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A Breach of Trust Chapter 15.5: A Beach of Trust

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There is one universal law of anime, and it is that there is always a beach episode. There is always a beach episode

Mob had fallen asleep beneath the couch blankets again, curled into the cocoon so that the blankets served double as his pillow. He was woken up sometime later by the sound and brightness that came with Reigen swishing back the curtains.

“Wake up, Mob. We’ve got plans.”

Mob opened his eyes. Reigen stood over him, wearing swim trunks, a white tank top, and enormous sunglasses with the price tag still dangling off the right ear hook. He had globbed suntan lotion on his nose and shoulders, and he thrust a mesh bag to Mob containing roughly the same outfit but in a smaller size—sunglasses and all.

“I’m overworked and you’re traumatized. I don’t know anything about mental health but there’s no way a day at the beach can be bad. So get changed it’s beach time.”

Reigen sat down on the couch beside Mob, one foot pulled up and resting on the other knee, and he pulled out an assortment of deflated floaties from his own bag. He uncapped the mouthpiece of one—a duck by the looks of it—and started to inflate it.

Mob stared, baffled. “…Beach time?”

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Remember how I said I wrote an essay breaking down Tendou's character? Well here it is

So let’s talk about Tendou Satori. When he was first introduced, he was automatically deemed as a villain. Although, as the season commenced, bits and pieces of his back story were unveiled, revealing as to why he could be seen as malicious. Many people still portray him as such, although, he’s far from it. Tendou Satori is broken. He’s been hurt all his life up until high school. Tendou Satori is broken, but he’s brave, he’s shattered but he’s strong. Tendou Satori is arguably the most complex, enigmatic character in the whole show, and it’s about time someone cracked the enigma.

When Tendou Satori was in elementary school, presumably when he was nine or ten, he was bullied. Before the scene begins, you get a little visual of young Tendou. The audience can already infer what kind of child he was. Naturally, he’s awkward. He’s gangly, has wide eyes and a tired face, a bowl cut, and undeniably looks a little bit like a horror movie child, but you can’t help but love him, because any sensible person knows what this child is going through, if your first thoughts of him were negative. Riddle me this, how do you expect a nine year old child to react to someone more powerful than him referring to him as a monster? How do you expect a mere child to handle years of torment, years of being cast out of doing something he loves because of who he is? He breaks. This torment was the first shatter in Tendou’s heart, and by far, the largest fracture. Of course, it isn’t implied, not much is implied besides the fact that he is bullied, but we can infer that Tendou took this bullying rough. You can expect tears, and tantrums and trauma. To many, being cast out and bullied away from a sport or hobby would overall make said person hate said activity, but Tendou didn’t quite give up. It isn’t shown, but somehow, Tendou got his way into playing a match against his bullies and presumably, he won. Can you imagine Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who has been bullied for so long, finally feeling a sliver of power? He knows the pain these people have put him through. The tears, the deprecation. The nine year old boy who was learning to hate himself far before he should ever start feeling any insecurity. To finally, finally see the slightest bit of pain in the tormentor’s eyes was enough to make up for all the pain that dwelled in his. He was happy, of course, who wouldn’t be? In that moment he knew what these kids would do, only because he’s done it so many times himself. They would go home, upset. They’d drop their bookbags by the door then storm to their bedroom and cry. They’d cry out the frustration, the embarrassment, the welled up hate. For Tendou, imagining other people finally experiencing relative torment was better than any apology. This is the first turning point in Tendou’s personality, that Guess Block of his. Tendou got a feeling of pride after this, and of course, naturally, he was going to hold onto the only thing that made him feel powerful. The Guess Block. The wonderful, magnificent move that would bring him to power. Right?

As Tendou moved onto middle school, it is evident that he has been accepted, but only in the slightest. During his last year, it shows that he has styled his hair differently. Automatically, its remorseful. His demons haven’t abandoned him, and to be accepted, Tendou tried to fix the only part of him that could be easily fixed, his hair. Although, fixing his hair doesn’t bring him to acceptance. He keeps the Guess Block close to him, after five years he still uses it as his crutch, and people don’t like it. A woman, presumably his coach, yells at him for it. Tendou tries to argue that it’s helping them score points, but she disagrees. This doesn’t get Tendou down, though. The Guess Block is the only thing he takes pride in, and like hell anyone is going to take that away from him. As his coach yells at him, he smiles. To him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this block, and because of it, the coach gets frustrated, and ends practice early. The episode then cuts to a scene of Tendou walking up to a storage closet. Inside, there are two other boys, his teammates, talking behind his back. The first thing they say is a blatant attack at his looks and personality. In that moment, you can see Tendou’s mood just drop. Unlike the Guess Block, there’s absolutely nothing about his body or mind that he can take pride in. That deep crack in his heart from when he was a kid shatters just a bit more. Now it wasn’t just complete strangers, bullies who he was trying to fit in with. These were his teammates, people he was supposed to get along with, work with, play with. Now that his own teammates were calling him that same taunting name ‘Monster’, Tendou feels more betrayed than before. The teammates continue, saying things such as how he doesn’t cooperate, and how practice “always ends early when Tendou’s around.” This was a jab at his Guess Block. Although his views of it didn’t change, you can see that later on, he was starting to get a bit insecure over the thing he loves most.

