boys that act weird

It’s so upseting to see female friendships portrayed this way. The girls have been friends for almost two years, they know Sana, yet when she does something strange they get mad at her instead of asking why or trying to find out what it’s happening. And it’s not like Julie doesnt know how to write proper friendships, in s3 the boys knew that Isak was acting weird (even Mahdi who wasnt very close to him) and Jonas offered to talk many times. The girls have been so selfish and distant all the season, and now this “they dont like you as much anymore” it’s really awful to see. 

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @averagefangurl23 

Hi, I love your work so much so I decided to request an imagine.Could you write a Thomas Doherty imagine where the reader has been getting a lot of hate on social media and the Descendants cast notice she isn’t herself so they all try to cheer her up and Thomas is being all cute and sweet and the cast die over it as the reader and Thomas both like each other but both are scared to admit it. Just a like lot of fluff. If you could do this I would die

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Thomas Doherty x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is one of the stars of Disney Descendants who is beginning to get backlash and the cast, including her crush Thomas Doherty, try to cheer her up. 

Warning(s) - people being mean (Play nice!), fluff

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BTS Reaction to you being silly and clingy when sleepy

request: bts reaction of them thinking you are drunk, but you are just really silly and clingy when sleepy

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one :) it’s pretty ehh
[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

At first Jin would be upset and concerned over the thought of you drinking and getting drunk, but he soon noticed the sleepy look that was evident in your eyes. He’d shake his head, watching as you sang a song and made a silly dance to go with it. Jin couldn’t help but think of how adorable you were in this state of sleepiness. Gently tugging your hand, he pulled you to him and placed a soft kiss to your lips. “Let’s go to sleep, yeah? You being tired seems to make you a bit silly dear.” he’d say as he picked you up and carried you to the room.

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would begin to feel irritated at the thought of you being drunk, knowing you tend to do weird things whenever you’re in that state. He frowned down at you sitting on the living room floor with Taehyung, making funny faces and laughing. With a sigh, he crouched next to you and asked, “Have you been drinking (y/n)?” You looked at him and frowned. “Of course not! I know you don’t lik-” you said, cutting yourself off with a yawn. His faced softened as he realized you were just tired, with another yawn confirming his assumption. “Let’s go to bed babydoll, I can see that you’re tired. I’m sorry for assuming.” he’d say with a smile.

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-Min Yoongi-

Just like Namjoon, he would be irritated with you. He rolled his eyes at your silly actions and huff under his breath. “I thought I told you not to drink (y/n).” he’d say, pulling you to a stop and frowning at you. “I didn’t.” you’d reply with a frown of your own. You were about to say something else when you yawned. Noticing the bags under your eyes, he sighed. “Why didn’t you say you were tired? We could’ve gone home.” he said with a shake of his head. “Let’s go then. I’m pretty sure I need a nap too.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoseok would be amused with your actions. You’d whine every time he attempted to leave the room, clinging to him and begging for him to stay where he was. At first he thought you were drunk but thought better of it. He knew you weren’t one to drink but a clingy (y/n) was something he never seen before. Noticing you were falling asleep, he pulled you close to him and stroked your hair. “Rest now jagiya, you’ve had a long day and you deserve the sleep.” he whispered.

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-Park Jimin-

Jimin would be confused with how you were acting. He knew the way you acted when drunk was different each time, so he had the idea of that running through his mind. He let out a sigh and ran a hand over his face. He loved you, but sometimes you were just a bit too crazy. Your silly dancing had stopped and he looked over at you sitting on the edge of the bed. Sitting next to you, the only thing he could smell was your body wash, no scent of alcohol seemed to be anywhere. You yawned, causing Jimin to smile and pull you down with him. “Sleep now princess.” he said.

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung would be laughing at the state you were in. Your actions amused him and the way you begged for him not to leave had his heart feeling warm. Even if you were drunk  or not, he always thought you were cute. Singing silly songs, making faces, and weird dancing had him smiling. “I think you’ve had enough alcohol (y/n).” he would say with a small grin. Turning to him, while still jumping on the bed, you replied with “But I haven’t had any Tae.” He would frown, about to say something, when a loud yawn escaped your lips. “That must be why you’re so silly, you’re trying to stay awake. Go to sleep, you need it.” he smiled.

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would feel alarmed when you began to act a lot like Taehyung. He looked over at you and began to wonder what you had to drink. He’d watch as you made lame jokes and weird faces. Shaking his head, he took you by the waist and said, “What in the world have you been drinking (y/n)?” He noticed the sleepy look that seemed to fill your eyes. “Have you been drinking?” he asked. Shaking your head no, Jungkook looked at you. “You need sleep. You’re probably sleep deprived, no wonder you’re acting weird.” he muttered.

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Straight White Boy Problem #577

*acts snobbishly and disassociates myself from all the weird kids at school*

*finds out that some of the weird kids are pretty cool bc they like halo and pokemon and weed*

*hangs out with some of the weird kids* what will my squad think of me?


let me talk crazy for a little…..

-the footage of will in the lab is on the 30th 

-the boys are in ghostbuster costumes on halloween day at school which either occurs on the 30th or the 31st.

- will is possibly (we’ve seen a photo but who knows it could also not be him) the other ghostbuster behind dustin in that shot.

-the boys are arguing about something and dustin is the only one to notice something else


heres the deal, take everything with a grain of salt im just going nuts over this im literally that one meme of charlie day right now. and i know absolutely nothing i just want to speculate. 

We were told by david that they were half way through filming at the SAG awards. This means that madmax through about the storm is done and bits are shown in the trailer, ASSUMING they filmed things in order, but u know what they say about assuming. and things are often filmed out of order.

now lets say the episode called the storm, is when that giant storm appears, cause i know the d bros are the ones to be like lets have this episode called storm but theres no storm whats so ever so im going to ignore that fact and just say the storm happens on the storm.

obviously will somehow ends up in the lab on the 30th, now lets pretend halloween day happens on the storm , and although we saw a photo today with will in a ghostbusters outfit, im not 100% sure thats him behind the boys, just based off the fact that he was in the lab the 30th and i dont think  a boy who “came back to life” and is now coughing up slugs would just be released from a science government lab. 

now the boys are biking away in their ghosbuster uniforms, and someone is missing, so its safe to say will is missing at this point,/ they took the ghostbuster photo earlier that week. 

someone found this photo

now it is pretty poor quality and its wrinkled and distorted + they are all looking the same direction which makes me think photo op.  just like the photos mike had of them winning the fair. also when will is in the lab is states 3:02 PM so anytime before that is free game that he could have been with his friends. but judging by how hes hooked up to machines and has a metal bar around his head i think it would take much longer for him to get in this state.

Which to say either they took the photo it earlier that week or the morning of the 30th.

based off their biking styles and backpacks, Im going to say dustin is on the left, the person in the middle is lucas and mike on the right. BUT WHERE ARE THEY GOING????

now among wills drawings theres a forest, and the boys are in fact peddling into/toward the forest. is that mirkwood? or is it a new area. Not to mention the giant monster is surrounded by trees. 

Now i know people have been talking about this scene 

and how her head is still shaved, and u right i agree with this. she also has visible veins under her eyes and genuine fatigue. SOOO im gonna say we are going to at some point see a flashback or her point of view after she dissolved the demogorgon. 

im not sure when or how eleven plays into these episode or when she going to be back together with the boys. But i did seem some talk about her and hopper in the cabin episode which to me is sound. But it could also be eleven having a breakdown in the wheelers meaning she obviously blames herself for something and no one is around to comfort her at least no one we can see.

im hoping eleven gets back with the boys soon, but i have a feeling the time will starts to act weird and disappear is when eleven will reappear. OR eleven points out will is acting weird which leads to him being taken to a lab which leads to her blaming herself etc.

again im JUST GOING CRAZY OVER HERE AND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS. i know we are going to get tons of clips and trailers before the start of the season and i know it will probably debunk a lot of this . BUT LETS TALK

i like to speculate and would love to hear thoughts or other theories!!

you can tell this one is old cause he’s missing his lil hair antennas

Scars and Healing Kisses (Polyhamilsquad x reader)

A/N: Hello Lovely Wonderful People!! Here’s another request! I really liked the way this one came out and I hope you all enjoy it! To the Anon who requested this, I hope this okay for you, if not please let me know, and I’ll do a rewrite! I hope you’re all having a great day/night!

Request: Hamilsquad x reader, reader is sexually harassed/abused by someone, the boys think they have been acting weird lately, they assume reader was planning breakup/ cheating on them All yell and get mad at reader only to later find out the truth, heavy angst with w/ comfort, fairly happy ending, thank youu :3



TW: sexual harassment, unwanted touching, some curse words




You had been with your boys for two years now, and living together felt so natural that the transition wasn’t difficult at all, and you loved waking up with them everyday. You had only moved in six months ago, but it felt like you had been there for years already. You were in your last year of college, and it felt like it was years ago that you were in your second year and had met Laf.



