boys with bobs

Bullshit I’ve read on this hellsite in response to marginalised positivity:

- Hetero relationships are cute too

- White girls are beautiful and strong as well

- Cis boys are handsome uwu

And so on forever because people are trash. Here’s the reason this pisses me off:

The reason we specifically focus on celebrating queer relationships, black people, Asian people, Native and Indigenous people, and other people of colour, and trans people is because mainstream society doesn’t.

Nobody is saying the above things aren’t true! Those things are celebrated fucking constantly. The reason marginalised peeps talk about our fucking marginalised lives is because we don’t fucking get told this shit every Bobdamn day of our Bobdamn lives so shut up and let marginalised people celebrate ourselves for Bob’s sake. Feeling the need to add your privileged ass into every Bobdamn conversation is why we need to do this shit in the first place.

the boys of stranger things 2

(inspired by this post! creds to them for this idea!) (original post)

full offense but why are y’all sleepin on bob newby?? he was an adorable dork who was so supportive and accepting of joyce and her kids that it literally got him killed. he constantly showed joyce how much he loved her and was always there for her when she was afraid or worried. he made a real effort to connect with her kids and build a healthy relationship with them with zero (0) ulterior motives. he was literally one of the most kindhearted and genuninely good characters in the show and he deserved so much more. why aren’t we all talking about bob newby like wtf.

2017 and new music
  • Fall Out Boy: new songs, tour
  • TØP: new songs
  • Paramore: new songs, tour
  • Imagine Dragons : new songs
  • P!ATD: Well Brendon's doing something.....
  • Me: looks at MCR
  • Me: ...................
If Someone Says "Thanks"...

DON’T respond with: “you’re welcome”.

DO respond with:

1. “Pete” then scream “MEMED IT!” before dabbing and casually walking away.

2. “For the memories” before continuing to scream the rest of the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and crazily dance around the space like a proper intellectual.

3. “For the venom” before sobbing intensely since you realize MCR is dead and you’re an emo train wreck who is absentmindedly searching their pockets for eyeliner.

Bandom Ask

Emo Trinity: Top 5 favorite bands?

Panic! At the Disco: Sexuality?

Brendon Urie: Who do you look up to most?

Ryan Ross: Do you miss anyone?

Dallon Weekes: Play any instruments?

Jon Walker: Ever written a song?

Spencer Smith: Who is your best friend?

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out: Favorite word?

Pretty. Odd.: Ever smoked weed?

Vices And Virtues: Favorite book?

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die!: Where do you want to travel to if you could travel anywhere?

Death of A Bachelor: Do you like parties?

I Write Sins Not Tragedies: Ever been to a wedding? What was it like?

Northern Downpour: What are you most nostalgic for?

The Young Veins: Would you ever go on an impromptu road trip?

The Brobecks: Ever been in love?

Fall Out Boy: Do you like your hometown?

Patrick Stump: Do you have any insecurities?

Pete Wentz: Are you popular at school?

Joe Trohman: Are you ever underappreciated?

Andy Hurley: Is it easy to make you laugh?

Take This To Your Grave: Do you hate anyone?

From Under the Cork Tree: If you could relive any memory, which one would it be?

Infinity On High: Do you think anything is unnecessarily overrated?

Folie a Deux: What’s your favorite album?

Soul Punk: Do you think there’s still good in the world?

Black Cards: Name your top three biggest regrets.

Damned Things: If you had a band, what would you name it?

Save Rock and Roll: What’s your “Adrenaline” song?

American Beauty/American Psycho: Have you ever met someone who wasn’t like they first seemed?

M A  N   I    A: If you could see into the future, how far would you look?

Sugar We’re Going Down: Describe your perfect first date.

What a Catch, Donnie: Would you trust anyone with your life?

My Chemical Romance: What’s your all time favorite concept album?

Gerard Way: What’s your gender and/or preferred pronouns?

Frank Iero: How many piercings do you have?

Mikey Way: Do you like the way you look?

Ray Toro: What’s your favorite time of day?

Bob Bryar: Does anyone hate you?

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love: Favorite mythical creature?

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Ever wanted revenge on someone for something they did to you?

The Black Parade: Do you believe in the afterlife?

Danger Days: Friends or family?

Welcome to the Black Parade: Are you okay?

Ghost of You: Name your top three favorite colors.

“Champagne, cocaine, gasoline”

Fall Out Boy is like champagne because it’s classy but it can still get you hammered. Panic! is like cocaine because it makes you feel like you’re on drugs. My Chem is like gasoline because it makes you want to burn shit down and be emo.