When Tendou applies for the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, his nerves are evident. After the whole incident in middle school, he had began to grow a bit wary of the Guess Block, although he’s still very confident. If he wasn’t confident, he wouldn't’ have put a suit and tie on, marched down to Washijou’s office and requested to be put on the team, but he did. He did because he was confident. During the meeting with Washijou, Tendou looks sullen talking about his Guess Block. For a moment, he expects an immediate rejection, although, when he’s greeted with acceptance, he’s shocked. There was a look in his eyes that scared me. In that very moment, dressed in uncharacteristic clothes and sweaty palms, his nervous gut roiling and walls that felt like they were going to close in on him, he felt free. This has probably been the first time in Tendou’s life that he had been accepted by someone outside of his family. He was not only being accepted for his Guess Block, but him. He was being accepted for Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who couldn’t play volleyball because he looked like a monster, the fourteen year old boy who was stabbed in the back by his own teammates. He was being accepted for him. Can you imagine the wave of happiness that rushed over him? He hadn’t quit, he never gave up on this sport. Tendou Satori loves volleyball, and now, after fifteen years of never playing it with pure happiness, he finally will. Acceptance into Shiratorizawa was a giant plaster over all the wounds in his heart.

You can presume that Tendou continues his next three years of high school with happiness, although it’s evident his scars have yet to heal. Tendou is a beautiful person, he really is, despite his pent up persona of being a sadist. He wants nothing more than the happiness of other people. You can see this when he butts into Shirabu and Goshiki’s argument. He knows Shirabu is a confident, he should be, so his time praising him is limited. Goshiki, however, is somebody Tendou can read. Tendou sees himself in him, and although it’s subliminal, it speaks a lot. Tendou is fast to compliment not only Goshiki’s game technique, but his hair. Now, Goshiki has the same haircut as Tendou when he was a child, so naturally, it would tie to some bad memories. I think Tendou never really wanted to style his hair differently. If it were up to him, he would’ve kept it the same, he would’ve kept everything the same, really, but he had to change. He forced himself to change because he wanted to force his way into being accepted. Tendou doesn’t want Goshiki to end up in the same pit as he did. Tendou is going to be there to be the acceptance that Tendou never received. Other people on the team gently tease Goshiki for being so enthusiastic, but never once does Tendou put him down. If you look into Goshiki’s character he shows very positive signs when he’s being complimented, once even going as far as stating that he loves to have a fuss being made over him. Tendou never had that, so can you imagine the happiness he must feel seeing Goshiki feel proud over words he says? On this team, Tendou does feel a lot of acceptance. Him and Ushijima are good friends, amazing friends, at that, and thst can imply that Ushijima was Tendou’s first real friend. Despite the positive atmosphere Tendou is in, there’s one thing that still spikes his insecurity, his nickname. Although “Guess Monster” may seem badass, it isn’t to him. It enraged his everytime he hears it, although it isn’t shown. Its taking his rock, the Guess Block, and pairing it up with the very demise of his existence. It’s bittersweet. He likes to be recognized for the move he’s spent years perfecting, but when it’s tied to the very bane of his existence, it automatically becomes a negative term. Something inside Tendou is still very attached to that malicious child nostalgia. He becomes kind of a perfectionist. Although his Guess Block is either 0% or 120%, he always wants it to be at 120%. He feels as if it isn’t always perfect, isn’t always scoring points, he’s useless, even if it is one point. He was accepted on this team to score points, and if he can’t do that, he might as well be the awkward, nine year old boy standing on the side of the court, holding back tears while being called a monster. There are scenes in which Tendou says things that are familiar to me. I’ve been in situations like this where I try to play off my mistakes as a joke so people can look beyond them. The whole cry of, “I screwed up!” and trying to change the topic away from the move he guessed wrong are things I’ve done to mask my failures. I could tell you exactly what he’s feeling, embarrassment. It’s a cold sweat over his skin, his stomach tightens up and he hopes nobody, especially not his coach was paying attention. He wants people to forget he’s flawed, forget he can do any wrong. This cold sweat will keep breaking out until he redeems himself, until he’s back up at 120% again, and all images of deprecation subside.

After the final match with Karasuno ends, Tendou is seemingly calm, but he’s not. Tendou is a tempest, and enigma, somebody who’s built up so many walls to shelter his real emotions. He doesn’t want to be seen as vulnerable as he was back then. But he knows damn well the moment he gets home, he’ll break down into pieces. When Tendou says ‘Goodbye my paradise” this refers to many things. Firstly, it refers to the sport of volleyball itself. While stretching with Ushijima, Tendou tells the latter that he won’t be continuing volleyball after high school, and is going to leave that to Ushijima. In all honesty, the comment seems light hearted. This could be seen from the perspective that Tendou just doesn’t want to continue, that he doesn’t think he’ll be good enough for college, but that’s not it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball more than Ushijima, more than Hinata, more than Oikawa or Kageyama or anybody. To Tendou, volleyball is his entire life. The reason why Tendou has decided to drop volleyball is because he doesn’t want to dwell in that deep dark pit again. Shiratorizawa was Tendou’s safe haven, and inarguably the best three years of his life. Tendou doesn’t want to go back to vying to play volleyball or trying to be accepted all over again. He knows he won’t be as lucky with other teams as he was with Shiratorizawa. Tendou knows the moment he tries to get on other team, they’ll cast him out. Of course, he might have a title, people would definitely take him in, seeing that he was from the infamous Shiratorizawa boys volleyball team, but acceptance necessarily doesn’t mean acceptance. It would be like middle school all over again. The arguments with the coach, the hate behind his back. Tendou wants to leave volleyball with the wonderful experience he’s had at Shiratorizawa, and not another team that despises his very being. He wants to love volleyball for what he had, not what he tried to have. Volleyball at Shiratorizawa was his paradise, it was the place where he had first made friends, where he first was praised, where he first was able to play however he wanted, be whoever he wanted. “Farewell, my paradise” just shatters my heart. He’ll be going back into the real world, where people don’t accept him like people did at his school. The vacation is over for him. He’s bracing himself for the usual torments, the comments, the hate. Tendou, more than anyone, more than his pissed off coach, and sobbing Goshiki, despises this loss. That drop of the ball on his side of the court was the soft meding plaster that covered his wounds being ripped off fast and hard without warning. It stung.