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MC who is genderfluid and doesn’t like dressing up femininely

this is really geared toward me; sorry guys. I’m feelin a lot of stress and just want to be comforted with who I am with these lovely dudes.

this is at the first party when the RFA sees you in person for the first time.

MC is AFAB. -Green


-he thought? seven said you were a girl in the chat, so when he first saw you he expected someone really feminine !

-oh this poor uncultured boy,,

-when he sees you have short hair and instead of wearing a nice, cute dress, you’re wearing a casual tux, he kind of short circuits? 

-you look super cute, but not what he expected! 

-you can tell he’s confused and you get super bashful; you don’t want him to reject you because of the way you dress and express yourself. it’s happened before 

-he doesn’t! he’s super interested because he’s never heard of genderfluidity (is that a word) before, so he has you teach him all about it!

-it also makes the time you do dress up girly 1000x cuter because it’s such a rare occurance, but he thinks you look super amazing the way you are

-you’re so unique and he loves looking at you and seeing himself in you.


-he’s pretty quick to get it

-this boy is totally bi. so 

-he thinks you look so hot honestly

-when you’re dressed up in a tux, he just wants to. SM ORCH

-he does

-it’s great

-he doesn’t judge you at all, but you can bet he wants you to crossdress with him 

-if it makes you uncomfortable, he’ll whine, but not push you. he just wants to have fun!!


-god he’s worse than yoosung

-very uncultured in the gender area 

-it is very unexpected when he sees you dressed up neutrally 

-but it’s not too bad, because he’s seen several women wearing suits in his work. but they’re usually wearing makeup??? long hair?? a skirt?? bracelets and earrings??? and you are none of those things

-naked face, a tie and collar shirt and slacks. you look like a du d e

-but you look super hot at the same time

-he’ll ask you about it pretty blatantly, and you two have a deep conversation about gender and what you’re boundaries are. 

-it confuses him, but it’s easy to get, because it’s you. 




-she doesn’t even care and you’re so relieved 

-she’s just. Jaehee. bashful and shy, a little unsure. but doesn’t act differently because of how you dress

-when you tell her you’re fluid, she expected it

-she makes sure you feel no pressure to be feminine or overstep your boundaries around her, she’s not the most feminine person either. 

- my w i  fe e….



-g o d 


-he always thought it was strange the way you acted in the chat when you pushed aside anything girly set toward you, but he didn’t really pay attention to it.

-now everything makes SENSE

-he asks you a TON of questions 

-he has a little bit more knowledge on the queer area, because he’s on the internet a lot and very social with his job. 

-so the shock goes away pretty quickly and soon he’s smorching ya all over

-can’t wait to rip that tie off of you 

Marichat May Day 24 - "I Owe You One"

When Marinette jokes with Chat about her feeding him so much, he decides to bring her cupcakes. He also finds it to be the perfect opportunity to ask her something he’d been wanting to for awhile.

Rated G || 1,341 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

The Missing Cupcake

“Thanks Marinette.” Chat’s voice was muffled as he spoke around the half of a croissant he’d stuffed in his mouth. If Marinette wasn’t so used to interpreting him with his mouth full she would have never understood what he’d said. A moment more of chewing the pastry then Chat continued after gulping it down. “I definitely owe you one.”

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Fanfiction Masterpost

Updated as of: 10/10/17

A/N: This is a collection of all my work from this blog. This includes stories in different parts, but they are mostly oneshots. I am very proud of these, so if you do read, please let me know what you think!


Jealous - Prompt. Danny finds out Arin’s kissed another guy. This doesn’t sit well with him. Egobang. Fluff/Humor. 

Singing Voice - Prompt. Danny discovers Arin’s beautiful singing voice and falls deeper in love. Egobang. Mythology AU. Fluff.

That’s Enough - Prompt. Someone goes too far during a panel, insulting Arin. Danny gets angry. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort.

Rules - There’s an unspoken rule in the apartment. Alex decides to break that rule. Rylex. Songfic, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, First Confessions.

Choking - Prompt. Alex may or may not blurt out a kink of Ryland’s, outing them to their friends. Rylex. Humor/Fluff.

Together - Prompt. Alex reminds Ryland how amazing he is before the final match. They’re gonna do this together. Rylex. Fluff.

Too Much Hair - Prompt. Ryland tries to cuddle. There’s just too much hair. Alex suggests a compromise. Rylex. Fluff.

Baby Steps - Prompt. Ryland is opening up to physical affection one step at a time. It doesn’t help when your friends walk in during a make-out session. Rylex. Fluff/Humor.

First Impressions - Prompt. Ryland doesn’t go to bars. But when he does, he meets drunk emotional strangers he can’t leave alone. Rylex. Fluff.

3AM - Prompt. Danny can’t sleep. He calls Arin at 3 am and they have a heart-to-heart. Egobang. Fluff.

Life of the Party - Prompt. Danny loses Arin at a party. He manages to find him, but Arin’s already having a panic attack. Warnings: panic attacks, alcohol mentions. Egobang. Comfort/Fluff.

It’s Time to Stop - Prompt. Arin wakes up in the middle of the night. Danny is sending him memes. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Noisy Neighbor - Arin’s constantly bothered by his noisy downstairs neighbor. Only, when he goes to confront him, he turns out to be really cute. Egobang. College AU. Fluff.

Mixed Feelings - Prompt. After Arin confesses, Danny rejects him because he doesn’t even understand himself. Brian gives Danny advice; Danny learns what it means to rediscover yourself. Warnings: Sexuality crisis. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Seagull Snatching - Prompt. Arin and Danny go on an impromptu trip to Michigan. Arin proceeds to be a dork and Danny reflects on how much he loves his dork. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Decisions - Prompt. NSP is offered a residency in Vegas, but Danny must decide in pursuing his dreams or if he’s already living his dream. After a good talk with Ross, Danny knows it’s time to tell Arin the truth. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Where You Belong - Prompt. Danny has doubts about where he belongs and why Arin chose him. He finds himself in the Grump Room, feeling numb about it all. Fortunately, Arin’s always there. No matter what. Warnings: depression. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Stupid with People - Prompt. Brian calls Danny. Turns out, he’s not exactly the best when it comes to dealing with people. Ninja Ship Party. Fluff.

You Want Me - Prompt. Danny’s having trouble dealing with the new employee at work. Rubberbang. AU. Fluff.

As If I Deserve You - Prompt. Danny can’t believe he deserves Arin. It’s up to Arin to show him he deserves this and more. Egobang. Angst/Fluff.

Expensive - Prompt. Danny goes shopping for wedding rings, and Suzy helps him out. Egobang. Fluff.

You’re Wrong and I’ll Prove It - Prompt. Ross teases Danny. So Danny takes the best course of action and kisses Arin to shut Ross up. Egobang. Fluff.

I’ve Got You - Prompt. Arin breaks down after too much stress and work. Danny’s there for his snuggle man. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Morning Kisses - Prompt. Danny wakes up to snuggly morning kisses from Arin. Egobang. Fluff.

Revenge of the Not-So-Grump - Prompt. When Arin starts beating Danny in a karaoke game, Danny decides his best course of action is to kiss Arin to distract him. Egobang. Fluff.

Hands Off - Prompt. Danny gets angry when someone gets a little too handsy with his boyfriend at a party. Egobang. Punk!AU. Warnings: drugs and alchohol mention. Fluff.

The Same Height - Prompt. Arin kisses the top of Danny’s head to prove a point, but Danny refuses to let Arin have the last word. Egobang. Humor/Fluff.

Stay With Me ForeverDanny hadn’t meant to blurt it out during an episode. But now all of his previous doubts return and he just wants this happy time to last forever. Arin notices. He always does. Egobang. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Home Danny reflects on his unique friendship with Arin, not wanting the Gru//mp session to end. Egobang. Fluff.

That Warm FeelingA reoccurring warm feeling keeps showing up in Danny’s life. He doesn’t think much of it until he realizes the reason for this feeling–Arin Han//son. Egobang. Fluff.

What It Looks Like - Prompt. Danny’s tearing himself up inside because of his feelings. The person he wants more than anything doesn’t belong to him. Arin comes to his rescue. Egobang. Warnings: Self-Loathing. Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

I Chose You - Prompt. Danny doesn’t feel like he belongs. It becomes too much and he breaks. Luckily, he’s always got Arin. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Angst.

You’re Perfect - Prompt. Danny gets particularly touchy-feely, and Arin gets embarrassed. It’s up to Danny to show Arin that his body is beautiful. Egobang. Fluff/Angst.

You’re Bleeding - Prompt. After a romp, Ross is accidentally injured. Danny freaks out. Rubberbang. Humor/Fluff.

