boys who smile


Jace smiling/laughing because of Maia in 2x13 + Maia smiling because of Jace:

A male does not have to be masculine, nor a female feminine. We don’t all have to wear baby pink or dark blue. So what if you’re not obsessed with cars, or doing your nails every single night. Having a certain set of genes does not mean you have to be a certain way. Be who you are, and do what ever genuinely feels comfortable to you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
valentine’s day // dylan o’brien

Summary: Dylan falls in love with a girl who hates Valentine’s Day

Requested: no

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes, & smut throughout


His long legs extended across her lap as he took a large gulp of the amber liquid. Sighing contently, he placed the glass bottle on the floor and snuggled deeper into his couch. Her hands were lazily drapped over his feet as she focused on the television. The movie that they had been watching was fairly interesting although she was having a bit of a hard time following the plot.

“Wait, is he the sister’s boyfriend?” Y/N asked her best friend who shook his head in return.

“No, that’s the guy they met at the bar who looks like the boyfriend.” Dylan explained.

Furrowing her eyebrows, Y/N continued to watch the film hoping somewhere along the way things would make sense.

This was their routine. Every Friday night for the past 3 years was spent on his lumpy couch drinking beer, eating pizza, and watching movies. As the ending credits started, Y/N let out a soft yawn as she extended her arms.

“What did you think?” Dylan asked, eager to know what she thought of the film. “I thought she was going to pick the boyfriend’s brother’s friend.” Y/N admitted with a giggle, thinking about the cliched love triangle movie she just watched. “The ending was very unexpected.”

Pulling his feet off of her lap, he sat on the edge of the couch.

“What about you?” She called out as he walked to the kitchen with his empty beer bottle.

“I was routing for the boyfriend’s brother’s friend too.” His laugh echoed throughout the kitchen.

Their friendship consisted of watching cheesy romance movies together, texts at 3am when they couldn’t sleep, and the comfort of knowing that they always had someone they could count on. It was completely platonic.

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I am inlove with a boy who likes kicking stones on the ground; he never looks up.

I am inlove with a boy who never keeps eye contact because he thinks it’s dangerous to let people see his eyes, but by some miracle I saw it; it was beautiful.

I am inlove with a boy who smiles and hides it; but little does he know, I see it all; I see the way his eyes sparkle just before he looks down and smiles at the ground.

I am inlove with a boy who likes to get lost in a book, so he doesn’t have to deal with the world; much like the way I do.

I am inlove with a boy who doesn’t have all the right words to say, but says it anyway; and he’s so beautiful I always find myself catching my breath.

I am inlove with a boy who feels trap; but he laughs with that laugh that keeps me on my feet; and I’m happy I’m one of the few ones who gets to see it; and I’m secretly foolishly selfishly hoping he won’t show it to anyone else.

I am inlove with a boy who feels so much of everything; and keeps himself from showing that he does; but I know and I understand.

I am inlove with a boy who never sees me; because he only looks up for one person; she’s his only exception.

I am inlove with a boy who’s in love with someone else; he’s secretly hoping maybe she’ll see him despite him hiding; but she doesn’t.

I am inlove with a boy who’s heart is breaking; the same way as mine.

—  waferqueen, I am in love with a boy who will never get to read this. I am in love with a boy who will never know.

i want everyone to know that at this very moment, inej has just left her ship in the ketterdam harbour and is on her way to the slat to climb through kaz’s window for old times sake.  the wind is in her hair and slavers know and fear her by name.  kaz is building his empire, building and burning what he pleases, and he leaves the window open for inej.  nina and matthias are somewhere quiet, it’s just them and they have all the time in the world.  they’re kissing, sometimes, and sometimes just sitting together, breathing, living.  they have time to do this now.  nobody will ever take that away again.  jesper and wylan are in the van eck mansion, and instead of fear and silence it’s now filled with light, the smell of burning food they tried their best to cook, the smell of gun powder, marya’s paintings lining the walls.  they make it a home.  kuwei is in ravka.  they’re making a lot of progress on a parem antidote, for the first time in his life he’s safe and happy and next week he’s going to go on a date with a cute boy who smiles at him like the actual sun.  they are all living and building something new, and it’s not always perfect or happy but day by day it’s coming together and they’re going to be just fine