Tendou Satori is an incredible character. He’s broken, beaten, bruised inside out, but until the very end, Tendou powers through it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball. He loves it through his pain, he loves it through his betrayal and begins to love it even more as his glory days arrive. Tendou, despite his portrayal as a sadistic, cold blooded villain, is soft. He’s human, he has more scars than anyone, and tries to mend these scars all he can. He’s absolutely incredible. He has a sadder story than everyone, even Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Kageyama. He’s more powerful than everyone, even Hinata, Oikawa and Ushijima. He’s kinder than everyone, even Sugawara, Asahi and Akaashi. Tendou Satori is dirt caked and broken, but with polish, he’s ethereal.

What’s to come

I figured now would be the best time to post this, since I don’t really have much else to do right now. Plus, its a nice consuming and idle task. This is what is in the ask box in the order in which I will be answering them.

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  • Iwaizumi, Asak, and Tsukishima SFW and NSFW with female significant other (there are a lot of details as to the personality of this S/O, so I’ll wait until I answer it to focus on those.
  • Oikawa’s crush just thinks he isn’t anything more than a pretty face.
  • Kageyama with sassy significant other.
  • Nishinoya anything (love, I also got your message later about a couple details, I’ll be sure to shove them together when I get to this).
  • More Twister headcanons with Ushijima, Oikawa, and Iwaizumi.
  • Headcanons of Oikawa living with significant other during college.
  • 3rd Gym ideas for first dates.
  • Tsukishima’s significant other is in a dank meme chat with Bokuto and Kuroo (I was really scared that I accidentally deleted this earlier this week, lol).
  • Tsukishima’s significant other is a dancer and dances to his favorite song; emotions and fluff ensue.
  • Fluff relationship headcanons with Nishinoya and Oikawa.
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So, yeah, there’s a lot. So I’ll be busy for awhile.

Is it the sun or you?(Jungkook)


One shot

A/N: I have been working on this scenario for so long.I am happy to be able to post it finally.It’s long, but I had fun writing it. I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.

Word count: 4,758

Warnings: Flirting.

  Stepping out of the car, your skin was enveloped in the warm rays of the summer sun.It had been awhile since you truly felt this alive. You came to the beach today with your friends, planning to have lots of fun and just enjoy the hot season as much as you could. Your group wasn’t too big, but not small as well- 3 girls and 2 boys.Sarah and Mia were your BFF’s, Mark and Jay you met in the beginning of high school, but got really close fast.They are cool guys to hangout with, very funny too.

   Sarah called Mark to help her with the bags ,while Jay was parking the car somewhere. You decided to help them as well by grabbing your own stuff.

“Mia which was your bag?” asked Sarah 

“The pink one with the flowers.”she walked over and picked it up

  The four of you started walking towards the beach to find a good place to set up everything and begin the beach extravaganza. 

“Look.”Sarah pointed at a nice spot, that wasn’t too close to the water and not too far away as well.

“Ok. You girls get the towels out and I will place the beach umbrellas.”Mark picked them up and proceeded with doing what he told you

  Everyone had a job to do and so you were done in no time, the cooler was filled with drinks, the towels were set and there was just enough shade to get tanned, but not burned. You were already lying on the beach when Jay finally found you, guess it took him longer than expected to find a good place for the car.

“Did you find a spot?” asked Mark

“Would I be here if I didn’t?”he lifted up a brow

“Are you trying to start a fight?”

“Chill man.” Jay laughed out and jumped onto his towel, relaxing his muscles after the long drive

   Sarah pulled her sunscreen out of the bag and pocked your side. Your body jumped up a bit and turned to look at her a bit irritated.

“Hey!What was that for?”you asked her

“You look like a fish on a grill. If I don’t turn you over ,you might burn.” she stood up, giggling a bit “Come one.You need sunscreen or else.” she sprayed some on your back and massaged it in.After that Sarah let you lay back on the towel and continue ‘grilling’ as she liked to joke. 

“Are you going to stay here all day?Come on it’s summer, look at the beach.”

  Mark picked up Sarah and Mia and ran towards the water. He was really strong and was able to carry both of them at once, but with the girls gone it was only you and Jay.

   He had short black hair with shaved sides and brown eyes. Most girls found him very attractive, but he wasn’t your cup of tea. What you didn’t know was that he actually had the hots for you.

 He sat on Sarah’s towel and tried to talk with you.Normal friendly conversation, nothing too obvious.

“So, today is a nice day.”

  You stood up, sat on your towel and looked at him.You could hear his better that way.

“Yeah.” you made sure to be under the umbrella’s shade “Hey can you pass me my bag please?”

  Jay gave you what you asked for with a smile “Here.” 