Two Men, One Bed - Prompt. After somehow only getting one bed in their hotel room, Arin and Danny must share a bed. Danny has feelings. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Day of Rest - Prompt. Danny gets really sick. Arin acts as a local nurse. Egobang. Fluff.

Danny BoyDanny finds a weird art major lying on the floor of a practice room. Oddly enough, he finds that he enjoys this guy’s company while he sings. College AU. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Bromeo & Juliet Series - Romeo & Juliet AU

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 1 - Romeo and Juliet AU. The Sexbangs decide to crash a Neverbone party. Danny and Brian lead the way. 

Bromeo and Juliet Snippet 2 - Romeo and Juliet AU. Danny finds a cute dance partner. Unfortunately, he turns out to be someone Danny really shouldn’t be dancing with. Egobang.

The Last Unicorn Series - Magic Blood AU

Part OneArin’s just a normal college student. Until one day, he gets involved with people with magic blood. Especially one man with siren’s blood. The catch? Arin’s immune to all magic. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Part Two - Arin begins to learn more about Dan, and a mysterious attacker appears. Egobang. College AU. Mystery/Humor.

Hidden Flames Series - Avatar The Last Airbender AU

Part One - Danny, an airbender staying in the Fire Nation to study the culture, finds a waterbender pretending to be a fire bender. He wants to find out why. Egobang. Mystery/Humor.

Arin and Dan meet Ryland and Alex AU

Part One - Prompt. Arin and Dan wake up to find themselves in a world that isn’t their own. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.
Part Two - Prompt. Dan and Alex have a heart-to-heart about their lives and how similar, yet different, they are. Rylex/Egobang. Adventure/Humor.

God Grumps Series - Mythology AU

Part One - Danny is the charming demigod son of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. He finds out he may have a new classmate with the Muses. Unfortunately, said classmate turns out to be a very beautiful boy, and who better than his mother to meddle in her son’s love life? Egobang. Humor/Fluff.

The Ocean Calls - Merman!Arin and Scientist!Dan AU

Snippet One - Prompt. Dan apologizes to the beautiful merman they’ve captured. He must stay in the tank in the dark lab, but that doesn’t mean Dan can’t feel guilty. Egobang. Angst/Supernatural.

Snippet Two - Prompt. The story of how Arin was captured. He saved Dan’s life. Egobang. Adventure/Angst.

Snippet Three - Prompt. Ross shows up to sketch Arin and Dan finally has a conversation with the suspicious merman. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Four - Prompt. Dan’s worried about Arin and falls asleep beside the tank. He ends up comforting Arin the only way he can - he sings for him. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Five - Prompt. Dan and Suzy welcome a new intern and Arin comes face-to-face with Brian’s daughter. Arin’s also curious about human terms like “boyfriend.” Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Snippet Six - Prompt. Arin’s feeling neglected so Adam takes matters into his own hands. Dan gets a bit jealous. Egobang. Fluff/Humor.

Snippet Seven - Prompt. Dan can’t help but to feel like a terrible person when he sees the merman locked in the tank. However, when he cries, the same merman comes to comfort him. Egobang. Hurt/Comfort, Fluff.

Snippet Eight - Prompt. Dan’s been overworking himself. Arin notices and cares for his human. Egobang. Fluff.

Snippet Nine - Prompt. Part 1 of 2. The director arrives to see how far they’ve progressed on the subject. Dan must lie to Arin to protect him, even if it makes Arin cry. Egobang. Angst.

Original Works

The Beginning and The EndAsher and Zoelle are twins with a special bond. Asher enjoys hunting down ghost stories, but one day mysteriously disappears. It’s up to Zoelle to find her missing brother and the horrors that await her at the mysterious Fate’s Village. Mystery/Supernatural.

Little (Bad Boy!Yoongi)

Plot: Bad boy!Yoongi as a father

Part: One

Word Count: 837

A/N: so a while ago, someone requested a second part to bad boy!Yoongi as a father and oh my lord I haven’t written bad boy!yoon as a dad in so long so I saw it today going through my inbox and I needed to write it I just I have to, tbh I may do a part three bc I love this series so much but the links for this post are bad boy!Yoongi (here) and father!Yoongi (all of the father related posts are here)

1 Week Old

Any nerves Yoongi had about becoming a father had all been washed away the moment she was set into his arms. She was small, smaller than he could’ve ever expected. Yoongi had never understood the other boys when they went on and on about how small their children were, wasn’t that the point of a child? They were small, they grew, that’s how genetics worked. But the moment he saw how small she was, he understood all of it. Her fingers grasping onto one of his, her feet hidden by the blanket she was swaddled in while she slept in his arms, even her limbs were short. He didn’t think it was possible to be more in love with one person until he saw her eyes open. She was curious when she was awake, staring at him in wonder as he stared back in awe and spoke to her in a gentle tone. He told her all of the adventures he wanted to take her on, the places he wanted to see with her, the foods he wanted to introduce her to.

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Peter Pan Imagine/ Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

“ Is there a part 2 to do you love me? ”

“ Are you going to update “Do you love me?” It’s really good❤️ I don’t want to be pushy and I’m sorry if it seems like it ”

“ Omg!! Part two of “do you love me?” Please??”

“ Part 2 to do you love me!“

“ Do you love me? Part 2 😍 please”

“ Part 2 of do you love me plaseeeee”

“Part 2 plz”

“I must know how this ends”

“Yes yes yesssss part two”

“Please part 2″

“yes pls part 2 woyld be lovely”

“definitely part 2″

“Part 2 please!!!!!!”

“HELL yeah a part two”

“yesss pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Part 1 here–>

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

You arrived on the Neverland, you rub your shoe against the soil, trying to calm down your nerves. It seemed impossible.

“You okay kid? “ Swan asked and you jumped

“Oh shit.” you almost yelled “Yeah yeah yeah I’m fine.” you try to look calm but the group looked at you strange.

“Okay…” Hook said with a confused look

“Listen enough of this we need to get back to what’s important and that’s finding Henry!” Regina stated.

“Hook, you know this place better than anyone else, where would he be?” Swan asked Hook

“Well I guess anywhere his lost boys are, he doesn’t go anywhere without them.”

“Lies.” you said in your head, Pan was always one to wonder off into the night, leaving you naked under his sheets with nothing but his scent lingering the room you stay in.

“So do we just go and find wherever there is noise or?” Mary Margret asked

“It’s not that easy ?” Swan asked

“He’s the only one on the bloody island besides the boys and mermaids, it’s that easy.” Hook stated

“Great should we split up?” Regina asked

“No, that’s very dangerous, Pan maybe be a teenage boy but he is smart.” Hook said

You rolled your eyes, yeah sure he is. You had to do everything for him, he couldn’t even cook himself eggs. You were his eyes, his arms, and legs, you were his “sidekick” the lost boys would call you, you missed the boys a lot actually, they were never the mean ones, Pan was.

You guys start to walk and you start to feel goosebumps rise up, it’s like you could feel his presence against the trees, the wind, the sounds that would go in and out your ear, oh how you missed it all, you start to wonder how it be if you stayed.

Pan’s Point Of View

I start to feel something, something so familiar but something yet so new. What was it? It was such a sweet and beautiful feeling, but then it became sorrow and pain. This was something I never felt before, it was bizarre.

“Pan, want breakfast?” Felix asked as he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming.” I yelled

I open the door and I see Felix.

I nod my head signaling we can walk together. We do so.

The air was ..different, but in a familiar way.

“Hey Felix you feel, like different?” I ask him

“Uh no I mean I’m hungry, but when am I ? Why do you ask?” he asked

“Nothing Fe, just asking, forget I said anything.” I said.

I walk to the camp grounds and sit at my usual spot, waiting for the lost boys to feed me.

“Here ya go Pan.” an older lost boy gives you a plate.

“What the bloody hell is this bullshit?” I yell, its the same shit every day.

“It’s uhm fruit , and uh salad, without the dressing, and the croutons, and the cheese.”

“Ugh!” I yell again, “This is torture, we haven’t had meat, sweets, and barely any bread in forever, someone better learn how to bloody cook fast or else you all are getting banned from this island.” I yell and get up and sit on a long next to the fire.

All the lost boys stare at you, looking confused and scared.

“Pan you’re acting a little weird, you okay?” Felix asked

“Something is up, there’s something,UGH!” I’m clearly frustrated, nobody feels what I feel, there is something up today, it’s different.

“I’m going for a walk.” I say.

I start to walk to my thinking spot, the first place me and Y/n ever kissed.

I remember clear as daylight, I had asked her what she had to offer me, right on top of this hill, and she looked at me dead in the eyes and said “Me.” that was the day she changed my life.

