boys wearing plaid

Boys in Plaid || Peter Parker x Reader

i have no excuse for this drabble other than the fact that i love peter parker too much.

this isn’t a sequel to {{beloved season}} since I feel pretty torn about it. on one hand, i feel like it’s gr8 on its own, but on the other hand–

i wanna give peter the happy ending he deserves 。゚(TヮT)゚。

i’ll think about making a sequel later. Maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future but idk bc the original requester never really spoke about wanting it to be a two parter so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so to make it up for making any of you readers cry with {{beloved season}}, have a fluffy drabble with peter (●♡∀♡)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!!



[key: =reader’s text

=peter’s text]

boys in plaid are so cute.

really? you think so?

petey, i don’t just think so. I KNOW SO.

so are you saying that you’d date any guy, as long as he wore plaid??

welllll, i do have standards tho. not any guy can date me just from wearing plaids alone.

then what do you look for…in a boyfriend?

hhhhh i can’t believe im telling my best friend this (/ω\) okay what i look for in a bf is that he has to be super sweet with a genuine personality. like, he’s not a lowkey asshole when im alone with him and only a sweetheart in public, you feel???

he has to be like SUPPPEEERR SMART and he has to be willing to spoil me with cuddles and nights spent watching cheesy 80s movies (/ω\)

also boys who wear plaid with jeans and converses are my absolute weakness (/ω\) ♡ ♡

i see…


Peter Parker couldn’t help the wide grin that showed on his face after reading the series of texts between him and [Name]. He could practically feel his confidence skyrocketing to the roof because he finally had proof that he had a chance with her.

Setting his phone to the side, he stands and searches through his closet, picking out all of the plaid shirts that he could find before setting them aside.

Despite how foolish Peter felt about doing this, he knew that it would all be worth it in the end if he managed to have [Name] in his arms.


You go into Midtown the next day with a sluggish walk that usually came with Monday mornings. Internally groaning at having to deal with chemistry and lab first thing in the morning, you unlock your locker and pulled out a thick textbook, your lab workbook, and binder. The weight of each book was becoming uncomfortable against your arms, and you were struggling with closing your locker when you felt someone take away your stack of books from the side.

“Here, let me help you [Nickname].” Recognizing Peter’s voice, you face him, about to thank him when you felt your words die against your throat.

Holy shit, had Peter always been this fucking cute?! The boy was standing next to you, looking positively delectable as he wore a black and red patterned plaid shirt coupled along with a pair of jeans and his signature converses. The fact that he wasn’t covering the plaid shirt with his usual Midtown High hoodie made you see his physique as a whole in a totally different light.

As you stared at him, you were loving how broad his chest was as his left arm seemed to bulge a bit as he carried your books in one hand, making you nearly drool at how his veins were shown on his wrist.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute-” you catch yourself at the very last minute, feeling a deep blush paint your skin when you cover your mouth with your hand. You had just told Peter that he was cute!!! And that was the one thing you were absolutely terrified of admitting.

When you had texted Peter last night about your love for boys in plaid, you had unconsciously (and automatically) described Peter Benjamin Parker in near perfect detail. Only after you had sent those texts did you realize the error of your ways- however, you were confident that Peter was too nerdy to understand your (un)intentional description of him.

But the fact that he was in front of you, (dressed to absolute perfection in your favorite aesthetic) was making your knees weak as you shivered at his proximity. You should have known better, dammit. Peter had been your friend for years now, and there really wasn’t much you could hide from him.

Peter seemed pleased at your embarrassment as he shifted all of your books beneath his left arm. Using his right hand, he gently runs a finger down your face, stopping at your lips before lingering against them, “I’m so nervous right now, and I want nothing more than for you to finally put me out of my misery and be my girlfriend. If the fact that I literally spent some time the night before picking out this exact outfit in a pathetic attempt to get you to notice me isn’t enough proof that I’m already madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

You close your eyes and lean into the palm of his hand when he begins to caress your cheek, “Yeah? Well if the fact that I described you in perfect detail the night before isn’t proof that I’m madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

Peter laughs, the sound making your heart flutter when he leans down to place a quick kiss against your lips, “How about we both put each other out of our miseries right now and become that gross couple who hold hands and kiss all the time?”