“Thanks.”pulling out a pair of sunglasses ,you placed them on your head, combing your hair with your hand lightly back “Hey Jay.” you looked at him 

“What is it?”

“What kind of girls do you like?” you asked him directly 

“What kind of question is that?!”you caught him off guard ,but it made him happy that you were even a little bit interested “Do you finally admit that you like me?”he asked ,grinning at you 

“You wish.”you laughed out and hit his back playfully, but he actually did “A friend of mine asked if I could ask you.”

“I see.”

“Don’t worry I won’t creep you out.”you pushed his shoulder a bit 

“What kind of guys do you like?”he hit you back with the same question 

“I don’t have a type.”you deflected his attempt almost immediately.This subject wasn’t very interesting, so you changed it to something else.

  As you were talking, a ball rolled in front of you on the beach, right next to your leg.You looked around to see where it came from, or who the owner might be. But what you saw wasn’t what you expected.

  Your head turned towards the figure walking towards you, the strong and well build male with dark hair and eyes filled your senses. He was confidant and serious, but his eyes were childish and playful.

 He leaned forward and picked the ball up, slightly touching your leg with his hand. Was it on purpose? You didn’t know. Your eyes found each other very fast, while he was standing back up with the ball in hand, you never moved your gaze.

  He turned around and started walking away, when a sudden gust of wind blew and your hat flew in his direction. You quickly stood up to try and grab it, but the mysterious boy, without looking back ,caught it.You slowly walked over to him and he turned to give it back to you.

“It’s a bit windy today.”he looked down at you and smiled

  His voice was smooth and the words were dropping out of his mouth like honey. He placed the hat onto your head, flashing you another smile and running back to his friends.

  Jay was looking at the boy ,but then averted his gaze back to you. He continued talking about something, but you weren’t listening. Through the sunglasses you were looking at the boys ,who were playing volleyball a bit to the side and closer to the beach, from your spot. The attractive male, that caught your eye, was part of the team that was facing your direction.

 Thanks to the glasses he didn’t notice, but as you were looking your hand traveled to the spot on your leg he touched.

“Y/N?” your head snapped towards Jay after hearing your name “Is something wrong?You look out of it.”

“I am ok.”you averted your gaze from the boys playing and looked at the sand.

  The mysterious boy certainly caught your attention ,there was no doubt about that. Right at this moment, feet in sand, body shiny from the sunscreen, hair wild from the wind, you were thinking how to pull his eyes and attention towards you.

  You noticed Sarah calling for you from the water. Looking to the boys you saw that they weren’t playing anymore and were just chilling on their towels, some playing cards. It was the perfect timing. 

 Standing up you took off your glasses and hat ,giving them to Jay.You ran your hands trough your hair ,messing it up a bit and started walking towards the water, a mixture of elegance and sexiness was radiating from you.

  You made sure to look especially good, but because of that you couldn’t look to see if his eyes were on you, or he could figure it out.

“Come on the water is supper!”yelled out Mia, with both her hands waving at you

  You stopped your slow motion and ran towards everyone, splashing water on Mark.

  You lost track of time and forgot why you were actually in the water. It was so fun just splashing one another. After sometime Jay decided to join in the fun and then the whole squad was in the game. 

 “Mark!” Sarah yelled out “Did you bring the snorkels?”

“Jay has them, in my bag are the goggles.”Mark waved at Jay and he went to get the stuff

  It seemed that the four of them were planing to go exploring.With everything in place ,Mia looked at you.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?”

“I like it here better. You guys have fun.”you smiled and they left

  At first you felt a bit lonely ,but after you relaxed your body in the water it felt like the ocean was protecting you. It was really nice.

 Your eyes were closed ,but you felt something fall on to your body. Slowly opening your eyes you saw the same blue color.Picking it up you looked towards the person casting a shadow on you.

“It seems the ball likes you.” it was him again,

“Or maybe the owner.”you passed him the ball, not noticing that you were holding the string of your bathing suit as well.Once he pulled the object, your top came undone and plopped on the surface of the water.

  You screamed out and covered your chest with your hands as much as you could. The wind blew and your top started drifting farther away. There were so many people on the beach, you couldn’t possibly go out like this and plus that your friends weren’t here.

 You dove in the water, with only your face above to breath. Your eyes were closed and you were blushing.You couldn’t see anything, just the sound of someone getting out of the water.

  It was not like you were expecting help or anything, you don’t even know each other. At this point you were thinking what to do. You could wait for everyone to come back, but who knows how long that will be, or plan B, which you didn’t even know about, so…we have only plan A.

  You felt something fall on your back.When you opened your eyes, in shock, you saw him again. But why?You thought he went back and wasn’t coming.

“Here put this on.”

He gave you some kind of shirt. You were hesitant at first, but it was better than nothing. Trying to stand up, you noticed that the cloth was getting wet.

“Thank you very much, but won’t your shirt get wet?”you asked him trembling a bit from the adrenaline you had in your system from awhile ago.

“Don’t worry about it.” He noticed your body not being able to hold itself in place and walked closer

 You didn’t know what was going to happen, but you weren’t planning to pull away. He leaned and with his strong arms picked you up, pulling you out of the water and placing you on his towel on the beach.

He left you there and ran back in the ocean, in search of your bikini top.

“There it is!”you pointed

 He quickly grabbed it , waving it in the air to show you he found it. A little boy and his mother saw him and the child asked his mom.

