but you stand your ground.

“Shit I’m not, have you been living here?” you demand, looking at him with fire in your eyes.

His body slumps, his eyes fall. “Yes.” he gives in, not daring to meet your gaze.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” your voice softens, stepping closer to him. Your heart broke for your boyfriend, upset that he hadn’t come to you about this sooner.

“Because…” he says, trailing off, his leg beginning to bounce again, his hands pulling at the edges of his beanie, bringing it down further over his head.

“Because?” you push, taking his hands in yours, making him look in your eyes. You just wanted him to be honest with you for once, you wanted to see the parts that he’s hidden.

“Because,, (Y/N).” he says, “Because I didn’t want you to think less of me. I didn’t want you to leave.”

He looks at you with sadness in his eyes. He was about to open his mouth to say something else, but you stopped him with a kiss.

Your hands go to cup either side of his face, his hands hesitant at first, still afraid. You deepen the kiss and he finally wraps you in his embrace. This is the moment you had been waiting for since the end of the summer, the moment when he would tell you, when he would finally open up. You didn’t imagine it exactly like this, but it was perfect, in your own little way.

“Jughead Jones the third,” you whisper against his lips, “I am not going anywhere.” You say making him believe it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” he whispers in return.

“Don’t be, just no more secrets, okay?” you ask, pressing your forehead to his, looking in his eyes.

“Okay.” he says, and then suddenly pulls you down to the makeshift mattress, you falling next to him. He was on top of you, placing light kisses down your neck as  the movie began to roll in the background, “there is one more thing I haven’t told you yet.”

“And what would that be?” you smile.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

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Avengers Preference- How They Act In Secret Relationship With You- Tony's Sibling

Pietro wouldn’t really be careful about it at all and it would piss Wanda off since you’re her friend.
“Pietro! You need to be more careful! You know Stark will kill you if he finds out.” Wanda says, telling her brother off.
“Pfff, yeah, but he’s gotta catch me first.” He tells her with a cheeky grin before speeding away. 

Natasha wouldn’t take it seriously and would tease you about it. I mean she was doing this for you but it’s still fun to mess with you.
“Oh boy…” Your girlfriend says after taking off her shirt.
“What?! What?!” You flip out and turn around thinking your brother was out the window; but all you got was thunderous laughs from behind you.
“Not funny!” You scold her as you turn around hitting her. 

Clint would try to be really careful about what he says because he’s the one who wants to keep it a secret and not you; but you do make comments and things that could give it away. 
“Hey Clint, I didn’t get the chance to tell you the other night but your suit looked really nice at the party.” Tony says as he walks through the room you and Clint were reading in. 
“Thanks Tony.”
“Yeah, looked real sexy.” You say to him with a cheeky grin and quickly get back to reading.
Tony just scoffs and goes into the other room but Clint is more concerned and gives you a bit of a look.
“Really babe?” He says after he knows Tony is far away.
“Sssshhh he might hear us.” You say mocking him and laughing. 

Bucky would want to see you all the time but couldn’t, with the whole ‘Tony hates him’ thing, so he sneaks into your room when it’s late and Tony thinks your sleeping, but always leaves before 12 because he loves you and wants you to get sleep.
“Alright, I love you but I got to go.” He says to you as he gives you a kiss.
“Wait don’t forget your shirt.” You say to him as he climbs out the window.
“Oh of course.” He tells you as he quickly leaves through the window hearing footsteps. 

Crutchie and the Top Bunk

I keep seeing posts with people saying stuff like “If Crutchie couldn’t even come to the window, how was he on the top bunk Jack??????”

I dunno about you guys, but I imagine the reason might have something to do with the fact that Snyder is an abusive asshole who enjoys treating kids like crap.

I mean, think about it. Crutchie is practically dragged to the Refuge by his bad leg, where he gets roughed around some more by Snyder who keeps asking for information on the strike. Crutchie, of course, says nothing until Snyder decides to give his interrogation a rest for now. Crutchie is then stripped of any personal belongings and is told that he’ll be escorted to his bunk. He’s practically carried there by Snyder and another boy, he can hardly move after all. They get to the room, and looking around, there aren’t a lot of bunks open. There’s already at least three boys piled into each bed, and most of them don’t look eager to add another into their already crowded sleeping arrangements.

