boys with bobs

2017 and new music
  • Fall Out Boy: new songs, tour
  • TØP: new songs
  • Paramore: new songs, tour
  • Imagine Dragons : new songs
  • P!ATD: Well Brendon's doing something.....
  • Me: looks at MCR
  • Me: ...................
“Champagne, cocaine, gasoline”

Fall Out Boy is like champagne because it’s classy but it can still get you hammered. Panic! is like cocaine because it makes you feel like you’re on drugs. My Chem is like gasoline because it makes you want to burn shit down and be emo.


Moodboards 👌🏻

EDIT: Some people have pointed out that on the Vessel mood board, there’s BMTH lyrics. I’m aware of this, and there’s also Melanie Martinez lyrics, but they just fit the aesthetic.