I remember walking up to her, grabbing her face and rubbing my thumb against her soft cheeks, she looked at me with such joy, such a beautiful face, and I kissed her, never have I felt such an amazing feeling, I had goosebumps rising up and down my spine, the way she tasted, oh my, she tasted like cinnamon spices, and she told me I tasted like vanilla, together it was the most wonderful taste you could ever experience.

I snapped out of my thought as I saw something, no someone, as blond women, I became curious, what was she doing on my island, how stupid of her, I’ll have her in my cages in no time, or maybe she will be my slave and cook for me actual good food, unlike the lost boys crappy disgusting food.

Then , but then I see more of them, it was a group of adults , “Oh great.” I say as I roll my eyes. I hate grown ups, nothing but wanna be know it all who are always up your ass about something.

I walk away, I’ll deal with that bullshit later, right now, I just needed to think.

Regular Point Of View

My feet start to hurt, and I become weak.

“Hey can we like chill for a second? My feet are killing me.” I asked

“No we can’t we need to find Henry!” Regina yelled at me.

“We’ve been walking for 3 hours straight this place is going to at least take 4 days to search everywhere!” I yell back

“She’s actually right.” Hook said agreeing with me

“How would you know?” Mary Margret asked

“Oh.. it was just a wild guess..” you try not to blow your cover

“Look maybe she’s right, we do need nutrition if we are going to keep searching for Henry.” David said

“Okay fine, We can eat and then start to search again.” Regina said.

You guys start to make food, you cooked most of it, you were the chef in the family, and you loved to cook, so you didn’t mind.

You all gathered around the fire that the men made.

Enjoying your lunch you decided to hum, hum a song you would sing every time you cooked, Peter would always love when you sang, but of course he would never tell you.

Speaking of Peter he began to smell something, and it brought a smile to is eyes.

“Real food, but where?”  he got up “Lost boys, follow me.” he smiled

They walk to your campfire, Peter only saw the grown ups,”Okay boys, follow my lead.” he said cocky as ever

“Well , well ,well.” he said

Your head shot up like a deer in headlights, it was Peter, it was him in the flesh, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was so tall, and still handsome as hell, he looked so bad but he does it so well.

“That smells wonderful I must say, but what are you doing o my island?” he asked in such a cocky way.

“Shut it Pan.” Hook said

“Oh how funny, you’re going to tell me to shut up when it’s my bloody island.” he looked mad

You couldn’t help but stare, you felt terrible but it was just too hard not to, his arms were so muscular, his eyes were almost emerald green, his smile and the way he ran his fingers through his hair, it brought you back to the good days.

“I however will forgive me, as long as you swear to cook for me and my boys for the rest of, oh I don’t know, your lives.” he smiled.

He started to laugh but then he made eye contact with you, your heart skipped a beat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered to himself, his heart sank to stomach, but he snapped out of it and quickly turned back to his cocky self.

“What are YOU doing here?” he walks up to you.

You then get up and stand face to face with Peter Pan himself.

“Where is my brother?” you asked him

He laughs “Who is your brother?” 

“Henry.” you said

“Oh Henry?” he folded his arms

“Yes Henry.” you never lost eye contact with him.

“Henry is YOUR brother?” he smiled almost in a evil way.

“YES! Now where is he?” you yelled

“Oh Henry isn’t going anywhere now that I know that he s your brother.” he cocked a brow

“You are such an asshole , tell me where he is or else-”

“Or else what ? Huh?! You’re gonna leave again?” he said 

Now everyone is looking at you, and your group starts to ask questions.

“You know him?” Regina asked

“I knew something was up.” Mary Margret said

“Oh Y/n was my “Lost girl.” she was my special princess, sin’t that right?” he started at you in a way you never seen Peter before.

“You think just because you left you can come here and act like you’re all big and bad, pathetic.”  he said

“Give me back my brother and we will leave and you’ll never see my face again.” you said trying to reason with him.

“You’re not getting it are you? I’m keeping you here, forever.” he said

“The hell you are!” you yelled as you run next to your group.

Peter now looked annoyed

“You use to be so good, so obedient.” he shook his head

“I’m not a dog Pan.” you said

“No but you wanna know what you are? You’re fucked.” he said

“Yeah because of you! I’m so fucked up from all the shit you did to me! You  dragged me through hell and I called it love as long as you were holding my hand!” you yelled at him.

“Gosh you try to act so innocent! You wanna know the truth? The real truth?” he said as he backs you up as you try to stand your ground.

“I wanted to fuck you up, I wanted to tear you into pieces, you were so damn pure, and sweet, and nice, and I.” he looked at you up and down. “I just wanted to make your life hell, I never loved you,I don’t understand how you thought I could ever love you. So you know what? I’ll give you Henry.” 

He snapped his fingers and Henry appears, he runs to your family and you jst stand there with tears running down your face.

“Now you have to live with it, bye Y/n. For good this time.” he said as he walked away.


You were all packed to leave tomorrow mornig

You ran straight to your tent and you didn’t stop crying that night, how could Peter say that? After all you’ve been through, that was the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, thing you ever heard and that has happen to you in your entire life.

Peter lay in his bed that night, with tears in his eyes for the first time.

I loved her, no more than that , I was in love with her, as soon as I saw her I wanted her in my arms, and not in my bed, for the first time I wanted to hold her, and not fuck her senseless, she looked so dam beautiful, but I just couldn’t let her do that to me,, I couldn’t let her break me down, and let everyone and her know that I loved her, so I pushed her away, which was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

You woke up and to hollering , your eyes were super swollen but manged to run outside to see what the ruckess was all about.

You see Peter  with the lost boys and other people who you never saw in your life.

“Who the fuck are you?” Peter asked

“What time is it?” you asked David 

“It’s 12 afternoon.” he said

“What?! We were supposed to leave at 8:00am today what happen?” you asked

“This.” he pointed

“These people are trying to fight Pan and his crew but also not let us through the portal we’re suppose to go through. We have to go through soon portals don’t last forever you know.” Hook said

“Well then, let’s fight.” you puled out his sword and winked

You all began to fight off whoever these people where that were getting in yur way, you were clearly winning because you had your group and Pan’s group, you were fighting side by side next to Peter, and it was so weird.

You weren’t paying attention and and you were about to get stabbed by a sword, Peter saw and started to run to your rescue

“Y/N WATCH OUT!” Peter yelled and he pushed you out the way, you fall to the ground but quickly look up to see there was a sword in Peter’s stomach!

“PETER!” you yell and run to his rescue, the lost boys fight off all the rest of the evil people to make sure everyone is safe, so its just you, Peter, the lost boys, and your family.

You began to cry “Peter why?” you asked

“I had to, I couldn’t see you like this.” he said with his eyes heavy

“He’s bleeding a lot.” Felix said , he signaled the lost boys to go get the care package

“But, but you said you didn’t love me.” you were still crying

“I lied, I love, I’m in love with you Y/n, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since you walk on this damn island.” he said as he tried to move but just fell again.

“Don’t move Peter we’re getting you help.” Felix said

“Only love makes you crazy, but what I said to you yesterday, that was plain stupid Y/n.” he said wincing in pain.

You just si there and cry while holding unto him, “Peter you’re going to make it do you hear me? I won’t let you die.” you yell as you sob

Peer’s eyes became heavy, and he started to breath uneven, you were seeing the signs, he wasn’t holding on unto you like he was, and the lost boys were taking forever.

Everything became a blur until you heard “We got it! We got the stuff!” the lost boys yelled

They came and Felix pulled the sword out of Peter, spilling blood out of him and turning Peter pale.

Sooner than later they get him all stitched up and the bleeding stops, but Peter stops breathing.

“He’s not breathing!” Felix yelled

“What do we do?” a lost boy yelled

“Give him air!” an on other boys said

“How?!” said an other

You push them out the way and start doing CPR.

“1 2 3 “ you start to breath into him and you do this for at least a minute, everyone just stairs at you, hoping you do the trick.

Peter shoots up and gasped for air and your eyes start to water

“He’s alive!” You yell and all the lost boys yell “Hooray!”

He grabs your cheeks on your face and kisses your lips so soft, not rough at all, and it was a different side you seen from Peter.

“I love you Y/n.” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled

Henry and your family went back to StoryBrooke and you stayed in Neverland with Peter and the lost boys, you visit each other once a week.

Peter started to show his emotions and not be scared of him, for every boy, has a soft side, you just have to find it.

Under Pressure // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Requests are open!

Requested by Two anons:

“Could you write something where the reader is a really nice girl but everyone pushes her around until one day she wolfs out.”

“Could you make an image where the reader is a sad person and people push her around and she tries to commit suicide but stiles saves her?”

If you honestly hate this just dm me or ask me to redo it and I’ll do it again!