So Snyder decides to be a bit more horrible to the already suffering boy in hopes of making him give up the newsies plans and tells him he’ll be sleeping on one of the top bunks, to keep him “away from the vermin”.

And Crutchie’s face just goes really white as he realizes what’s actually happening, that he’s being punished further, but he doesn’t say anything because god knows Snyder doesn’t like “back talk”. So without a word, he limps over to the bunk and braces himself. Another boy, a bit taller than him, comes by to help. He doesn’t say a word, but he looks at Crutchie like he wishes he could do something. But instead, the boy boosts him up as quickly as he can so as to get it over with.

Crutchie nearly blacks out after he’s hoisted onto the top. His ribs and leg are screaming, his vision is blurry, and he wants to cry because Jack promised he’d never end up in a place as terrible as this and he doesn’t know how long he’s going to last. He hears Snyder over the ringing in his ears sneer something about being back to question him later, and how if anyone decides to take pity on the crippled boy and switch bunks with him they’ll find themselves sleeping in the cellar for a few weeks.

Crutchie sleeps fitfully after that, quick bouts of rest interrupted every time he shifts the wrong way and feels like he’s about to pass out from the pain. A day goes by, and the next evening he finds himself writing to Jack, though he has no idea how he’d even manage to deliver a letter from inside the Refuge. When he finishes, it’s back to trying his best to ignore the emptiness of his stomach and the aches from his wounds.

He cries out when somebody shakes his shoulder a few hours later, but stops when he’s told there’s a Jack Kelly at the window for him. In his excitement, Crutchie makes to climb down off the bunk and immediately regrets it when he suddenly can’t breathe. His vision tunnels, but amidst the pain he does catch a glimpse of a familiar face staring at him, horrified, through the metal bars of the window.

When he can manage to catch his breath and the intense throbbing in his leg dulls to an ache, Crutchie shakily retrieves his letter from the folds of his shirt, handing it off to the boy who’d helped him up during his first night. He watches Jack’s face as he’s told why Crutchie can’t come to the window, and feels a weight lift from his shoulders when the letter is pressed into Jack’s shaking hands. There’s a brief moment where Crutchie thinks Jack is going to read the letter right then and there, but thankfully he doesn’t, tucking it instead into his shirt pocket with care.

They make eye contact from across the room, both wishing they could be just a bit closer to the other. But in the end, there’s nothing either of them can do. Jack mouths “I’ll be back for ya’”, the tear tracks on his face glinting silver in the moonlight, and Crutchie smiles back as convincingly as he can and pretends just for a second that Jack really will be able to rescue him.

Then Jack drops out of sight from the window, and Crutchie breaks.

You Trust Me, Right? pt. 2

Prompt: You’re a friend of Jacob’s–you’re basically his PA, like Harrison is with Tom. You’ve been able to hang out with them a lot and after a while, Tom started to develop feelings for you. 

Should we go for a part three and four?? Let me know. (I have something planned for two more, but I’d like to know if you’re interested.)

Warnings: fluff, some language

A/N: Requests are open! I will basically write anything (good luck finding something I won’t) and I can write for any of Seb’s characters (except Jack and Carter–I haven’t seen those yet) I can write Tom fanfic, Harrison fanfic, any marvel character, etc.


Part One     Part Three      Part Four

It took a total of five minutes upon walking into the hotel room for (Y/N) to collapse onto the bed. After having to land, a two hour layover, and then another anxiety ridden process of forcing herself back onto a plane and endure the whole thing over again, she was ready for food and a nap, unfortunately, they arrived in Singapore in the middle of the day. Sleep wouldn’t come for another eight hours and then who knows when she’d be able to wake up.

Everyone was tired and hungry but, for the most part, they were determined to make the best of their exhaustion and find anything relaxing to do around the hotel. It goes without saying that Tom, Harrison, and Jacob were much more devoted to this idea than she was. For some reason, when they booked the rooms, a block of three rooms on one end of the hall were chosen and then one single suite at the opposite end of the floor were given to them. She conveniently had the suite by herself at the opposite end of the building, meaning if any of the three boys needed anything, they had to seriously debate if it were worth getting up, walking all the way down the hall, and then having to go all the way back. This however was not to case when it came to their mission to stay awake.

