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Lessons from Mrs Heteronormativity

Hi, I’m ’Mary’.
Or actually I’m A.G.R.A. Or – come to think of it – I’m rather ’Rosamund’. Or why not ‘Gabrielle’?

Or whatever. Whoever. The thing is, who I really am doesn’t matter; I could be anyone at all. ANYONE.

I’ll be who it’s convenient to be at any given moment. My mission: Serial Killer; I’m here to kill the series – slowly but surely.

I’m Mrs Heteronormativity; the one who tells you how to behave according to convention and normality. You do as I say – or else… I’m the one entitled to guide you through life, to make sure you remain perfectly ordinary. And here are some lessons about me I want to teach you:

1. You must always marry me; everyone knows it’s for the best.

2. Don’t even think about same-sex relationships!

3. I’m here to prevent any sidestepping.

4. Marrying an assassin is perfectly sane and normal. 

In fact anything is OK as long as it means No Homo. Oh, are you hurt? Sorry, but collateral damage is inevitable.

5. There’s no use trying to express your pathetic feelings if I tell you they are inappropriate.

6. Just so you know: I’m everything you wish for.

7. I make sure your baby’s name is appropriate to gender.

Which means:


Exactly. Good boy!

8. With me you’ll be sure to have the right family values.

9. I’ll always be there to tell you what to do – even if you think I’m dead. And it’s No Homo!

10. And ultimately, I’m the one who gets to define who you really are.

I do hope you’ve been paying attention to me now, and never more try to step out of the ordinary…

[This is, very much, how I see ‘Mary’. She’s not a real character – she’s a nightmare! That’s why she lacks any constancy regarding feelings or back-story or name or anything. And that’s why she keeps haunting the show even after her death, like a ghost. “Do not forget me” – we’re not getting a chance to ever forget the Abominable Bride, not even for a moment. She’s merely a metaphor. And series 3 and 4 are mainly about consequences – the results you get when you listen to this sort of concept and let it define your life.]

george & fred weasley headcanons

since the twins are my favorite from the series, i thought i’d spill some headcanons that I believe are true. being twins, the boys are different as you’d expect but still one in the same.

  • george is more softpoken, quieter of the two. more prone to think before acting. fred acts before thinking and tended to rebel more than george in their younger years even before attending hogwarts.
  • he doesn’t like being the leader leaves it up to fred who respects that. fred is the only one that knows that george doesn’t like spotlight.
  • fred is more bold, brazen, and willing to voice his opinion than george. he doesn’t follow the crowd, does his own thing. enjoy being the leader and hogging the spotlight from his brother.
  • both fred and george are protective older brothers especially when it comes to ginny, but also with hermione and luna.
  • george loves muggle movies and often talks about them hermione who is at first surprised but then starts to enjoy their conversations because george is really interested in muggle movies.
  • fred loves quidditch more than george.
  • george likes cuddling while it’s raining where fred prefers to go play in the rain.
  • fred is the businessman and george lets him take over the spotlight while he’s in the background. fred understands that his brother sometimes gets exhausted with being in the spotlight once the shop opens.
  • both are master wizards and enjoy showing off their tricks but fred especially.
  • george is very open with his feelings where fred isn’t. fred has a hard time admitting his feelings about things and george helps him with realizing it’s okay. fred struggles with this after his father being in st. mungo’s from being attacked by nangini.
  • george secretly loves to read muggle books. only fred, ginny & hermione know about this.
  • both boys value family over everything else especially fred.
  • george loves to bake and hermione teaches him to do it without magic and he thinks it’s great. sometimes, he prefers to do that over using magic. 
  • george was hesitant to leave hogwarts where fred was deadset on it. after awhile, george relented after major convincing from fred.
  • both will go to extreme lengths to protect ones they love.
  • fred is a big flirt where george is a more subtle and doesn’t overdo it.
  • fred’s marriage proposal is more extravagant where george’s isn’t.
  • george is very simple more romantic kind of guy. buys you flowers, chocolates, and makes you tea.  fred is more about actions. doing things to show you that he cares.
  • both will do anything to cheer anyone up. they don’t like sadness and in fact george prefers not to be around negative people. 

these are all i have for now. my brain is a bit foggy. also be kind, this is my first time doing these. i did the best i could.

anonymous asked:

Hey there. I have read and loved all your kurtbastian fics. They were seriously amazing. Would you mind reccing me some more kurtbastian which you have enjoyed reading. Thank you and looking forward to more of your gorgeous writing 💞😚

I’m not too good at recs but I’m gonna try my best for you! I think a lot of these fics are actually fairly popular, but none of them are at the level of ACITW, OBCMAH, and the like. Hope this includes something you’ve never read before! I’m not very organized at keeping track of my faves, so this is not even remotely exhaustive. And most of these authors have multiple kb works, so make sure to check out their other stuff too! Remember to kudos/comment/reblog!