You cutely scrunch up your nose before nuzzling Peter with it, laughing while staring into his sweet brown eyes, “I think I’d like that.”


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kaisoo real couple plaids and outfits theory 161016

First of all it started with this, when ji wore plaids/checkered as well. That day, they went to the movies, them alone, if i remembered correctly, I believe this date is close to Valentines day as well. Cute.

Now look at these are kaisoo’s iconic moments, and notice this, at least one of them is always wearing plaids / checkered.

One can argue that ‘its a photoshoot they are wardrobed by staffs’ and you are very right but that doesn’t take away the fact that kaisoo wore plaids when kaisoo happened. kaisoo x plaids has been established before kxk, and it is possible that kaisoo notices this?

Because there are many other incidences where kaisoo happened when there is plaid. Remember when ji hosted a radio? That day he called himself kai-d (j) (sounds like kadi) and he was wearing plaids as well. 160705

And also the infamous kaisoo private fan meeting. Remember the very first flower crown moment, ksoo was wearing plaid once again. (This meeting is also somehow private, why must it be so secretive when its something concerned of kaisoo being together)


Moving on, Kaisoo can match clothes once and it could be coincidence, but they didnt only match once, they matched plaids many times in the airport.

Plaids is a kaisoo thing ever since those iconic photos, So why did they choose to SUDDENLY match plaids, out of all pattern after april 1st?

Lets go to their airport fashion, ex o is a mature group, i doubt they are 100% controlled by their stylists. And kaisoo matched clothes several times as well.

Here are some examples of kaisoo matching plaids.

- 160812 plaid shirts

- 160824, again, kaisoo wearing the white undershirt, the same mask and both unbuttoned their shirts. Also notice these two dates are quite close, you really think these are only coincidences? It looks planned to me, but maybe it could be coincidence?

- moving on to the third time, 160930. This day is important, because I noticed something curious

And now take a look at ksoo, his shirt size is way too big for the shirt to be his.

He didn’t roll up his sleeves, which is so long its way past his hands, and he doesn’t tuck his shirt in as well. We can notice easily that this shirt bigger than his usual shirts. That shirt is sizes bigger than him yes? I really wonder if that shirt is his..

now look at ji

doesn’t his shirt look a bit too tight? Compare this shirt with other pics like the ones I posted above, ji’s shirts are not usually this tight.

Kaisoo wore these shirts together to the airport.  ksoo wore a size too big and ji a size too small. Did they wear each other’s clothes? It could be done on purpose, I don’t believe in coincidences, not when it occurs repeatedly

- next outfit, also a very strange day. 160909. This is the day when dispatch took this picture

Why is this important? Well their outfit.

You see the green pants soo wear? Then the navy blue shirt ji wore? The navy blue shirt actually is 90% similar, if not exactly the same with the navy shirt soo wore WITH HIS GREEN PANTS during hats on fansign.

We all know hats on fansign is special, bc its one of the minimal fansigns/meetings kaisoo attended together. And what a strange coincidence that media, and hats on themselves also posted a pic of kaisoo on 160528:

So strange… dispatch posted pics of them with that outfit, while media and hats on posted a pic of ksoo wearing that outfit before…. Do we really think this is coincidence? I can tell you the media definitely knows btw.

Next, to a more recent event.

Ji wore checkered / plaid when he did his Vapp on 161012 at midnight. (so its in dark AM)

That night ksoo was in japan, and ji didn’t see ksoo for a few days. Coincidence again? But this is not it, bc look:

This is ksoo on 161012 morning AFTER Vapp. He wore a plaid shirt underneath his jacket. Maybe ksoo watched ji’s vapp broadcast? coincidence again… Maybe kaisoo is showing us something who knows.

And here is DMC rehearsal, where ji once again wore blue plaid. A few hours after this, ksoo returned. coincidence again?