“(Y/N)!” Jacob yelled. “(Y/N)! Open up!” She groaned loudly and dragged herself off the bed, trudging her feet across the room and opening the door.

“Hey, Harrison, Tom,” she smiled before turning toward Jacob. “What?” she grumbled as they locked eyes.

“There’s a pool,” he cooed while pushing past her and looking around her room. “Wow! You’re place looks way better than ours!”

“Yeah,” Harrison agreed. “We’re partying at your place tonight,” he teased as (Y/N) started to yawn. Tom was the last to enter and he pulled the door closed behind him then hurried toward Jacob who had already thrown open the balcony doors. (Y/N) caught her eyes drifting from the soft curl that hung along the base of Tom’s neck, down to his shoulders as they peeked around the tight tank top he had on, along his back, and finally landing on his small but cute ass.

“So you guys already changed into your swimsuits?” she asked, as she quickly tore her eyes from Tom and joined the boys at the balcony railing.

“We had to,” Jacob stated.

“Tom fell asleep as soon as he walked through the door,” Harrison added.

“I was almost there myself,” she grumbled before pushing herself away from the balcony and opening her suitcase. Tucked inside of a mesh pocket was a black two-piece swimsuit. She grabbed it and hurried into the bathroom where she stripped herself of her baggy clothes and slipped into the mid-rise bottoms and tied the swimsuit top around her neck, for some unconscious reason making it slightly too tight in order for her boobs to look bigger. When she finished, she pulled the oversized shirt back over her head and grabbed one of the bath towels draped over the rack on the wall.

“Ugh, you’re not swimming in that?” Jacob teased, remembering back to a time where she only swam in t-shirts because of continued jokes made at the expense of her body. It wasn’t her fault that her hips and breasts came in before anyone else in her class and yet she was ridiculed for it and ended up hiding her body for years because of it.

“I’m not going to walk through the hotel wearing less clothing than a hooker,” she snapped back earning a snort from Harrison and Tom.

“That would be entertaining,” Tom laughed as they walked out of her suite and toward the elevators. She tried to hide the light shade of red she could feel her face turning. Knowing that at some point Tom had liked her more romantically than as a friend has lead her to overanalyzing pretty much anything Tom said. This tidbit of information definitely wasn’t helping her psyche as she prepared herself to be practically naked in front of him as soon as they get to the pool.

As much as (Y/N) liked Zendaya, she was consistently jealous of the actress’s appearance. She was tall, slender, thin, all of the qualities that symbolize what a model should look like. (Y/N) on the other hand had struggled with the way she saw herself for the majority of her life. Whether it be from her parents joking about how she’d be ‘big as a house someday,’ the torment from being made fun of by the popular girls, as well as her consistent struggle to be healthy and look healthy while still seeming attractive, (Y/N) had suffered through it all. It was just recently that she started to accept herself and she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Tom.

Once they reached the floor that the pool was on, their jaws dropped.

“This is incredible!” Harrison gasped as the four gathered around some lounge chairs. The boys tore off their shirts an either eased their way in or threw themselves off the ledge and into the water.

“Hurry up (Y/N)!” Tom called as he waded through the water with Harrison and Jacob.

“No, wait!” Jacob yelled back. “Get my phone and take our picture!” (Y/N) turned around, grabbed Jacob’s iPhone, and slipped out of her shirt. She stood on the edge of the pool as the three guys gazed out over the Singapore skyline. She smiled as she took the photo and called back out to the guys.

“Got it!” At the sound of her voice the three turned around and Tom’s breath hitched in his throat. As soon as his eyes landed on her skin, his heart jumped and he was hooked. She was enticing; the curve of her hips slipped into the warm water, the way she pulled her arms up, keeping them from getting wet when she wadded in and the pool playfully lapped water against her breasts. 

“Shit,” Tom huffed as she wadded toward her friends.

“Thanks for joining us,” Jacob joked.

“We needed another person for chicken,” Harrison called out as soon as she reached them.

“Dibs on Haz!” Jacob called again.

“I guess that means you’re on me,” Tom snickered before disappearing under the water, slipping his head between her legs, and resurfacing. She balanced delicately on his strong shoulders and Tom quickly grabbed her thighs, steadying her on top of him. Her hands slipped across his head as she pushed his hair back. He couldn’t help the feeling within him as she played with his hair while they waited for their opponents.