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Persona 4 Slice of Life AU, Except there are No Personas Involved (Or Shadows for that Matter)


Simply put- an AU where the murders never happen and everything is normal. 

TV World is real though, but no one knows about it and is irrelevant to the plot.


The quiet boy Yu Narukami, moves in and stays at the sleepy town of Inaba due to family matters.

The resentful detective, Tohru Adachi, is forced to stay at a boring town due to a past mistake.

The troubled politician, Taro Namatame, takes a vacation at a faraway town in order to avoid public eye.

Three different people from the city moves in to this place called ‘Inaba’… but is this sleepy little town really as boring as it seems? Or does it hold secrets that ordinary eyes can’t see?




No it doesn’t. It’s just a normal town.

To the three new settlers, however, this is a special town that will change their views in life.

To the boy, he will learn the value of friendship and family.

To the detective, he will experience the feeling of having true 'bonds’ for the first time.

To the politician, he will find a new purpose in life.

Here in this sleepy quiet faraway boring town of Inaba, nothing meaningless happens.

Notable Cast:

-Everyone stays the same.

-No one dies, so Saki, Yamano and King Moron lives throughout the story.

-Naoto comes to Inaba to stay over at her grandpa for a break over his urging. 

-Teddie is still a being that came from the TV World, but no one knows that. The TV World is beautiful and all, but being alone and bored, the bear one day decided to take a peek at the human world and decided to he liked it there. Stuff happened, he grew a human boy and somehow found himself as an employee of Junes.

Yu, Adachi and Yosuke questions his existence. Others don’t. Yosuke has given up on questioning long before Yu moves in. Yu thinks he’s the only sane person… until a few more months later, the Teddie has brainwashed him. Adachi also questions Teddie’s existence in his head, but stays quiet to 'fit in’… later, he 'stays quiet’ about Teddie just to drive Yu mad.

-Margaret is on vacation and stays over at Inaba during the cultural festival. 

-Mitsuo is a creepy stalker all throughout the story… that is, until a plot twist where he and Hanako somehow get together. He proudly declares that “Yukiko is nothing compared to my girl”. Everyone gets creeped out, but they’re happy for him. Sorta.

-Izanami is just a goddess who happens to like taking part-time jobs. The lunch at the gas station is free, so why not?

-Marie is Izanami’s moody daughter who claims that- 'it’s not like I wanted to be here, but mom forced me!’. 

Notable Features:

-Told through the perspective of Yu, Adachi and Namatame.

-First arc concentrates on the quiet Yu and his growth into a siscon banchou of steel. Along the course of his arc, he starts a cheering squad and becomes its confident leader.

-He often finds himself listening to people’s troubles and solving their problems (aka S.Links, except he gets no benefits).

-Soon, as part of his arc finale, he manages to get Junes and the market district to settle their differences… with the help of all the friends he gained over the year. That includes Saki. Mitsuo to some extent.

-Second arc is Adachi’s arc. He’s still an ass. His arc actually begins in an earlier time before Yu’s, as he becomes fond of the Dojima family. After Yu’s arrival, he becomes jealous of him… but soon, jealousy becomes rivalry, and they often compete for Dojima and Nanako’s attention.

-He becomes good pals with King Moron after a drink.

-Mitsuo seems fond of him, but he had no idea why…? The creepy boy just keeps going to him for advice…? About love of all things, even…? He wings it to become the 'cool, responsible adult’, but perhaps that was a bad idea…

-His final arc involves him and Dojima, working in the shadows to help Yu and his friends to unite Junes and the market district.

-Third arc is Namatame’s and is considerably shorter. He doesn’t interact much with others, and is more of an observer. Through his perspective, he sees how Yu and Adachi changed over the course of the year, and how they too, changed the town. By the end, he resolves to be just like them and work for bettering the town.


Shion Tepes

(Krul x Shinoa lovechild between me and @sassyshinoahiiragi)

So basically, this started out as a simple rp meme. Eventually, it escalated to actually shipping between our muses and then a lovechild was seriously considered in one of our verses. Here are some rough sketches and headcanons of our cutie! xD

Headcanon Info:

  • He was adopted by Krul and Shinoa as a baby
  • Calls Krul “mother” and Shinoa “mama”
  • Personality: He’s a sweet kid, but has a tendency to be bluntly honest or make sassy remarks which makes others think he’s looking for a fight when he really isn’t
  • Eyes: Rose Colored
  • Hair: Gradient Purple to Pink (it gets longer when he grows older)
  • Strength: Magecraft (fire-based ones are his specialty but he’s generally well-rounded in all fields)
  • Weakness: His physical strength is lacking more than the normal soldier even if the others train him; he does gain vampire super strength later on but he still a bit slow on actual physical fights
  • Favorite Snack: Skittles (he makes his own candy similar to skittles too)
  • If he really likes a person, he’ll offer them skittles (as token of friendship)

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