So why is it always plaids when smth kaisoo related happen? Notice All these couple outfits though. Tell me, are we sure these are only coincidences? The point is, I can’t but notice these vague correlation between plaids patterning and all these kaisoo related occurrences…  

And lastly, this is just another example of kaisoo matching colour code clothes after kxk, and after sooxothers ships. kaisoo don’t only match plaids, but the thing with plaid is too much coincidence.

So is kaisoo actually making a statement that they are still going strong especially after kxk?

Besides, Why does it have to be them? Why do these coincidences have to revolve around kaisoo? bc If kaisoo is fake, the two people matching plaids and checkered wont be kaisoo, it could be, who knows. Ksoo x leo for example. Or ji x leetue k lmao?

Shippers didnt make these up, kaisoo themselves did.

Ps this theory aimed to target on plaids only as these are the most obvious clothes matching events I discovered. Also yes other boys do wear plaids too, its certainly a popular pattern but I am only pointing out these coincidences as an eye opener.

A THEORY IS DEFINED AS AN IDEAS that are TRANSLATED FROM MY BRAIN TO A TUMBLR POST. I declare nothing as Facts. This is only made for fun and help spark ideas of your own.

So yes everyone, have fun shipping! Kaisoo has been showing us they are still okay and going strong all throughout 2016, not only through couple clothes. So why should we give up? Stay strong KD!


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Survival of the Fittest Has Never Been a Bigger Lie: Part Five (Final)

For @sorcererinslytherin. Holy hell we made it through. I did it. I sat down and wrote the final chapter. It turned out to be long just like last time, so I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate it and I can’t wait to get started on the next story!


Three years after the beginning of the end, Jack found himself alone with his long-time friend Joel. They were all they had left of their old life back in the city. The others of their group had left, died off, or been infected.

The last time Jack faced a bad horde is when they were picking over a strip mall. Cornered by a nasty horde, they fought their way through, tripping and scrambling over piles of trash and makeshift barricades. And Jack thought they were going to make it. Until Joel tripped and a zombie fell over top of him. Joel screamed loud and shocked. Jack ran back to smash the zombie’s head in. He picked up Joel and half dragged him away into a room where they could lock the door. The horde followed them, knocking at the door.

“There’s a window,” Jack said hurriedly. “We can climb through it and get out of here.”

“Jack,” Joel said, panting.

“Come on. Help me move this desk.”

“Jack,” Joel said again, and Jack paused. He turned to look at Joel. Joel removed his hand from his shoulder. It came away bloody. “I’m sorry, man.”

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I’d Never Forget You

Pairing: Stiles x Hayley

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1640

Authors Note: So, this is dedicated to @sarcasticallystilinski because she’s absolutely amazing and I’m glad to call her a friend. I really hope you like this Hayley! I also want to thank @sincerelystiles for proofreading and helping me with some ideas for this fic.

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Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Can you do one were you are Derek’s famous girlfriend and the pack meets you? Thanks so much!

Side Note: I didn’t know what pack you wanted so I just based this on the pack from season 3 (Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Kira and Isaac). To the person who requested this I hope you like it :).

Being famous wasn’t easy, it was a full time job and at times all you wanted was a day where no flashing lights blinded you as you took a casually walk down the street, or walking out of a building. Even though they were a few downsides to the fame life, you loved what you did.

Today was one of your rare days off and your boyfriend Derek had asked if you wanted to visit his hometown called Beacon Hills, of course you automatically said yes because there was no one you rather spend the day with than him.

Getting off the plane you gathered your suitcase and stopped taking in Derek’s appearance, not seeing him in months was hard but now he was in front of you and he literally took your breath away. His eyes meet yours and even though he didn’t smile often his face broke out into one of the biggest smiles ever.
You tugged your suitcase behind you and ran up to wrap yours arms around him.

“I’ve missed you babe” you told him not wanting to let him go.

You heard him chuckle and he simply hugged you back tighter, both of you detached from the other and walked hand in hand out of the airport.

Derek was driving you to his place and taking in the scenery of Beacon Hills was such a calming feeling. It wasn’t long until his car pulled up, and Derek being the gentleman that he was carried your suitcase all the way to his loft.