“Mommy, why is that hyung waving a bathing suit?” he pointed with his little hand

“Don’t look at the strange hyung.”she picked up her son and walked away

  This made you start laughing, who wouldn’t. Your bikini was bunched up in his hand, so no one else could see it and he ran towards you.

“Here.”he placed it next to you ,to let it dry a bit

“Thank you very much, for everything…um.”you stopped

“Jungkook. My name is Jung Jungkook.”he smiled and sat next to you

“Nice to meet you Jungkook I am Y/N.”you looked down at the sand from embarrassment 

“Fate made it so that we had to meet in such strange conditions.” he laughed out

“Maybe you are right.”you leaned back onto your hands “You were indeed looking at me a lot.”you tried to play with him a bit

“I was.”

“Wow, you are really honest.” you were a bit amazed, your words were just a teasing comment

“And you?”he looked at you

“What about me?”

“Did you really think that those glasses could hide those beautiful eyes of yours?”he smiled, moving a strand of hair from your face

“S-so what if I was?”you stuttered after being exposed

“You could have just looked at me normally you know. I don’t mind having your eyes on me all day.”Jungkook grinned, leaning towards you

“Are you flirting?”you asked him

“I am, but it doesn’t seem like you hate it.”he came closer locking your lips in a kiss, pulling back slowly he looked at you “You can slap me if you want I don’t mi-“

 Before he could continue you grabbed his head and pulled him in another kiss, losing balance you fell back on the towel and he was hovering over you, with both your lips still connected

After some time you had to pull back and take a breath. You were looking at each other’s eyes.

“You know, you should put your top back on, it looks kind of strange to other people.”he commented  

“I should…”there was a moment of silence, before Jungkook moved

“It’s hot, you might get a heat stroke like that.”

“Yeah, you right.”you sat up and placed it on your body. The sun was shining bright “Wait here.” you ran to your towel and brought back sunscreen. “Can you put some on me, I burn easily.”

He smirked after hearing your words and you realized what you said “No, no I actually meant that.”Jungkook grabbed your hand and pulled you in his lap, your hands were around his neck and your bodies flush against each other.

His hand ran down your back, applying the product gently. After he was done with the back he ran his hand down your hips and legs.

“Do you want sunscreen on your chest?” he said playfully

“I think I exposed it enough for today.”you giggled

“How about those lips?Do you want something on them?”

“Maybe I do.”

 Jungkook leaned for another kiss that lasted shorter than you would have liked it to be. He pulled back slowly and smiled “My lip balm has an SPF factor.” you were enjoying this moment the most out of both of you.”I don’t have sunscreen on.” your eyes widened as you realized what he offered “Mined helping me out?” with a trembling hand you placed some on your palm and slowly moved towards his body. Jungkook noticed how shy you got and that made him chuckle to himself. His hand gently grabbed yours and pulled them onto his stomach.

“Eek!”you gasped and closed your eyes, as your face got red

“Come on.”he encouraged you to continue what he started. You took a deep breath and started moving your hands up and down his body. Soon your skin was the only thing touching his.

“Oh, would you look at that. The sunscreen is gone.” you blushed again and he lost it “Uh. I can’t keep myself away from you if you keep acting this shy. He placed you onto the towel and hovered over you once more. Mothers were covering their kid’s eyes, but Jungkook didn’t care much. 

“There are people watching!”

“Let them watch.”

“There are children too.”you panicked a bit

“How else are they going to learn?”there was nothing you could say that was able to change his mind.Not like you wanted to. His eyes were hungry and the way he was looking at you was making every inch of your body want him. 

“W-what are you doing?”you asked innocently

 “You know very well what I am doing….but”he started pulling back “…if you want me to stop, I will-”your hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him onto your body

“No…don’t.”your heavy breaths were driving him crazy, until he couldn’t hold back and crashed his lips onto yours. You were fighting for dominance, but he easily won over you. You don’t know how long this make out session lasted, but you didn’t care.Every single one of his movements was making your heart beat faster and faster. You never felt like this before, there hasn’t been a guy that could make you want to jump him so much.

  Pulling back ,you closed your eyes as the heat started getting to you.Your face was red, but not from embarrassment. Jungkook noticed that and picked you up gently, placing you in his lap. Both your legs were over his right thigh and your cheek leaned onto his chest. Your eyes opened wide suddenly, when you felt a cold feeling hit your skin.

“Ha!”you might have jumped a bit as well

“Here.”he passed you a can of a cold drink.You tried opening it, but your hands were trembling too much, so he reached out and popped the top “There we go.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”you took a sip and immediately felt so much better “So…”you looked up at him “What brings you here today?” he was obviously making small talk, but it was nice 

“I came with my friends here for a nice beach day.What about you?”you asked him

“Me too.”

“You were here before us, right?”

“Yup.”he nodded “I am glad we were.” you looked at him confused “What, you didn’t notice?”you shook your head and Jungkook started laughing 

“What?!”you whined  

“While you were taking out your towel, by chance, I got a glimpse of your underwear.”

“What!”you hid your face into your hands, placing the can next to you

“I never thought that a pair of blue panties with cats on them would be in your bag.”your wanted to sink in the deepest hole you could find “Don’t get me wrong they were supper cute.” you couldn’t take it anymore, the moment he chuckled you jumped up and ran towards the water. Jungkook was shocked and didn’t know what was happening, so he followed you. stayed 


“No~!” you jumped into the water and staid underneath.At least that was the plan.While you were holding your breath, two strong hands grabbed your waist and pulled you up.You coughed out a bit.With one of his arms, Jungkook pulled you flush against his body and with the other one he moved the wet strands of hair out of your eyes.