“Hurry up,” (Y/N) shouted. “It’s getting chilly up here!” Harrison awkwardly put his leg up over Jacob’s shoulder and then Jacob sank further into the water so Haz could more simply sit on his shoulders. Almost immediately Jacob and Tom started to rush toward one another. As he moved, Tom’s grip on (Y/N)’s thighs became tighter and tighter as his hands moved further up her legs. She managed to wrap her legs under his arms and hook her feet on his back and his hands were getting dangerously close to the hem of her swimsuit, his thumbs starting to caress her upper thighs, just below her ass.

In that moment she hated that she had learned of some Schrodinger’s Cat like scenario regarding Tom’s feelings toward her, but the more she thought about the what being with Tom would be like, the more she wanted to entertain the thought of him still having these feelings for her. She wanted to be called darling and love, she wanted to have early morning walks with Tessa and wouldn’t mind being tested by Harry, Sam, and Paddy. The idea of dating Tom was starting to grow on her and she couldn’t help but think that everything that’s happened in the last few hours has been deliberately and meticulously planned to push them closer.

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was that Harrison didn’t absolutely have to show Jacob a video on his phone the second they got on the plane. Also, she knew better than to gullibly believe Jacob would want to be on Harrison’s team since she and Jacob had been the reigning champions since Harrison’s twentieth birthday party. Apparently, defending the tile of Chicken Fight Champions wasn’t as important to him as setting up Spider-Man and Bagel Bitch. 

Usually, Harrison was on bottom and Tom was on top so (Y/N) was always used to Tom’s weaknesses like the fact that, if she could get close enough, his sides were incredibly ticklish, or that if she leaned back far enough, he’d fall right over Harrison’s head. She didn’t know Harrison that well and Tom wasn’t used to having to be on bottom. Jacob easily swept Tom’s feet from out from under him and the pair went down.

Seeming to understand the reason they lost, Tom resurfaced and pulled (Y/N) close to him and whispered in her ear, “Harrison can’t bend his fingers back very far.” The sly smirk on Tom’s face caused her lips to curl toward the sky.

“Jacob has terrible balance in standing water–he’s used to the ocean and fighting waves,” she said in reply. Tom smiled again as his dark, cheerful eyes connected with hers until his head disappeared underwater as he swam beneath her, strangely overexcited to have her thighs on either side of his face. He started to lift her onto his shoulders once more, this time making sure to playfully grab her butt, hoping it would be a subtly hint at wanting to take their friendship to a different level.“Even if you go under, don’t let go of me,” she quickly added.

“Are you sure about this?” Tom asked.

“You trust me, right?” she questioned while tossing a playful smirk in his direction. Tom smiled so brightly hearing the words he said to her flow out of her mouth in her enchanting voice and charged toward Jacob and Harrison, confident in (Y/N)’s ability to get them a win as well as his own ability to win her over.

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (Minghao/The8 and Jun x Male Reader Threesome)

The Three Mistakes Of Wen Junhui (And One Really Great Decision)

Author: Finn

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: Jun has no idea how he’s gotten himself into this mess (but he really, really likes it).

(A/N: This is officially the longest and filthiest thing I have ever written. I’d be ashamed of how shameless it is but I spent a really long time on it… I’m sorry for deviating so much from the original prompt but I had a lot of fun writing it, so… I hope you all enjoy it! ~Finn)

(Warnings: Daddy/Master kink, slut-shaming, blowjobs, spitroasting, Extreme Gay™, overstimulation, double penetration, Minghao is a little shit, awkwardness towards the end)

(Admin Note: my beautiful son has done it again. I cannot even begin to express how blown away I am by this and by all of his work - he’s gonna one-up me on my own blog if I’m not careful. (I’m gonna need to post some life ending smut soon to top this. cause this is pretty damn life ending). just. Finn. wow. gonna steal my Golden Dick award. damn. a Momma has never been more proud. -Tanisha<3)

The car is quiet. Jun stirs imperceptibly, becoming aware of the silence from his earphones and a low murmuring voice from somewhere just behind him – are those Chinese words?

Keep reading