”(Y/n) stop trying,“ (Y/n)’s bully sneered, pushing the girl against the wall,” You are worthless and can’t do anything. Why do you force Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, and Allison to be with you? They don’t even like you, they’re using you.“

“Thanks but I’m fine with them ‘using’ me,” (Y/n) made quotation marks, smiling sweetly,“ Because they’re not. They’re my friends.”

“No they’re not,” The bully smirked,“ Why are they spreading rumors and talking about you?”

“They’re not?” (Y/n) questioned herself.

“Hey believe what you want,” the bully pushed past her,“ I’m the one telling the truth.”

(Y/n) stood still,’ They wouldn’t do that to me, right?’ She shook her head and walked past.

“Stiles,” (Y/n) smiled and waved at the awkward teen.

“Ohh (Y/n)!” Stiles exclaimed, avoiding making eye contact with the girl,“ What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here?” (Y/n) tilted her head in confusion,“ What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Uh yeah I feel amazing,” Stiles looked past her,“ Uh research why wolves hunt in packs?”

“Stiles we already know th-” (Y/n) started to talk when Stiles pushed past her in a hurry.

“Sorry (Y/n)!” He yelled out.

“Weird,” (Y/n) muttered, staring helplessly at her hands,“ Did I do something again?”

In class (Y/n) leaned forward and whispered to Isaac who sat in front of her,“ Why is everyone acting weird today?”

“Huh?” The boy raised an eye,“ No ones acting weird you’re just being stupid and annoying.”

“Oh,” (Y/n) sat back with a frown on her face. She replaced it with a forced smile and started to take notes. Isaac looked back at her, then continued to stare out the window.

As soon as the bell rang, (Y/n) stood up and shoved everything into her (f/c) colored backpack. She sped out of the room, furiously wiping away a few tears that had fell down her face.

“(Y/n),” Scott called out to the girl.

(Y/n) looked at him, with eyes puffy and her cheeks red. She forced a smile,“ Yeah Scotty?”

He frowned at the nickname,“ There’s an emergency meeting at Stiles’ house today. Go there after school.”

“Okay?” (Y/n) nodded,“ I can’t go I have (f/a) after school that’s why we agreed to not to have me-”

“Then you’re out of the pack,” Scott whispered, knowing she could fully hear him.

“What do you mean?” (Y/n) asked, the forced smile leaving her face,“ You know I can’t skip it I was ‘sick’ too many times for the pack. I can’t miss any more please Scott just an hour you guys can wait, right?”

“(Y/n) it’s an emergency,” Lydia spat out,“ E m e r g e n c y, get it together you’re dragging us down, you’re out of the pack don’t try and worm yourself back in.”

“Lydia…” The (H/c) haired girl trailed off, looking at the ground.

“Lydia be nice,” Allison scolded,“ The weakling might kill herself over this.” The two laughed and Scott tried to hide his laughter.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” (Y/n) asked, backing away from them,“ You- Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just annoying,” Isaac muttered from behind her.

“Isaac,” (Y/n) looked at her best friend,“ Guys stop joking around what did I do?”

Her voice cracked and tears spilt down her face,“ Why did I mess up again?”

She started to growl, her fangs growing and her eyes turned yellow,“ What did I do?” She roared and her claws grew.

Before she could hurt anyone, a force pulled her back. She hit someone’s chest.

“(Y/n) wake up,” Isaac’s voice cut through her thought, he was standing next to himself,“ This is all fake.”

“I-Isaac?” She looked at him, touching his face gently,“ Is it really you? Am I imagining things?”

“No (Y/n) I’m getting you out of this you were touched and kidnapped by a Djinn. The bastard is sucking all of your blood out and killing you slowly. It’s supposed to give you a good life but this one decided to be a little prick and give you nightmares,” Isaac held her hand,“ They’re killing it for hurting you and I volunteered to come and get you. So let’s go.”

Isaac started to pull the girl away from the others who had started to turn into gross looking monsters, with their skin falling off.

“Isaac we need to get out and fast,” (Y/n) shrieked, dodging the fake Stiles who had tried to hit her.

“That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment,” Isaac bit his lip and held onto (Y/n).

With a flash they reappeared in an abandoned warehouse. Isaac closed his eyes trying to focus on the problem. He looked, with blurry vision, at the rest of the group.

“Save (Y/n),” he whispered, falling down to the ground.

Allison nodded and rushed the the girl who’s eyes had opened.

“Allison,” (Y/n) rasped out,“ I think- I think I won’t survive.”

“You will survive damnit,” Lydia muttered, holding the girl up as Allison ripped out the wires that had be sucking out (Y/n)’s blood.

“I really think I’m dying,” (Y/n) muttered, her vision was failing her and she knew it was her time.

“(Y/n) don’t you dare close your eyes,” Stoles muttered to her,“ Get her to the Jeep we’ll take her to Scott’s mom.”

“Stop,” (Y/n) whispered, her head was bobbing,“ The Djinn took too much blood. I can’t handle it and the-”

(Y/n)’s sentence was cut off as a spear flew through the air and hit her chest perfectly.

“I’m sorry she had to die,” the Djinn stepped out of the shadows,“ She was in the way. Too bad she made a great snack.” He smiled,“ Ah reminds me of the Winchesters.”

“You were dead,” Scott growled,“ I will kill you,” His eyes turned a vibrant red and he sprinted towards the supernatural creature.

“Too bad the only thing that kills me isn’t what you are,” He sneered in amusement.

“Son of a bitch,” a man with a gun glared at the pack,“ A bunch of fudging teenagers got mixed up with a djinn.”

A man with longer hair frowned,“ Dean I think she’s dead.”

“She’s fucking dead,” Stiles yelled out in anger,“ Who the hell are you anyway?”

“The ones who are gonna kill the Djinn,” Dean, the first man, answered while pursing his lips,“ Who are you?”

“Stiles,” the teen muttered, loud enough for them to hear.

“You teens get out of here,” Sam ordered,“ Let the adults handle this.”

“What about (Y/n)?” Lydia asked the males.

“Take her to the hospital, don’t say anything about the Djinn. They’ll lock you up in a mental hospital.”

The teens rushed out, Scott holding (Y/n) as they rushed to the hospital.

“What exactly happened?” A suited man asked them.

“She was kidnapped and we were looking for her and she was lying in a pool of her own blood,” Isaac lied smoothly, hiding a bruise he had gotten from falling before.

“You all need to stay here as my partner and I go over this. You will be asked a series of questions but don’t be scared. You didn’t do anything wrong,” the man nodded and walked off.

“Excuse me may I talk to the family of (Y/n) (L/n)?” A nurse walked out of two doors that lead further into the hospital.

“Her family isn’t here but I’m her best friend,” Lydia spoke up,“ We’re all her best friends. We’re her family.”

“Well,” the short nurse paused,“ (Y/n)’s state… She won’t live to see tomorrow her pulse is barley there and she won’t be able to have a surgery without it killing her instantly. She can talk, barley though. She is a strong girl, she hasn’t cried a single tear when she was told this news.”

“She’s kinda like a wolf, she’s definitely as strong as one,” Isaac muttered,“ Anyway can we see her?”

“Only for a bit,” the nurse lead them to a room,“ I’ll come back and get you when you guys have to leave.” She walked away silently.

“(Y/n),” Stiles whispered out, slowly walking towards the girl.

She looked at them and just smiled softly,“ Hey…”

“Don’t talk,” Scott whispered,“ Why aren’t you healing? You’re a werewolf…”

“He- The spear… It was silver laced with wolfsbane- It was a trap from the start,” (Y/n) muttered, laying her head back,“ Call my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester. Make sure-”

“The monster is dead,” Isaac whispered to her.

“Hmm,” (Y/n) hummed in content,“ Hey guys? Thank you… For being my family.” She slid down and closed her eyes, releasing her last breath of air.

“(Y/n)?” Allison breathed out, being pulled back by Scott. The only sound the pack could hear was long beep of the heart monitor.

“Get out all of you,” the same nurse pushed them all out,“ Everyone clear.”

“Excuse me, friends of (Y/n) (L/n)?” Another nurse walked out, a clipboard in hand.

“That’s us,” Lydia walked up to the woman, the groups right behind her.

“I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news,” the woman whispered,“ But, your friend has passed away in the emergency room. We have found a trace of wolfsbane in her blood which had poisoned her, making her death even faster. I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.” She walked away, giving the clipboard to Isaac.



*!!!SPOILERS!!! for Life Is Strange and LIS: Before The Storm, duh*

If you actually take the time to read this “review” of sorts, this is probably gonna be long. Haul up, take a seat.
*Spoilers, duh*

This game, I had extremely high expectations due to how bloody much I loved the first game. Not to hard to know that with how much I screech about it.
But this game, even though the first episode is the only one released of the three (four, if you got the deluxe) ((kill me emo heart I’m gonna die playing one last time as a young max rip me)), is honestly beautiful prequel.
Originally, I was quite disappointed it wasn’t being created by DONTNOD, but instead created this time by Deck Nine Games, but after looking into how much they admired the source material and wanted to do it justice, I gave it hope. And they pulled through, 10 times more than what I’d expected.