“Come on. I wanted to tease you a bit, I didn’t expect you to run off like that.”

“That was a secret.”you mumbled looking down

“The cats?” you nodded your head “Aw come on. Why do you feel bad about it?”

“Because you saw them….I wanted to look sexy in your eyes.” he smiled and twirled you in the air a bit

“So what if you have cute pants? I think they are adorable, but I would like to see them up close and how they look on you.” he smirked and placed your legs around his waist 

“Yah!”you playfully hit his chest 

“It seems you like hitting me a lot.” Jungkook commented

“Well stop making me feel embarrassed!” 

  The boy touched your forehead with his and looked up at your eyes “I don’t want to, I like it a lot when you show your emotions.” he leaned closer to your lips

“I am thirsty.” he stopped and burst out in laughter “What did I say???”

“Way to ruin the moment.”

“What! I am thirsty.” you pouted

“Ok, ok. We are getting out.” Jungkook was still holding you in the water, but once you saw the sand, you jumped out of his arms and ran to grab your cold can. “This girl.” he smiled and ran his hand through his hair

 He plopped down on the towel.Still standing, you started chugging down the drink so fast that some of it started dripping down your neck and onto your chest. Once Jungkook noticed that, he couldn’t peel his eyes off of you.

“Ah.”you removed the metal from your lips and sighed in pleasure from the refreshment “I am sticky now.”you said looked at your skin

“Are you kidding me?”you looked down at him “I hope you are doing this on purpose.” he grabbed your hand and pulled you down onto the towel. 

“I am not doing anything on purpose.”while you were still talking, his head moved towards your neck and you felt his tongue. “W-what are you doing!!!!”you pulled back shocked, but mostly surprised

“You said you were feeling sticky.I thought I could help you out with that.” at this point you weren’t even blinking and your heart was about to jump out of your chest 

“I could go to the ocean!”you said

“Ow, but that is too far.”he came closer to you

“No it’s not.”

“Yes it his.”his body even closer now


“If you want to go, then be my guest, but once you come back…I will spill some more on top of you.” he stopped where he was and sat there “Here kitty kitty. Come over here. I won’t hurt you.” you were debating on what to do. Your brain was telling you that it was a dangerous game, but you haven’t been listening to your head that much today. So you said fuck it and crawled over to him.

“Good girl.” he patted your head, when a sudden idea came to your mind.You looked up at him for as long as you needed to pull his attention towards you “What is it?”he asked, you slowly opened your mouth…

“Meow.” Jungkook’s eyes widened and he was speechless, you thought you caught him in your trap, but you were wrong.In a hot second you found yourself for the third time under him. 

“You are a very bad kitty. Look at how dirty you are.”he started kissing your neck down to your chest, until you felt the pecks turning into licks. 

“Jungkook stop!”you never expected he would actually continue this 

“Good kitties don’t talk back.” he kissed your lips so hard that your head was spinning and you weren’t thinking straight, then he continued with your chest.After some time he asked you about the guy that was sitting next to you awhile ago. 

“His name is Jay, we met in high school.He is a pretty cool and funny dude.It’s nice hanging out with him.” you were talking, but concentrating too much onto his tongue. Jungkook felt his blood boil a bit when you told him about Jay and his licks turned into small bites. Without noticing it your hands wrapped around his neck.You were too into the moment to even thing straight.You gave up trying to say anything,it was too good to even try.Jungkook was enjoying the sexy faces you were making and your body under his, the way his hands fit onto your waist like they were meant to be there, but when he looked up and noticed your friend getting out of the water, he reached for the opened beach umbrella that was just lying on the sand and covered your face.

“Hey has someone seen Y/N?”asked Mai

“No.”Mark looked around, but you weren’t anywhere close by

“Maybe she went to get some ice cream. It is hot after all.”Sarah commented

“Uh, it’s that guy again.”said a very pissed Jay

“Who?”asked Mai and he pointed at Jungkook 

“Why do you hate him so much?”she asked him

“When we were talking with Y/N his ball rolled over and he touched her leg while getting it.”he was obviously annoyed

“Dude!”Mark said loud and pulled Jungkook’s attention.At this point you haven’t noticed your friends yet “I was able to give you two alone time and you let another guy take your girl?!”

“He didn’t take her!”Jay yelled out “I still have a chance.”

“Yeah you do.”Sarah chuckled with sarcasm

“Look at him, he is obviously making out with some other girl. Maybe his girlfriend.”

“Think whatever you want Jay.”Mai picked up her towel and started drying off her body

“We should be going back now.” Mark suggested      

“We think so too.” the girls agreed “We will go and try searching for her, you get packing.”

“Ok.”the boys agreed

  Jungkook pulled back and you looked at him “Your friends are getting ready to leave.”

“What!”you stood up “When did they get back?”you turned your head to look at Jungkook ”What now?I don’t want to leave yet.”sadness took over the happiness in your heart.

“Go with them.”said Jungkook

“No~”you whined in his arms

“It’s ok kitten. I will come and get you.”

“How?”you asked 

“You will see.”he winked and made sure no one was looking when you jumped from behind the umbrella 

  You walked towards your friends as normally as you could. Halfway you stopped and turned to look at him. Jungkook was waving his hand and pointing towards his chest. It took you a bit to realize what he was saying, but when you looked down, you noticed all the bites and hickeys. Tiptoeing you went back to him.

