boys with beards love me

George and Harold’s parents go on an adults only weekend trip and leave the boys in charge of the houses. They (of course) decide to throw a wild party and invite a ton of kids from their school. 

Mr. Krupp hears about it and shows up to shut it down but they turn him into CU, who promptly and ecstatically joins in on the fun. 

In the cold light, I live, I only live for you
It’s all that I am, it’s all that I have

To feel hurt and to feel joy
Feelings that come from loving you,
Situations can change,
between the morning and the night
But our love for each other stays the same,
It stays strong; It is constant and it remains true

Mumford and Sons ft. Baaba Maal, There Will be Time

Danse and Arthur waking up together. So stress, no pressure, just the warmth of each other.

(I now have a headcanon that Danse is self-conscious about his toothy smile and only smiles around his most trusted people)

*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

*skateboards out*