Now I’m gonna get into my pros and cons with this. (Obviously more pros than cons but ya know)
So obviously, the voice actors are different. Nothing could be helped there unfortunately. Yes, majority of the voice actors are so far off it hurts, but so far the once you hear most is Chloes new VA. And to be honest, she isn’t half bad. Sometimes she sounds like she trying to hard, but other times it sounds much like OG Chloe.
I wanna quickly note Dana’s and Justin’s VA’s.
I know there’s a strike going on but whAT. They couldn’t have tried to find anyone who’s pitch is even remotely close to Dana’s and Justin’s OG VA??? Like cmon. I know they’re only side NPC’s in this game and we will *probably* hardly see them since this prequel focuses on Rachel and Chloe, but come onNNNN man.

Now what I love about this game (which is a lot more than what I dislike)
The animation on these characters is something I love so much. It’s such a subtle different in the facial expressions, the eye movements and slight smirks and smiles that are made by characters that just wasn’t there in the OG Life is Strange, and honestly it just makes the immersion that much better. It gives the characters so much more character and emotion. It makes them feel much more human and more alive.
Also wanna quickly point out the cool as heck feature of getting to choose the outfit Chloe wears??? Like heck yes thank you I am
DOWN for this.

The diary function for Chloe (the same kind as max had in the OG) gives you so much more insight into how Chloe is feeling and it adds so much more to her already interesting character. It shows how she is dealing with the death of her father, her mum and Madsen, and her feelings of abandonment by her best friend Max when she left with her family to Seattle.
In the OG game, you see people kinda viewing Chloe as being a bit selfish and bitchy for thinking everything’s about her, and that her finding anger in the fact that Max didn’t speak to her after she left Arcadia bay as an irrational feeling. It makes you view Max as someone who is basically incapable or hurting anyone, which while she wouldn’t purposely want to, she is humans and humans can and will hurt people whether they mean to or not. Chloe’s feelings of anger and abandonment toward Max are so extremely valid, but this is something you don’t really see or feel while you’re playing the OG as Max. You only see Chloe’s actions as something fuelled by unnecessary anger and selfishness, when that’s not the case.
She’s feeling hurt from her father dying and her mother moving on with some guy who does NOT respect her at all, and dealing with her best friend since childhood just leaving her behind. Anyone would be hurt and distressed by that.
All the diary entries and her own opinions of the different characters, add to the character development of Chloe. Along with that, her inner monologue also lets you into her thoughts a lot, yet again adding more to her personality and just allowing you to really feel what it was like for her in the events leading up to the first Life is Strange.

Okay next, Rachel. My sweet bean. My lil princess rebel bbbbbbbbby.
Quick thing why do her and Chloe’s VA have to sound LITERALLY. EXACTLY. THE SAME. Way to confuse a girl. But hat fact aside, Rachel is beautiful. Such a beautiful character. I have seen some people worrying about Rachel’s character ACTUALLY being realised and put into reality, since her whole appeal in the OG was the fact that she was so appealing BECAUSE of the mystery behind this missing girl that everyone absolutely adored. And they’re not wrong, that was the whole appeal. There’s this girl that we have never met that everyone adored so much and was loved by everyone, of course you’d be worried that it would be ruined once she’s actually put into game as a real life person and character.
Thing is, I don’t think it ruins it. It only cements the fact that Rachel IS that character that everyone spoke of her as. The perfect and popular girl that was friends with everyone. I don’t know what else I can really say about Rachel except hat I LOVE HER and the ending scene with her breaks my DAMN heart.

Now I wanna talk about the junkyard scene with Chloe and Rachel. I need to because DAMN BOI MY EMOTIONS. Quick run down: Rachel is acting quite weird with Chloe, Chloe calls her out on it and Rachel isn’t having it. Chloe tries to get her to not leave the junkyards and confesses her feelings for her, and even though Rachel feels the same thing due to whatever has happened she can’t be there right now so she leaves.
Chloe is hurt as heck by that. She does her Chloe thing and smashes everything in her sights and that scene alone with Chloe crying, her anger, and the DAMN background music is already emotional enough. But then they show Chloe finding her dads wrecked car in the junkyard, the car he died in. And oH BOY the feelings.
They way they showed Chloe’s emotions when seeing that car, but also mixed with her anger and her then smashing the car due to that mix of emotions, honestly worked so well in creating an immersing and emotion filled experience for the player.
The final scene, they show Chloe reuniting with Rachel and Rachel apologising for the way she acted and you find out what is upsetting her (spoiler: her dads having an affair and she’s angry af)
She then burns a photo of her and her dad in a trash can, kicks over the van and it lights a tree on fire.
Then, obviously being filled with rage and sadness, she screams out in pain toward the tree and oh boy oh man oh mAN, I don’t think I’ve ever had a SCREAM feel so painful. I felt the pain in each scream. I don’t know how they did it and made me actually cry with a simple scream, but damn. Bloody 10/10.

A few smaller things I want to mention: they NAILED it with the soundtrack. That was one thing I was worried about but I think they smashed it.
I’m curious to see how much we see of Nathan in this game as well since seeing him briefly in this first episode. Is he gonna be as prevalent as the first? Or just a side character?
Also, the dialogue in this game is actually so good. Obviously a lot is cheesy monologue because it’s coming from a bunch of 16 year old teenagers, but for what it is it’s really accurate and portrays a lot of emotions so raw and genuinely.

I went into this game obviously being so hyped because I love this game, but also cautious BECAUSE it is being created by a different studio and I didn’t want this game to be ruined for me, but I can honestly say with 100% confidence that this game did NOT disappoint and they did it so much justice.
It may only be the first episode of three but damn, I really cannot fault it all too much, if any at all.

There’s probably so much that I missed talking about but I guess these are the main things that stood out.

If you actually read all this you deserve some kind of a medal so thank you

codarra  asked:

Have you ever found anything specific for self-sacrifice? That is my jam! I know it could fall under the protective!character tags, but not quite the same thing. Thanks for all your team does! <3

here’s what i was able to find

Echo by Saucery (1/1 | 1,535 | G)

Soon after Deaton begins training him, Stiles starts weaving talismans for the pack.

bend bridges, mend bones by Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (1/1 | 20,588 | R)

They burst through the portal in a gust of stale air and violet light, landing hard on the outskirts of a swamp. Stiles feels his knees buckle, both from the magic required to keep the portal open and from the force of their landing, but he grits his teeth, determined to stay standing in the presence of Derek Hale and his pack. Christ, it would be just his luck to rocket through his own portal at neck-breaking speeds and collide face-first with a puddle of sticky, disgusting mud.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen, which is good because Stiles can’t really afford to add useless to the list of things that Mage’s are; untrustworthy cowards, meddlers, monsters.

(In which there’s an awful lot of fighting, people learn to trust people, and Stiles saves the day. Repeatedly. Over and over again. And he would like some credit, goddamnit, Derek.)

It’s hard to know which one of us is caving by sarcasticbones (24/24 | 42,650 | NC17)

Stiles is a badass, it just takes him some bumps and bruises to figure out.

It Smells Like Coming Home by SourWolfie (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel) (1/1 | 7,884 | NC17)

“Are you okay, Derek?”
“Derek?” He asked in reply. “Is that my name?”

Derek woke up surrounded by teenagers. They said they were his friends, his pack. But he couldn’t remember them. He couldn’t even remember his own name. And then there was the beautiful, gawky boy who smelt like lust and acted all weird around him. A boy that he wished he could remember. Because the boy smelt perfect and safe and like home. He smelt like he was Derek’s, so how could he possibly be anything but?

anonymous asked:

Weird ask; How would the boys act if they got drunk? I know it's silly but my friends and I (who love CP to death) were wondering.

(These sorts of asks are always so much fun…)

Rod = Talkative Drunk

Karma = Sad Drunk

Rumpel = Mostly Unaffected Drunk

Fritz = Sassy Drunk

Waltz = Immediately-passes-out Drunk

Bonus: Lucette = Bitchy Drunk

Roses On Your Neck - Part 3

Parring: Dean Winchester X Reader

Word: 1395

Warnings: Be warned, there is swearing!

Summary: The world is ending, nothing new

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You could feel Sam look between the two of you, and you moved your glance away from Dean. And then it was over.

“So, what are we gonna do about it? “you asked, looking at Sam, who shrugged with his eyes on the papers in his hands.

“Well, not far from here someone found numbers burned into a dead dog” Sam said, and you frowned. “120417”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? “Dean asked. “I mean, is it a phone number, coordinates, how many people we have killed… “

“Dean! “

“What? “

The two brothers exchanged glances, before Sam cleared his throat.

