boys with scooters

IronFam Scooters

For those who wanted Tony n his friends to all have their own scooters,

Now with 100% more ridiculousness. 

Tony, with his Iron Man scooter: 

I think he wanted to do the ‘leaning on one knee pose’ with his legs, but there was only one area he could ‘lean’ his leg on, and he couldn’t lean so much as precariously lay his ankle on it.

It’s not a very safe pose. 

Rhodey, with his own War Machine scooter:

You can’t see it, but he’s holding the scooter between his ankles and his thigh so it doesn’t fall over. 

(not sure if I got him looking right, or if I’m offending anyone but it was one of the lame poses I found on google so)

It is also not a safe pose. 

Pepper, with one special scooter Tony made because she doesn’t have her own merchandise, and another, cheaper scooter she bought in a store and painted her name on top of it so she can join the cheap merch quality Tony and Rhodey both has: 

Important PSA 1: do not lean on your scooter, it may fold.

Important PSA 2: do not balance your scooter on the front wheel. 

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anonymous asked:

hi, can i request a deliveryboy!au with hoshi? :)

- hoshi is the delivery boy for this fried chicken restaurant called KOKO’S
- he took it because he really needed a job but also because he found out that employees get a 50% discount and he was like SIGN ME UP
- he uses the restaurant’s scooter to make deliveries, and he’s so fast?? he always makes it to his destination on time
- he wears this helmet with the restaurant’s logo on it and when he takes it off his hair is all messy and it’s cute
- everyone in the restaurant loves him. chef seokmin always gives him some fried chicken to take home after his shift, the regular customers always cheer for him to dance, and owner seungcheol’s always telling him he’s doing great
- he loves it there because they’re just like family
- one night, KOKO’S is ready to close in about thirty mins when all of a sudden the restaurant gets a phone call
- seungcheol picks it up and after scribbling down a few things, he hangs up and tells hoshi that he has one more delivery to make
- “after this, just drop off the scooter and the debit machine and you can go home. this’ll be your last delivery of the day.”
- hoshi nods his head and waits around for the chicken to be fried, and when it is, he’s on his way
- he goes outside and places the chicken on the back of his scooter and drives off into the night. once he finds the apartment, he parks his scooter out front and walks up the stairs to get to the person’s room
- now there’s you
- you’re walking home alone after buying some snacks and drinks from the convenience store and you’re getting a little paranoid because it’s late and dark out
- you turn your head around every time you hear a sound and you walk a little faster
- all of a sudden, this cat shrieks which scares you and you trip over your own feet
- only to fall over a scooter parked outside an apartment
- the scooter falls with a crash and you realize that the side mirror on the right is cracked and the side mirror on the left fell off and you’re like oh. no.
- while you’re trying to make the scooter stand again, someone suddenly yells “HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SCOOTER??” and you let go of the scooter out of surprise and it falls with a crash AGAIN
- you look up with a scared expression on your face to see this boy running up to you
- you say “i’m so sorry!!! there was this cat and i got scared and—”
- the boy takes his helmet off and you’re like……. omg he’s cute……
- while you’re apologizing, the boy just makes the scooter stand and dramatically falls to his knees at the sight of the broken mirrors and the scratches
- he shakily takes out his keys and tries to turn it on but…… nothing….. the engine roars for a few seconds before just dying
- it was an old scooter already so the two crashes were enough to make it meet its end
- you take out your wallet and tell him “i’ll pay for the damages!!! how much do you need???” and the boy just says “…’s not mine….. it belongs to this restaurant i work for….”
- and you gasp because omfg you’re going to get this boy FIRED
- you know you’ll never be able to live with that guilt so you tell him “i’ll go to the restaurant with you. i’ll tell them everything.”
- and he looks up and you continue “i mean….. it’s my fault anyway, i don’t think i’d be able to live if you took the blame for what i did”
- but the boy is too kind and says “don’t worry about it. i’ll manage. it’s my fault for not parking in a safer location…….. thanks anyway”
- he flashes you a little smile and walks away while rolling his scooter and you can’t help but feel so bad…
- you start walking in the direction of home but you keep stopping in your tracks because the guilt is eating you up alive
- you sigh and turn around and quietly follow the boy who’s thankfully still in sight
- after a few mins of walking, you see him park his scooter out front before entering a restaurant called KOKO’S and you know about it because your friend loves their chicken
- as you approach the restaurant, you look through the windows and you could see the boy looking down while who you’re guessing is the owner scolds him and you know it’s because of the scooter
- before the situation could get any worse, you swing the restaurant’s door open and rush inside, making the two boys turn to you
- the owner politely tells you that they’re closed while the boy just looks at you with a shocked expression on his face
- you walk up to the owner and say “i…. i was the one who broke the scooter”
- and you explain everything and you think they’re going to be understanding of this whole situation
- but no
- before you know it, both you and the boy are getting scolded by them and he asks “what’s your name?” and after you tell him, he says “you’re going to be working for me until you could help hoshi buy a new scooter.”
- your jaw falls and hoshi just nods his head because there’s no arguing with him
- he continues “without the scooter, deliveries will take longer with only one person. so you’ll be helping him make deliveries.”
