boys with capes

Vanity Fair 

everybody was looking super good and classy on the covers… and then there is those three. The First Order trio at its best !  


Robb, Bran, Sansa and Jon with their matching double direwolf insignia (requested by @raeraet).

#a family that wears matching outfits together, slays together


Three and a half years ago, @tort-time made me my very own monogrammed cape.  My cape was a little big for me, so with all the growing I have been doing, Mom thought it was high time for me to try on my cape again.

Turns out Mom underestimated how much I’ve grown—big time:  My cape is WAY too small for me now!  In fact, even Lunchbox’s big cape is too small for me now!

The solar queen & The blood mage
The blood brothers 

/jumps onto the skyfac design train/ wussap guys, every thought about adding capes???? 
boy was it a challenge to find an interesting design for Jeremy’s dimontine armour and i’m really happy w the dark purple shadow in Gav’s cape (kinda references the solar queens opposite *wink wonk*)