boys with abbs

So I read all your guys suggestions last night and a lot of people said that I should try taking a more relaxed/natural full body self portrait! At first I found it tricky, because I’m used to taking very posed photo of myself, but I tried my best and this is what I got :)

Some people also suggested I try taking a self portrait in my bathtub or some kind of water which I plan on trying to do tomorrow, because I have the day off :D



why don’t we talk about shirtless Ashton more

just look at him


Whoever took that picture with ashton wins at life 

I dont even know whats happening in this photo but ABS


Oh My Gosh

Look at them working out together

There is a nice mirror image that will kill you

In conclusion this needs to be talked about more

Fic: Guilt (2/3)

A Chris Evans Fanfic

Note: Per usual, I’ve decided to write one more part before concluding Guilt. I feel like there’s one more pivotal scene that needs to occur before I can finish this one, but it didn’t make sense cramming it into this part. Also, an enormous thanks to Amy @mumbles411 for writing the Chris and Abby having lunch scene. Her talent blows me away every single time. Shower her with all the love!!

Warnings: brief mention of miscarriage, language, teen pregnancy

Thanks for reading!! Xx


Part One

“Hey, there, sexy pants.”

A pair of loving arms circled around Chris’s waist, before he felt his wife’s cheek on his back. He stayed planted to the stove, flipping over the sizzling bacon strips, and sniggered at her greeting. “Hey, you’re runnin’ late this mornin’.”

“I know,” Nat groaned, rubbing her cheek against the softness of his sweater. “I’m pissed about missing today’s appointment. No fair,” she pouted, “I wanna be there when she finds out the sex.”

“Call in sick,” Chris offered. He choked on a half-laugh, half-wince when she smacked his front lower region. “Ay! Don’t take it out on the family jewels! Jesus!”

Nat smiled against his back, then placed an apologetic kiss on the spot between his shoulder blades. Her smile pulled into a wide grin when she felt the shiver shoot down his spine. That always got him. “Can you be on your best behavior today and not cause a scene in the middle of the doctor’s office this time? Abby is still embarrassed by your little outburst, and quite frankly, so am I.”

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