- after giving your info, you and hoshi exit the restaurant together and he says “hey…. why did you come by? i told you i was going to be fine”
- and you say “oh no i just couldn’t just let you get in trouble all by yourself you know…….”
- hoshi grins at your kindness and says “well since we’re going to be working together from now on, it’s nice to meet you!! my name’s actually soonyoung, but everyone calls me hoshi”
- you say “it’s nice to meet you too. i’m (name)!!”
- hoshi is a gentleman so he walks you home and when you enter your apartment, you just collapse on your bed and just stare at the ceiling like…… did that really happen…….
- yes it did
- because the next day, you wake up to the sound of your ringtone which is “replay” by shinee
- you pick up and it’s seungcheol who asks “where are you?? your shift is starting in fifteen mins” and you look at the time like oooh my goSH AM I REALLY GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY FIRST DAY ON THE JOB
- you tell him “oh i’m on my way there!! just went to get a quick breakfast…… ahahah…….”
- you get ready in like five mins and then sprint all the way there but you know what, you make it in time good job
- hoshi’s already there, picking up the delivery bags from the kitchen and he gives you one bag while he carries the two others
- seungcheol tells you guys “okay so here’s the address for this order. come right back because you having another one on its way!”
- you and hoshi exit the restaurant and it’s quiet while you’re both walking, when your phone goes off and you pick it up to see that it’s a friend of yours asking if you wanted to hang out
- after telling them you’re busy, you hang up and hoshi screams “YOU LISTEN TO SHINEE????” and your eyes light up like “YEAH!!! YOU DO TOO???”
- and you both bond over shinee and talk about your favorite songs
- you guys surprisingly make it to your destination on time and you notice just how kind and polite hoshi is to the customer
- after getting the payment for the chicken, you and hoshi rush back to the restaurant for the next order
- and it’s like that for the rest of the day and the next few days after that
- you and hoshi become really good friends and before you know it, you’re having so much fun with hoshi
- after long days, seokmin makes fried chicken for you guys and you both happily eat it
- seungcheol notices how much happier hoshi seems
- it’s hard to see because he’s always smiling but…… to him, it’s plain as day
- of course this doesn’t last forever because you and hoshi eventually get enough money to buy a new scooter and well….. you’re not needed anymore
- seokmin makes you and hoshi one last meal to eat together and while you both spend it happily….. there’s a certain sadness in his eyes……. you’re not sure why……
- hoshi decides to walk you home and once you both make it there, he says “so uhh…. it was nice working with you….”
- you say “it was nice working with you too….. you made it fun!!” and he tells you “you made it fun too!! just….. if you….. want any chicken, you know where to go. we’ll be happy to see you again”
- you nod your head and say good night before shutting the door
- the next morning, you wake up and realize that you don’t need to go to work
- you should be feeling happy but instead you feel so empty…..
- at the same time, hoshi wakes up and smiles on his way to work, ready for another fun day with you when he realizes
- you don’t work there anymore
- seungcheol notices how much hoshi is sulking and even the regular customers don’t like seeing him this way, he’s usually always smiling and filling their days with sunshine
- about a week passes without you two seeing each other, and hoshi makes it really obvious that he misses you
- seokmin tells him “hoshi just confess to them” but hoshi’s like “what??? nooo i can’t??? what if they don’t like me back???? i’ll never be able to see them ever AGAIN”
- seungcheol pats his head and says “ok hoshi, i know you miss (name), but you still have some work to do” he hands him a little piece of paper with an address written on it
- he tells him “don’t be late. oh and give this to the customer too.” he gives him a tiny little envelope and sends hoshi on his way
- hoshi rides the new scooter there and rings the doorbell before suddenly freezing
- because he knows this apartment…… it’s—
- you open the door and jump in surprise to see hoshi standing by your door
- you say “hoshi??? what are you doing here???” and he says “what do you mean??? i’m here for your order” and you’re like “…..but i didn’t order anything…..”
- hoshi’s like HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME
- he then takes out the little envelope and hands it to you “seungcheol said this is for you, maybe it has some answer on it??”
- you take the envelope and open it and it says
- “enjoy the meal, you kids. tell hoshi he has the rest of the day off, and just go on a date already. i’ll let you borrow the scooter this once. just don’t break it again.”
- hoshi asks “so?? what does it say??” and you shake your head like “oh nothing!!” but hoshi manages to snatch it out of your hands and after reading it, his whole face turns red
- he says “i’m SO sorry about all this….. uhhh you can have the chicken, i’ll just be on my way now…..”
- but you stop him “hoshi wait” and he turns around
- your cheeks turn pink as you say “….if you don’t mind….. i wouldn’t mind actually going on a date……”
- and hoshi’s face lights up and he runs up to you and says “REALLY??” and you laugh and just say “YES HOSHI”
- after eating the chicken, hoshi takes you out on a date in the city and he drives the scooter while you’re sitting in the back with your arms wrapped around him
- at the end of the day, hoshi drops you home and goes back to the restaurant during closing time to drop off the scooter
- inside, he goes up to seungcheol who’s counting the cash register and he gives him a big hug
- when he lets go, he tells him “you’re the best!!!!”
- he smiles at him and says “i’m guessing things went well?” and he nods his head “thank you!!!”
- after a quick good night, he leaves the restaurant and seokmin tells him “you’re such a softie”
- and seungcheol just laughs “you know hoshi deserves it.”

thank you for your request!! ^^