“What do I do!?I can’t go like this???” he reached out and gave you his t-shirt

“Here, put this on.”you nodded and covered your body.This time your walk was more calm and normal.

“Hey guys.”you said

“Oh hey Y/N.”said Mark

“Where were you?”asked Jay worried

“You are not my mother.”he looked a bit down, so you patted his back “I am just kidding. I was over there to get some ice cream. It got super hot here.”

“Ah, ok.”

  The boys moved everything to the car and you were ready to go. The doors of the vehicle were opened wide, to cool down the temperature inside. Your head kept looking back towards the beach as much as it could. 

“By the way.”Mai started “Why are you wearing one of Jay’s shirts?” she asked 

“I am not.”you said “Why do you think it’s his?”

“I didn’t bring a shirt like that with me today. “he commented

“Well it smells like a men’s perfume and I just presumed because it is way too big for you.”  

“Yeah, Mai is right.Where did you get this shirt from?” Sarah joined the conversation

“It’s so hot here guys.”you placed a fake smile on your face and started waving your hand

“Don’t change the subject.”Jay said with a piercing gaze

“Yeah.” everyone was looking at you and you couldn’t say anything

“We can talk in the car.”Mark suggested and everyone except you got in

“Excuse me.”another vehicle stopped next to yours “Can I ask you guys for directions?”

“Yeah sure man.”Jay looked over from his window and his face suddenly changed it’s look “Oh, it’s you.”

“Ha ha.What a coincidence it is.” your mouth opened wide when you saw Jungkook

“Where do you want to go?”asked him Mark

“I just need directions for the exit.” said Jungkook

“OMG he is supper hot!”commented Mai whispering 

“Mhm.” Sarah agreed with her 

“This is the beach man. You can get out from which ever side you want.” Mark laughed out

“Oh yeah.Sorry about that.” Jungkook scratched the back of his head 

  Jay was still giving him angry looks and Mark started the car, getting ready to leave.

“Are you here alone?”asked Mai

“Ah actually no.I am here with my girlfriend.”he said 

“Where is she?”Sarah looked at his empty car as he wasn’t in it as well

“Put your seat belts on guys, we are leaving.” announced Mark

“Y/N get in the car.” Jay wasn’t feeling comfortable with Jungkook this close to you

“I actually came to get her. She was packing her stuff.I should be leaving now.You all seem in a hurry.” Jay looked in front of himself and relaxed when he heard the car door closing behind him.

“Y/N?”Mai searched for you when she realized you weren’t next to her. Peeking from the window she almost screamed “Y/N!!!” Jay’s head snapped towards the black car next to him “What do you thing you are doing!” he yelled at Jungkook.He closed the open door and picked you up bridal style, placing you onto the passenger seat of his car and making sure you were safe.

 He proceeded with sitting in the driver’s seat and staring the car.”I am taking my girl back.”

“WHAT!”everyone gasped “She isn’t your girl!”Jay was yelling like crazy

“Well she isn’t yours too then.”Jungkook’s comment shut him up “Let’s ask her then.”the two boys looked at you. For a second you didn’t know what to do, but then you leaned and kissed Jungkook’s cheek. “Does that answer your question?” he smirked and Jay was left with no comment at all.

“See you later.” he started the car and just left like it was no big deal at all

“Never wear a male’s shirt and a bikini in front of other men again.”it seems he was jealous, which you found very cute

“But it was your shirt and I was hiding the hickeys you gave me.”you answer made him very very happy “Where are we going now?”you asked

“My place?Your place?Which do you prefer?” you looked down and then at him


“Ok, kitten.”he chuckled 

 You had around 10 missed calls from Mai and Sarah, it was going to be a long explanation. 

senior year (sorry it's so long)

long before I got into kpop (okay more like 5 months before) I developed a huge crush on the only Asian boy in my grade. He was like top of the class, valedictorian, always on high honor roll, barely spoke, quiet Cambodian boy who played volleyball.

Anyways, the first time I started liking him was after our senior camping trip in August. I never noticed him before then, like I knew he existed but not in that way.

When classes started, I prayed we had classes together and we did, at first, but then my schedule was messed up so I ended in another period for our AP lit class but we were in sem together. Fast toward to November, when I finally admit I like him more than I thought, we had a mini golfing trip and like I swear to you not, we somehow ended up in the same places at the same time and there was a lot of eye contact and slight “accidental” touching. But because we’re both antisocial and awkward outside of our friend groups, we barely spoke. Now fast forward to January, where it starts getting complicated (sorry this is long). One of his friends has had a crush on me since junior year. And before we go any further, I unintentionally flirt a lot, like I’m a natural flirt. But anyways on our way to the mountains for our skiing trip, he sat in front of me, beside my best friend and his friend sat diagonal to me on the bus. His friend starts flirting with me, stealing my snacks so I’d have to lean over him, ect. And one time I lean over him to grab it and get a hold of it but he wouldn’t let go so I was tagging and he ended up losing his grip and I kid you not, I fall onto my crush’s lap.

