boys with body modification


Character Sketches

So today I wanted to post some of my original character sketches for you guys!

These characters have been with me for many years, they really are like old friends. Someday, their stories will be told, but in the meantime, here’s some studies of them!

First sketch is of Huxley, after him is my wreck of a man, Taimon, then my first character I ever made, Vincent!

I predict that Susie using magic to cure her limp is going to be massively relevant later in the season, either because there’s always a price to pay for something like that and she doesn’t realise until it’s too late that she doesn’t want to pay it, or because body modification spells only last for a limited amount of time, or it’s something that the Mage can undo at will and she’s forced to work with him under threat of having her limp returned.

But also, imagine a situation where Todd and Amanda are given the option of “fixing” their pararibulitis but the cost is that Amanda can’t rely on her visions to guide them and the Rowdy 3 lost a vital food source.