boys who give good hugs

anonymous asked:

I must know about the good day

good day involved a very cute, v soft, v nice smelling boy who gives rly good hugs and even better cuddles

(who may have also admitted some things to me that i am very happy about ok ok ok ok like that im beautiful and that i have pretty eyes and that he likes me a lot)

so uhh///rly good day. rly good rly nice really…really good raeally gReat

skinny boys with broad shoulders and backs… chubby boys with wide chests and strong arms.. muscly boys with abs… tall boys who give good hugs… boys with curly and fluffy hair… boys with freckles around their noses and all over their faces.. boys with kind smiles and dimples and purple bags… boys with blue eyes and dark brown eyes and green eyes and hazel eyes and the whole universe in their eyes… boys boys boys