“So what do you think of Beacon Hills so far?” he asked you as he placed the suitcase by the front door.

“I like it, no wonder you always want me to come and visit” you smiled at him.

Sitting down on the couch due to the jet lag that was now catching up to you, Derek sat next to you and pulled you on his lap, you buried you face in his chest.

“You must be tired, do you want to go to bed? A long day tomorrow” he asked.

You lifted your head and looked at him confused, “Long day?”

He smiled and carried you to the bed, he laid you down and cuddled into your side. You missed this, you missed being so close to Derek and having moments like this without camera flashes going off every second.

“The pack wants to meet you, is that okay?”

Derek has told you many times about his friends, and apparently all of them were dying to meet the girl that has tamed him. “Yeah that’s fine”.

Within seconds you closed your eyes and let sleep take over, tomorrow was going to be a big day.

The sunlight was what woke you up, and it took you a minute to adjust to your new surroundings. Rolling over you came face to face with Derek who was sound asleep, not wanting to wake him you slowly got up and decided that it would be a good time for a shower. Stepping in you allowed the warm water to run all over your body. You sudden felt arms wrap themselves around you.

“I woke up and you were gone”.

“Well if I’m going to meet your pack, I need to be clean” you laughed.

Derek laughed back and started to place light kisses along your neck and shoulder, a part of you wanted to allow him to continue considering the two of you hadn’t been intimate like that in a long time, but you knew that the pack would be here soon and being distracted wasn’t the best thing.

“Derek we don’t have time”.

Obviously he wasn’t listening because the kisses started getting more intense and you couldn’t help but let out a small moan. Feeling Derek smile at your reaction he spun you around and both your lips collided.  Breaking apart the lust in his eyes were evident, “They won’t be here for another hour, that’s plenty of time”.

Considering you and Derek needed to spice some things when it came to the bedroom you decided to do something cheeky and bold. Crushing once again your lips on his you felt him getting excited, earning a moan from him that’s when you pulled away and walked right out of the shower. Derek turned off the water and just stared at you wrapping a towel over your body.

He caught on when you turned around and smirked in his direction, “And where do you think your going?” he said clearly frustrated at what just happened.

“The pack will be here soon Derek, have to go get ready”.

You could see that Derek was not happy, he quickly followed you out while grabbing a towel to place around his waist. You were going through your suitcase trying to find something suitable to wear.

“Just so you know, tonight you’re in big trouble for the stunt you pulled in the shower babe” he whispered in your ear before heading off to get changed as well.

It was time to meet the pack, the big door to the loft opened and in walked Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Allison and Kira. Feeling a bit nervous since you had no idea how they would react to you being famous.

“So this is the girl that Derek won’t shut up about, I’m Isaac” the tall boy introduced himself, you shook his hand and said “I’m Y/N nice to meet you”.

“Hey Y/N what did you do to tame Derek” another boy asked, he was wearing plaid and had his arm around the girl with strawberry blonde hair.

“Stiles you can’t just ask her that, forgive him. I’m Lydia, Derek has told us so much about you” she said.

You turned to Derek who had a shy smile on his face, “Oh really well I’m curious as to what he said” .

Derek stepped forward and put his arm around your waist, the rest of them introduced themselves. To your surprise all of them accepted you with open arms, each of them were intrigued by not only your relationship with Derek but also your job.

“So what’s it like being famous?” Issac asked.

Allison who you presumed was his girlfriend since they were sitting quite close and had they hands interlaced with each others hit him lightly on the shoulder.

“Isaac I don’t think she want’s to talk about that right now” she said.

You smiled, “No that’s okay. It’s overwhelming at times but I’m thankful that I have a good support system.” Grabbing Derek’s hand to show him that he was apart of that support system. “So let me see if I got this right Stiles you’re with Lydia, Scott and Kira are a couple and so are Isaac and Allison”. Everyone nodded.

The rest of the night was spent with everyone sharing stories, and the pack occasionally poking fun at Derek due to you telling stories about him not always being the tough guy, that they all saw him as.