“Whatever the numbers mean they must be important” Sam said, looking through his papers. “They have appeared at least three other places, scratched on the arm of a dead girl, written in blood on a murder scene and cut into a tree”

“What does that have anything to do with all that has been happening? “You asked, looking between the boys.

“People are acting weird” Dean said with a shrug. You could see Sam move in his chair, but you didn’t mention it. You figured that if he wanted to talk, he would have said something. So, once again, you did not say anything.


Dean ignored you. He left the kitchen as soon as he found an excuse, and did nothing to talk to you again. You wondered what could make a person you barely knew hate you so much. He knew you were soulmates, so why ignore you like that! He had no problem talking with you and Sam, but as soon as Sam left, Dean followed him like a puppy.

“Did… something happen? “Sam asked a day after Dean had left you two. He said he was going to sleep, but it was no more than seven.

“I don’t know” you sighed, resting your head in your hands. You were tired of this. Tired of Dean, tired of all the questions, tired of the soulmate crap. He frustrated you, made you want to stab something! You wanted to stab him sometimes. You wanted to say screw it, to do something you knew you would regret, but enjoy in the moment. Other times you wanted to stab yourself, make a flower appear on his body. You could make tons of flowers appear, watch his face as he discovered a new one each day. You wanted to get back on him, for ignoring you, making you worry so much for all those years, and for thousands of other things you did not know.


You all sat in the kitchen, a book about ghosts in front of you, when it hit you. You let your hand fall, the sound causing the two men to look at you.

“Date! “you said, looking at them. “It’s a date! 120417! It’s April the 12th 2017! It’s… it’s tomorrow”

Your eyes moved from Sam to Dean, back to Sam, and then to Dean. They turned to look at each other, their surprise clearly expressed on their faces.

“So what, the world is ending tomorrow? “Sam asked, looking between you and Dean.

“Looks like it” Dean said, looking at you a moment before turning to Sam again. “Something is happening, that is for sure, the question is, what are we going to do about it? “

None of you said anything, none of you knew the answer to Dean’s question, and no one would continue it. You looked at each other, none of you breaking the silence that was filling you. You were all lost in your own thoughts.


“There is one thing I don’t understand… “

“Only one? “

You were all three sitting around the table later that afternoon. Sam had ordered food, but none of you ate anything.

“No, but… you say people are acting strange, what is strange? “

The two brothers looked at each other like they did every time you mentioned it. Sam lifted an eyebrow, looking at Dean who shook his head, nodding towards Sam.

“People… “Sam started, but stopped to look for words. “… Hurt… their soulmates”

You blinked a few times, letting the words sink in. People hurt their soulmates. They hurt their soulmates.

“It’s crazy, huh? “Dean said, and you turned your head to look at him. He looked at the table, but meet your eyes when you looked at him. “People are hurting the person they love the most. It’s crazy”

“But… why? “You asked, looking between the brothers. Something was going on between them, like a silent conversation.

“I guess they just, become angry? “Dean said, avoiding your glance. It was starting to make sense why he was avoiding you. You hoped it was because he did not want to hurt you, and not because you did not live up to his expectations of a soulmate.


“Y/N? “

Sam had suggested that you went early to bed, but you couldn’t sleep. You laid in your bed without closing your eyes. Your mind would not let you rest, but raised questions about tomorrow and Dean every other second. Your eyes had fell on the daisy on your chest, and had decided you would not be able to sleep that night. So, you had thrown on an old shirt, and wandered down the halls, knocking on Deans door.

“Hey… “you said, suddenly nervous. You had been convinced it was because he did not want to hurt you, but when you questioned it once again when you stood in front of him.

“Couldn’t sleep? “Dean asked, and you shock your head. He did not say anymore, but opened the door, letting you come inside. He closed the door, laid down in his bed, and suggested for you to lay down beside him. You walked slowly, letting Dean pull you close.

“I am sorry” he said after a minute of silence. He had his arm around you, your head resting between his and his shoulder.

“I guess I was scared” he continued, stroking your arm. “I didn’t want to hurt you, but it turns out I did anyway”

“Don’t worry about it” you said, staring into the ceiling. Dean’s body was warm, and it was much more comforting to lay beside him than in your own bed.

“I was a jerk” Dean said, and you turned your head to look at him.

“What are you gonna do tomorrow? “You asked. He turned his head, looking at you, smiling for a brief second, before It disappeared.

“I don’t know” he sighed, turning his head to look up again. “It depends on what is happening. But I don’t want you to worry your pretty little head about it. Sam and I have tried this before, we always figure it out”

“Promise? “you asked, and he looked down at you with a smile.

“Promise” he said, before kissing your forehead. Then he chuckled. “So, last night on earth, huh? What do you want to do? “

“Laying here is pretty nice” you said, snuggling closer to his body. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath when Dean buried his face in your hair.

“Yeah, it sure is”


The next day you woke up alone. The bunker was as empty as the bed as you wandered around, spending the day reading. You felt bad for leaving Sam and Dean to do it all, but you did not know what was going on, and even if you tried to find them, you probably couldn’t. And as Dean had said, they had tried this before, they would figure it out.

That was what you kept saying, as you forced yourself to actually do something, eat, read, eat, and go to bed, hoping you would wake up to Dean beside you.


You didn’t, but you woke up to something else.

When you woke up you looked for Dean or Sam in the bunker, but they had not yet returned. You decided to take a shower, but when you stepped out of the shower, you stopped in front of the mirror.

On your chest was the daisy, on your ankle a Jasmin and the left side of your face was covered in forget-me-nots.

You lifted your hand, letting your fingertips gaze your neck. In the mirror, they looked a lot darker than the others used to be, the string of roses around your neck.



regardless of whether you are pro or anti Klance, you can’t deny that their relationship development is actually a very important part of this show - a kid’s show. too much media is trying to tell boys (and girls) that boys have to hide their feelings and aren’t supposed to talk about feelings with other boys and God Forbid we even talk about sympathetic/comforting touching. it’s important that kids are watching Lance and Keith do this, two boys who are peers and friends, and not acting like it’s weird or unnatural

7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 16

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Taehyung would have to remain in hospital for at least two more days so you decided to somehow make his stay more bearable. Your initial idea was to bring some game consoles like your Nintendo which in the end you went through with since Jungkook had informed you that Taehyung enjoyed playing action games a lot. You took it upon yourself to search for games you knew he’d be able to enjoy to the fullest and although it took most of your afternoon, the joy that spread across his face was completely worth it.

Obviously, you couldn’t stay with him as you had to return to school the next day so after bidding him farewell, you started on your way home. As you were coming to the end of your walk home, you noticed two boys hanging around on the other side of the street, both beaten up quite badly. It took you a few seconds for you to realise there was a girl with them too, shamelessly flirting with the taller of the two. It wasn’t hard to connect the dots and make out that these were the two boys Taehyung had gotten into a fight with, whom later got their revenge.

You couldn’t stand to look at them whilst knowing what they had done to your friend and all the grief they had caused. The group was a mess when Taehyung was admitted into hospital and to see these two boys laughing and having fun made your blood boil. Maybe it was because you didn’t fully understand how gangs worked but that didn’t matter to you when someone who was trying to help, although maybe in the wrong way, had ended up getting seriously hurt.

Your eyes followed the movements of the girl who was now flicking her hair over her shoulder. Did she perhaps not know how dangerous these boys could be? Or was she the type to uselessly get involved with danger and bring a bad name to herself?

Anyhow, You were sure she looked familiar.


Arriving at school the next day, you walked straight to Areum’s class. You hadn’t had time to meet her in person since you arrived back in the country. Entering her classroom, you spotted her sitting beside the window and mad your way over.

When you reached her, you placed your hands over her eyes and leaned down beside her.

“Guess who?” Areum gasped in joy whilst removing your hands from her face and you shared a brief hug before you sat down on the desk in front of her own.  

“How was your trip Areum? Did you take loads of pictures?” When her hobby was mentioned, her face brightened even more and she nodded enthusiastically.

“Loads! I ran out of space halfway through though and had to delete a lot.” You were in the middle of replying when a certain student caught your eye.

It was the girl from the day before, the same one who had been flirting with the two boys who ended up putting Taehyung in hospital. So that’s why she seemed familiar, she attended your school.

“About a month ago there was another problem with a girl getting harassed. She goes to our school and she was begging me to help her, to pretend I was dating her or something”

But it can’t be her, why would she be blatantly flirting with the same boys she was supposedly getting harassed by? Unless…

“Maybe she’s the wrong girl…” Areum looked back and forth between you and the girl before deciding to snap you out of your thoughts.

“Why’re you looking at Na Young? Wrong girl for what?” Slowly drawing your gaze away from the girl you now knew as Na Young, you decided to fill Areum in on your thoughts.