I never apologized so damn quick and I may be black but I blushed so damn hard and he just fucking SMIRKED like okay??? wth but while the snack thing was going on he was glaring, rolling his eyes and looking super annoyed??? but when we got to the ski lodge five minutes later I didn’t exist??

okay now fast forward to February, I write him a love letter/poem and my best friend gives it to him after talking me into it. but after all the eye fucking (like I kid you not, we had sem together and this kid’s stare is like as intense as the fucking sun), he ignores me like the plague, like we didn’t flirt?? like we didn’t intentionally touch?? like, I was so pissed that I unintentionally started flirting hardcore with his friend and in sem we were asked about relationships and I stared dead at him and literally was just like “nah, man fuck relationships”.

then fast forward to prom season (April) this kid literally sits in front of me in sem (we use computers freely in that class) and I’m sitting with my girls discussing prom dresses. I was gonna get a champagne colored dress and I was saying that out loud so the next sem class, he has the nerve to sit in front of me again, talking about getting a champagne colored vest for his suit while stealing glances at me??? like no, you had your chance, but still, come love me???

anyways during May was this poetry comp my team and we started practicing for it every night in April, which meant staying after school, but April also meant the start of volleyball season and I kid you not, we ran into each other sooooooo much it started becoming awkward lol. at one point I would show up at his practices just to get under his skin cause I knew he wouldn’t say shit. The same happened throughout half of May.

May also meant AP testing cramming hard core so our AP lit class met as a whole and this kid’s stare man, I can’t even deal. The ‘accidental’ touches started happening again but he wouldn’t say anything to me and sometimes he would ignore me. I was like boy if you don’t stop giving me whiplash. I was so close to confronting him but I lost the courage (his stare + lip bite, nah I was dead, all courage evaporated).

June rolls in like hell on earth, literally I was still dizzy and prom was three days away AND HE STILL DIDNT SAY ANYTHING so I ended up going as a group with my friends and he doesn’t go??? at all?? like what was that for??? but he comes to see his friends off and stares hard. like if u wanted it, should’ve asked. (I ended up wearing a blue and gold dress btw and I looked damn good in it).

Anyways finals didn’t exists for us since we’re both high honor roll students so we only saw each other for senior things throughout June, like a cookout, picnic, trip to a country club. man the country club, it was the first time he seen me in a bikini and girl I looked great and he noticed. He would swim near me constantly, join when I played pool volleyball, watched as I chilled in the hot tub, decided to play mini golf when my group did, but wouldn’t say anything to me??? and when we got back home and I started walking home and he was waiting for his ride, he literally stared me down until I disappeared down the street. but then on graduation day and practice I’m ignored again. he wouldn’t even sign my yearbook??? but his friend who I’m friends with (not the one I flirted with) told me while I was away for summer vacation that he really did like me and he’s even confused why he acted the way he did like??? what??? now it’s August, I got back two weeks ago, he’s been on campus at Brown (yess, Ivy League, wanna be Doctor ass) and I’m moving on campus to another college three states away from him in less than 3 weeks and he literally dropped off the face of the earth (social media deleted, number changed) so I’m here like wth lol

superwhaaaaat  asked:

So, to combine everything I sent in earlier: Tsukishima has a game in Nekoma and Yamaguchi (blind!nekoma!) was put in and he had a hard time staying silent as all he could hear was 1/2

Tsukki going “holy shit he’s cute. There’s this blind kid on nekoma who-HILY FUCK THAT SERVE WHAT THE HELL” and Tsukishima is dying inside and that’s how they realized they were soulmates 2/2

This is the 10/10 best au. Tsukki would just be thinking “oh cute boy cute blind boy cute—hoLY S H I T CUTE BLIND BOY WHO CAN PLAY VOLLEYBALL I”M IN LOVE

Important things in life

• cute boys
• cute boys playing volleyball
• smol cute boys
• tol beautiful boys
• boys who try very hard
• really beautiful teammates
• setters
• middle blockers
• wing spikers
• liberos
• haikyuu
• haikyuu is very important

suga anons

Hey y’all, real quick, I’m sorry but I’m not going to answer anymore anonymous asks concerning the sugamamma topic for the time being. If you want to talk about it, send one of us a non-anon ask or a chat. That’d be great with me. I just don’t want to put any more of this stuff on everyone’s dash and I really don’t want anyone to experience more negativity. 

And here’s the last thing i hope to say about this whole ordeal. In all honesty i do not care if everyone keeps making team parent jokes (i make team parent jokes okay). We can even keep making team mom jokes. I’m only asking everyone to consider not singling Suga out so much in the jokes just because he is “prettier” and has a softer voice because that is super heteronomative. Look. Generic mom jokes aren’t the issue. It’s when they go farther and literally make Suga into a housewife figure when he is in fact a high school boy who just wants to play volleyball with his friends and mentor his teammates. 

If any of the female characters in HQ were being reduced to stereotypical submissive, suburban moms everyone would be yelling about sexism. This is no different. Consider what makes a mom “motherly.” If you’re looking at “motherly” qualities then Tanaka is sure a good candidate. Daichi is sure a good candidate. But they’re not as feminine in appearance or voice and so they’re easily labeled dads or big brothers. Do you see how it’s icky that Suga has to be the only mom and JUST a mom just bc it’s easier to feminize him? 

Please carry on with the mom and dad jokes: let’s just try to step back and look at some of the ways we do it. All we wanted was to create discussion about these characters and how it’s easy to get into these habits, and that’s okay. it happens. no one is kicking anyone out of the fandom. I love all of y’all, that’s why we’re talking about this. I’m sorry to have to make yet another post. Pls feel free to keep talking about this all you need to. Thank you