Waving goodbye as they left, you sighed and said “That was a good evening, don’t you think?”

Derek didn’t respond and you walked over to him, sitting down next to him on the bed you placed a hand on his shoulder. “Derek, everything okay?”

“Do you really think I’ve gone soft?”

Not knowing where this was coming from you lifted his chin so he was directly staring in your eyes, “ Where is this coming from?” you asked gently.

“The stories you were telling the pack babe”

“Derek I love you when your all rough in and out of the bedroom, and I love when you show your soft side, because I know that side is only for me to see.”

He kissed you and leaned you on the bed so now he was on top. “I think we should continue what you started this morning, don’t you think?”.

Smirking you pulled him down and that night was definitely one that you wouldn’t forget. This was the break that you really needed, away from press, away from paparazzi, away from constant screams. All you needed was your man and a low key town that welcomed you with open arms.

Ragethirst highlights: City of Darkness

You guys.

You guys.

I honestly don’t know if I can do this movie justice. There was just. So Much™ going on. But I will try.

Also, shout out to Chuch’s brother, who bravely joined us for his first ever Ragethirst and somehow managed to keep up with us. Truly a worthy soul.

  • We begin our journey with the villain nutting to Wagner-esque music. We know he’s a villain because he listens to classical and waxes rhapsodic about wine. (He didn’t actually nut, but suffice to say we know what Collin Chou’s O-face looks like.)
  • His #1 henchman is basically Chinese Snape with more scimitars per square inch.
  • While Snape is busy killing people, the villain offs a guy with… an ice cube. (The victim wet himself, we crossed piss off the kink bingo. Not five minutes in.)
  • Cut to a K-pop looking boy (Joe about pissed herself) aggressively playing guitar. He runs afoul of more villains, plays the guitar at them, kicks everyone’s asses, and runs into a herd of cyclists to escape.
  • Listen. I lost track of the “plot” right about here. Basically all I can do is give you random highlights of things that happened from then on, but don’t expect any of this to make sense.
  • Donnie’s at the supermarket shopping for his cop boyfriend, who’s talking to him on the phone. Donnie scolds him that he wants to make him some good food for once because Pen only eats crap stuff. (Seriously, you expect us to read them as straight?)
  • Guys with machine guns burst into the supermarket. Donnie tells Pen they’re making a movie, holds the phone up to one of the bad guys, realizes they’re not making a movie, and proceeds to kick ass.
  • Random point of interest: Donnie wears tracksuits almost exclusively throughout and I hate that he looks so good in them.
  • Pen, aka cop bf, shows up as the villains have two people hostage and he and Donnie proceed to Road to El Dorado them. 
  • This is getting long already, Read More it is.

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Sterek AU — Cowboy!Derek  [ 1 / 3 ]
↳ in which Derek works at Stilinski’s ranch the summer Stiles returns from school

James Newton Howard - The Gravel Road

( this only happened because of this commission I made for literaryoblivion that made my bestie Ty‘s cowboy fetish resurface so I wrote him 5k whoops <3 )

Derek knows, the moment he enters the stables, what’s waiting for him there. Or rather: who.

He’s barely stepped in far enough to be out of sight from the house, where the ranch owner’s wife is still sipping her afternoon tea on the front porch, when a pair of hands grabs him by his belt loops and pull him into a shadowed corner. The reins that’s been slung over his shoulder are dropped to the floor with a dull thud against the concrete. Derek grunts a little when his back hits the wall, but there’s already a smile growing at the corner of his mouth as his gaze lands on his capturer.

Stiles; son of the man who hired Derek to work at his ranch. His beautiful face is lit up by that young and mischievous spark in his brown eyes, accompanied by the dangerous smirk playing on his lips as he takes one step back, never letting go of Derek’s belt.

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2p Germany x shy! reader

This is for an art trade with @hidaiyo I hope you enjoy it

You were at the library, researching (Thing you like). The object of your desire was currently sitting on the top shelf. You jumped, reaching for it. Ashadow loomed over you.