“Tae is in hospital because he was attacked as revenge for protecting a girl that goes to this school. I saw her yesterday with the same boys Tae got into a fight with. Am I jumping to conclusions or is that weird to you too?” She seemed shocked at your explanation and you realised that you hadn’t actually told her anything about what had happened. Areum didn’t press for details however and instead began to sneak glances at Na Young.

“I don’t know… she’s a great student like you but she gives me weird vibes. Doesn’t seem like anyone else feels the same though.” In all honesty, Just looking at her made you feel cautious. She suddenly turned her attention to both you and Areum, shooting a kind smile. Your mouth twitched into a smile out of politeness and you glanced at Areum who was mirroring your expression.

You wouldn’t have been all that bothered if Na Young’s smile didn’t seem more forced than your own.


Taehyung had somehow managed to call you during your lunch break, claiming that your Nintendo had ran out of battery and requested that your being your charger. A charger is something you should have brought in the first place but your thoughts were scattered and it completely slipped your mind.

You had ended up agreeing to bring it after school which was why you were currently searching your drawers for it.

“Looking for this?”

You spun around to find your sister swinging the charger, a blank look on her face.

“I’m not even going to ask how you knew I was looking for that.” A slight smile graced her lips and she walked into your room, handing you the charger before looking up at you with the most innocent look she could muster.

“You’re sixteen now, that’s just creepy to look at… what do you want?” She dropped her innocent expression and stood up straight, attempting to come across as confident.

“I want to go visit Jungkook’s friend Taehyung at the hospital too.”

You blinked once. You blinked twice.

Your younger sister had only ever met Taehyung once and that was when he came over to your house to pick you up and hang out with the boys. Then you suddenly remembered how he had left a lasting impression on your sister. She practically looked up to him and it wasn’t a surprise since most of the time she acted childish and loud. You supposed she bonded with him quite quickly once she noticed how he had a similar mentality to her.

In other words, you believed she had a slight crush on him.

“Oh… if you want to I guess.” A grin quickly spread on her face and she raced back to her room to get ready.

What had you just agreed to?


The hospital reception was exceptionally empty this particular day and you headed straight for Taehyung’s room, your sister in tow.

Upon arrival, you knocked a couple of times, entering when you heard a reply from the other side of the door. Inside you found Taehyung sitting up against the headboard of the bed and a smiling girl sitting on a seat beside him. It was only when you drew closer that you realised said girl was Na Young.

“Y/N! My guardian snack angel is here!” You couldn’t help the smile that creeped onto your face as a result of Taehyung’s own contagious smile. Na Young meekly smiled from her side of the room and you stopped yourself before you furrowed your eyebrows.

So you were right then. She was the girl Taehyung stood up for. But then why was she with the two boys who she ‘oh so desperately’ wanted to stay away from?

“Hello Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet you. Taehyung is always talking about you and how your his favourite girl friend.” You sensed poorly hidden bitterness in her tone and by the way Taehyung’s eyebrows shot up, he sensed it too.

Brushing it off, you walked further into the room and placed your bag down on the table beside his bed before deciding to reply.

“Well, I am technically his only girl friend aside from Areum.” The smile never dropped from her face but you noticed a slight twitch on the corner of her lips. Turning towards Taehyung, you leaned down to give him a hug which he returned with joy.

“I brought you the charger and some snacks too. Wait, I won’t get in trouble for feeding you all these snacks, will I?” He shrugged his shoulders as he dug around the bag you handed him, pulling out a packet of crisps and the Nintendo charger.

Finally remembering you brought a guest, you glanced at the sort to see your sister peeking her head around the side of the door.

“Oh Taehyung, S/N wanted to visit you.” Once again, a grin appeared in his face and he enthusiastically beckoned you sister over. She too smiled and walked forward before presenting her own bag of snacks and games.

“I promised that I’d lend you this game, so here it is.” She whipped out a game case and Taehyung clapped his hands in excitement, cheering.

“Yes! I was waiting for this, thank you so much!”

The next hour was spent making conversation although Na Young didn’t contribute as much as the rest of you. When your sister suddenly stood from her seat, she declared that she was going to buy a drink from the vending machine on the ground floor and left the room. You conversed for a couple more minutes before Na Young claimed that she needed some fresh air and took off.

You took this as your one and only chance to make sense of your thoughts.

“Tae, when did Na Young approach you about her situation?”

He paused the game he was playing and looked up in contemplation before replying seconds later.

“I guess the week before you left for Japan.”

Maybe that wasn’t the best question to ask.

“Well, when you confronted the boys was she there and if she was did she act weird?” It seemed your questions had made him curious since he furrowed his eyebrows in slight confusion.

“Yeah she was there and I’m not really sure but what’s with all these questions? Is something wrong?” You really didn’t want to be the one to tell him but you were the only one who actually saw Na Young the day before with the boys who attacked Taehyung.

“I… I don’t know, it’s just weird. Are you sure Na Young was actually in trouble? I saw her yesterday with the same boys you confronted. There was no way I could mistake them for anyone else.”

Taehyung’s eyebrows dipped even more and he shifted in his bed.

“Wait, what? You mean Na Young lied to me?” Taehyung didn’t sound all too hurt, if anything he sounded shocked that someone had actually approached him and lied straight to his face. He wasn’t the type of person you would willingly approach. He may have a bubbly exterior but many students had heard of his notorious fights and they didn’t tend to end well.

“We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. All I’m saying is you should be cautious because it seems like she knowingly put you here. God knows what for.” Taehyung stared down at his sheets for a few moments before his expression reverted back to its carefree look.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, she’s not important to me.” You sighed in relief at the fact that Taehyung seemed to remain unaffected by what was most likely the truth.

“Where is S/N? She’s been gone quite a while.” It was only when Taehyung mentioned your sister that you realised it had in fact been fifteen minutes since you last saw her. Buying a drink definitely doesn’t take that long.

“Hold on, I’ll be back.” Pushing yourself up, you walked out into the hallway and climbed down the nearby stairs. When you reached the ground floor, you spotted the vending machine your sister had supposedly gone to. She was nowhere to be seen so you decided to search the hospitals garden. As soon as you stepped out, you were grabbed, dragged to the side and pushed done onto your knees.

A glance to the side revealed that it was your sister who had pushed you into hiding. Not wanting to make any noise, you raised an eyebrow at her and she tapped her ear, silently telling you to listen.

“He’s leaving the hospital tomorrow. I don’t want to get involved again! Why didn’t you finish him when you had the chance? I’m not doing that! Well, tell Gun Ho to go fuck himself!” It wasn’t hard to figure out that the voice belonged to Na Young and you weren’t even half surprised at her side of the conversation you just eavesdropped in. You could almost say you saw it coming.

That didn’t stop you from feeling immense anger at her and your sister could practically see that too. However, you knew she wouldn’t stop you from doing what you felt you needed to do. Getting into your feet, you brushed your knees off and stood behind Na Young, waiting for her to finish her phone call. When she finished yelling into her phone, she placed it back into her pocket and spun on her heel, jumping slightly when she came face to face with you.

“Oh, hey-”

“Cut that shit out. I heard your conversation and I saw you yesterday. What the fuck do you think you’re doing.” She didn’t even flinch when you revealed that you knew everything, she just readjusted her bag straps.

“Just doing what I’m told to.” You could have body slammed her at that exact moment. You couldn’t believe she had the audacity to say that to you without the slightest hint of remorse.

“Oh, I guess messing up the lives of kind hearted people is normal for you then? Because Taehyung only had the purest intentions in mind when you came running to him for 'help’ even if he did end up beating the shit out of your little boyfriends.” She rolled her eyes at you and stepped to the side, trying to walk around you. Before she could do so, you blocked her path once again.

“I don’t even want to know why you’re doing this, I just want you to leave Taehyung alone because trust me, it’s not going to end well for you.” She scoffed and crossed her arms, placing her weight on one foot and giving you a quick once over.

“Are you threatening me? Do you know who you’re messing with?” You let a slight smirk cross your lips and Na Young’s eyes narrowed at you.

“I’m not threatening you. I’m looking out for you. It wouldn’t be nice if Taehyung’s friends found out that you caused all of this. They’re very protective of each other, you know?” She held your stare for a few more moments before she let out a deep sigh.

“I’m going. I never wanted to be a part of this in the first place.”  She stood up straight before mumbling a goodbye and walked straight out of the hospital.

“That was kind of cool but you could have made it less cheesy.” Your younger sister stood beside you, watching the doors Na Young had just left through.

“Well I didn’t exactly plan it, did I? But I’m surprised it ended the way it did.”

Your sister switched her gaze to you before placing her hands on her hips, breathing out through her nose.

“If I’m being completely honest, me too.”

You hoped that would be the last time you had to interact with Na Young.