“Here. I’ll get that for you.” You turned around. The man that spoke had curly blonde hair, bewitching purple eyes, a very musculer frame coiled under a tight grey shirt, and a bright smile. You smiled back at him as he handed you the book.

“Do you need anything else on the top shelf? I love helping damsels in distress.” Was this guy for real? Your heart pounded wildly inside your chest. 

“Cat got your toungue?” Your mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. He held up a finger, running off in another direction. A few moments later he came back with a slightly shorter, long, grey haired boy wearing a long sleaved plaid shirt over a blue fall out boy t-shirt. 

He looked at his brother and looked back at you, making an annoyed expression.

“Please, Klaus. She’s really shy. You seem to have better luck with the shy girls. She’ll talk to you.” He gave Klaus a small shove in your direction. Klaus smiled, at you waving. Your eyes locked on his arm, bugging out. Holy fucking fuck! He had a prosthetic limb! 

“Cool arm! I’m (Name)!” You held your hand out. Klaus took it and spelled out his name, smiling. He held on to your hand, and started spelling something else out.

That oaf over there is my little brother, Lutz. He mentioned that you’re researching (Thing you like). He won’t admit it, but he’s a huge nerd when it comes to that stuff.

You smiled nodding. Lutz smiled at his brother, baring his teeth when Klaus didn’t let go of your hand.

“Okay, brother. You can go now. Danke for the help.” Klaus let go of youe hand only to grab his brothers, rapidly moving his fingers faster than you could follow and then he let go, melting back into the book shelves, levaing his brother sputtering and blushing.

“She wouldn’t be interested! And even if she was, It wouldn’t happen!” You giggled.

“What did your brother say?” You asked, smiling at him. Lutz rubbed the back of his neck, looking nervous.

“It was nothing. Nothing a beautiful fraulin like you would be interested in. So…. About (Thing you like)… I could help you with it. What are you looking for?” You explained what you were looking for, not feeling quite so nervous now that the two of you had a common interest.

The two of you had spent so much time talking and laughing together, that the sun had long set and the library was closing. As the two of you walked, Lutz took hold of your hand.

“(Name), I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I really like you. Would you like to go on a date with me? There’s a (Faire/ Exhibit/ shop) that has (Thing you like) and I thought you might want to go with me.” You looked down, staring at your shoes. You’d never been on a date with a boy before.

“I understand if you don’t want to….’ You looked up to see him looking a little bit sad. You quickly shook your head.

“I’d love to go with you, Lutz.”

PLL Season 5 Finale Analysis, Clues, and Theories

After watching “Welcome to the Dollhouse” 5 times I finally feel ready to talk about it. Doesn`t mean that I`m any less confused than I was before, but I`ve nit-picked the entire episode scene by scene, so this is as much as will understand until 6A premieres and we get some more clues and information. So, here we go…


One of the things I missed when I was watching the episode on TV was ‘A`s’ schedule. ‘What`s that” you ask? Well, when I watched the episode again, on my laptop, I noticed that in the scene where Spencer wakes up in her fake bedroom, there is a whiteboard on the wall. On the whiteboard is a schedule that -A has left, so they`d know what to expect. Here is a screenshot of it —>

MONDAY - Meet and Greet, Tea Time 

TUESDAY - Assign Prom Committee



Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are left blank for a reason, but I`ll get to that later…So 5x25 gives us 4 days worth of stuff. Let`s analyze what goes down…


The girls are being transported to jail. Someone has spread a rumor that Ali and the girls are planning something big in jail. Aria says this - 

This jumped out at me because Marlene tweeted a picture of Aria and her pig toy ‘Pigtunia’ and said that it was going to re-appear at some point in the show. That pig was in the barn when Ali disappeared, Aria took it to Iceland, and then brought it back to Rosewood. It`s seen a lot and I think that there is a bigger meaning behind it…

Then -A takes control of the van and kidnaps the girls. 


The girl wake up in their rooms, only that they`re replicas of their rooms. Does -A shop at “IKEA”? One of the many questions we didn`t get an answer to in 5x25…The scene with Aria in her room caught my attention, specifically, the photo -A decided to put in her room.

My theory is that the mannequins we see in the photo, and later in the secret vault, represent Charles` family. From the rest of the episode I gather that Spencer is the one most likely to be related to Charles, so why put a photo of his family in Aria`s room and not Spencer`s? 

Moving on…

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anonymous asked:

plz write the fic where stiles and dereks rival children try to make them fight but they just flirt and kiss plz pllz

[in reference to this comic ]

There’s an insistent tug on Derek’s leg. “Daddy, Daddy!”

Derek closes his book with a soft thud, looking at his daughter. Her face is streaked with tears, cheeks blotchy and red. So much for some quiet playtime for Zoey and relaxing novel-reading time for Derek. “What is it, sweetie?” he asks. “Are you alright?” 

“You need to go beat up Jamie’s daddy!” Zoey insists, pointing at the sandbox where she had just been playing, where a brown-haired boy is running off. Also in tears. Derek frowns. Five minutes ago he swears he heard Zoey tell him, “Jamie is my new best friend!” because they both had monster action figures or something, and immediately decided to build a sand- city to destroy together.

The Godzilla action figure (brand-new, really, Zoey?) is lying askew in the sand, next to another monster toy that Derek presumes is the other kid’s. 

“Zoey,” Derek says sternly, and her lip wobbles, eyes widening, and yeah, she knows exactly what she’s doing because Derek stands up from the bench reluctantly. “What happened?" 

Zoey sniffles. “Jamie told me his monster is better than Godzilla because his is an,”— sniff sniff— “ALIEN”— rubs her eyes “—and destroyed way more places like Australia and San Francisco and Mexico and the Phil-ip-pines!” She stomps her foot with every ‘and’. 

Derek raises an eyebrow as Zoey continues. “And he said Godzilla was not a good monster because he only attacked New York and Japan. But then I told him Godzilla was better because he has tons of movies, and that if he didn’t let Godzilla be the monster leader then my daddy would beat up his daddy.”

Derek feels a headache coming on. He rubs his temple briefly and takes Zoey’s hand. “Okay, sweetie, obviously we’re going to have a talk with Jamie and his dad, but it sounds like you were both mean to each other, and I can’t promise you I’m going to beat anyone up…”

Derek trails off, because he recognizes the man walking behind the little boy, both wearing matching plaid shirts. The guy is attractive, lean and pale, with flyaway hair and black rimmed glasses, and he catches Derek’s eye, waving jauntily at Derek. 

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Kissing Cousins

If you remember the appearance of Arnold’s cousin Arnie from “Weird Cousin” and “Arnold Visits Arnie,” you may remember that there are some resemblances between Arnie and Arnold. But at the same time, they still look very different and have completely different personalities. In a sense, Arnie is pretty much the exact opposite, or antithesis, of his cousin.

Here are all of the major differences in their appearances:

  • Arnie’s head curves at the bottom and is flat at the top, while Arnold’s head is flat at the bottom and curves at the top.
  • Arnie’s ears point up while Arnold’s ears point down.
  • The spikes of Arnie’s hair are rounded while those of Arnold’s hair are pointed. Arnold has a few more spikes than Arnie does.
  • Lastly, the two cousins significantly differ in their colorings and outfits. The colors of Arnold’s skin, clothes, and hair are darker and brighter than those of Arnie, which are much lighter and duller. Arnold wears black shoes and Arnie wears brown shoes. While both boys wear plaid shirts, Arnold wears a sweater and pants with his shirt, while Arnie wears overalls over his shirt. And though each boy wears a hat in the middle of their heads, Arnold’s is a cap, while Arnie’s is one with a spinner.

As far as different personalities go, Arnie is basically what Arnold would be if the latter gave up on life. Arnie just exists, has very few, odd interests, and is very passive and inactive about doing things that make him happy. On the other hand, Arnold lives, has many interests, and always takes action in order to be happy. Arnie’s unusual hobbies include counting things, collecting lint, reading ingredients labels, and chewing plain-flavored gum. He is also well-known for his gross, phlegmy snort and for speaking in a very low, boring, droning tone of voice.

Arnie is also remembered by fans for being involved in a love parallelogram that includes Arnold as well, in which he likes Lila, Lila loves Arnie, Arnie loves Helga, and Helga loves Arnold. There is never any real explanation provided as to why Lila likes Arnie while the latter likes Helga. If anything, it’s just meant to be pure comedy that Lila falls for Arnold’s exact antithesis when he’s been trying to win her over, then Arnie falls for the very girl who truly loves his better-looking-and-acting cousin.

Then during Arnold’s dream in which he visits Arnie, he meets Arnie’s girlfriend Lulu, who is the exact antithesis of Lila. He also meets Hilda, who is not an actual antithesis of Helga, but is Helga when she is being herself and not in bully mode. The situation with the two boys and two girls creates a mirror image of the real world: Lulu likes Arnold, Arnold loves Hilda, Hilda loves Arnie, and Arnie (supposedly) loves Lulu. (Not much can be said about Arnie’s part, since he just accepts both girls by his side and doesn’t make any real effort to choose between them.) The overall purpose of Arnold’s dream is to help him realize that Helga is the perfect girl for him while Lila is not.


[Part One]

Guys I wrote some more because I can’t help myself and also like farm AUs. Please enjoy the boys wearing plaid above. For science.

Tags: Farm/Ranch AU, vaguely talks about a cow giving birth (but not really because Stiles won’t look), mentioned past: scott/kira, stiles/malia, kira/malia/scott/stiles, isaac/scott

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“You did what???”

“Dude relax, I just gave him our numbers.”

Stiles tries to be surprised that Scott decided to, essentially, ask out his burning hot, grumpy as hell, crush, but he really, really isn’t. Appalled, maybe; annoyed, a bit; but surprised, no.

It’s just that usually they discuss these kinds of things, or like, it happens much more naturally. Like when Scott was dating Kira and he was dating Malia in college, and then they were all kind of dating each other. They never exactly talked about that, just regular dates turned to double dates turned to group snuggling on the couch. And it worked for them at the time. There was also that time last year when Scott went out with Isaac from the hardware store on a couple of dates. Before that even happened, Scott had insisted on talking about everything with Stiles, to make sure he was going to be okay with it. (He was fine by the way. Maybe just a little jealous of Isaac and his cheekbones and dumb hair, but that was just because he doesn’t really like Isaac anyways. The dude’s an asshole. Okay, so maybe the whole polyamorous thing works better for him when it’s all one big relationship and he’s not feeling like he’s missing out on something. But he wants Scott to be happy and Scott did bring up that they could both date Isaac, which no. Isaac’s hot and everything and like, Stiles might be down to bone him once or something, but he is so not in for like spending extra quality time with him, so he’s working on learning to bend a bit. And curb his jealousy by doing yoga. Which mostly ends with him falling asleep on his yoga mat in front of the TV, but that’s not the point). Anyways, he has zero indication that Derek would even be interested in a polyamorous relationship, never mind if he’s even interested in men. Sure, Derek blushes every time Stiles so much as tries to flirt with him, but he could just be embarrassed. Country boys are hard to judge is all, picking out which ones are cool and which ones are bigoted assholes can be a challenge.

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the ones that gets me the most is the second one
it feels like it happened because, one day, 
john realized that mary was the one who used to take pictures
and so he doesn’t have any pictures of the boys for stretches of months and months at a time
there’s a two-year gap where he doesn’t have any at all
and it runs right through him like a knife.
so he gets a nice camera, with a timer
(those are hella expensive in the 80s) and he says 
boys we’re gonna take more pictures
we’re gonna take a picture today
your mom would have liked that 
and sam wasn’t sure about it, but dean remembered taking pictures
remembered his mom telling him to smile
so they took one in front of the impala
the boys were wearing plaid
and john tried to look happy
because that’s the kind of pictures you’re supposed to leave your children 
isn’t it
but that night he went outside to the car and cried the sky down
because mary was the one who used to take pictures.

image credit winchesterandwinchester