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Hi! How are you? Could I have some headcanons on how Dorephan and Sidon's s/o interact over the course of the relationship? Thank you for your time!

[A/N: Absolutely!]

King Dorephan and Sidon’s s/o interactions

  • In the beginning of yours and Sidon’s relationship, it’s very important to Sidon that you and his father meet. King Dorephan and you are actually nervous about meeting each other

  • He greets you with open arms, but you walk around on eggshells for a few months not completely comfortable in the presence of Nobility. (Sidon is easier to deal with)

  • Dorephan tries to engage conversations about yourself if Sidon is busy. He wants to know what you do for a living, but he won’t judge what it is. He trusts his son enough to find himself a good partner despite what they do.

  • He will, however, play word games and questions so cleverly disguise he’ll be able to know if you’re a good person or not (he loves his son and trusts him, but is very cautious of gold diggers)

  • You will try to become more friendly and opting to ask Dorephan out for lunch and the likes to get to know him better.

  • This brings him immense joy because he wants to be part of his son’s life and feels accepted completely if you choose to hang out with him.

  • The more he learns about you the more he’ll began to spoil you as if you were his own child with weapons, gifts, food and shelter. Papa Dorephan makes sure his love ones are taken care of

  • You will feel comfortable enough to explain your insecurities of your relationship with Sidon to Dorephan. He knows not every relationship is perfect and knows his son isn’t also, so he’ll be more than willing to be the shoulder you need and also the support to put Sidon in his place.

  • Which isn’t often but when Sidon starts getting forgetful, you can bet Dorephan will make sure Sidon is giving you the attention you deserve, but also this is vice verse. Dorephan will make sure to point out faults on your end, but he won’t belittle either of you. Just a friendly father’s kick in the ass to you both

  • He likes to tease Sidon a lot, and will more often than not jest “My boy, I say that [Name] is quite fetching. I may be falling for them.” or “If you do not treat them well, I will take them.” All which you are there for and completely embarrassed, but it’s hilarious to see Sidon get worked up over his Dad’s teasing. (it makes Sidon loves you ten times more even know his father is joking but part of him isn’t willing to risk it)

  • He likes to shower you in compliments and let you know that you’re doing a fine job being Sidon’s partner. Lots and lots of teasing tho, this big guy has a funny bone. 

  • He will drop hints here and there that he can’t wait to be your in-law to embarrass the crap out of you though.

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Seth Rollins number 13 - I lost our baby

A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sons name.

It had been 6 months since you’d had your baby. He was a happy cheeky boy who looked just like his dad. The father in question however was currently running around like a mad man doing his best to avoid you and a find your now missing son.

You were backstage at Raw and all the girls wanted to catch up so Seth insisted that he take your son and look after him while you had some girl time. However Seth had got called to do a last minute promo so had quickly thrust your son into the arms of Cesaro who had been told by Seth to say there and not to move.

Seth had just finshed his promo, taking half an hour to film because of technical issues. When he got back to the spot where he left Cesaro and your son they were nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it Ceasro! I told you stay put.” he muttered to himself as he called Cesaro for probably the 10th time in 1 minute. Getting no answer from Cesaro’s phone Seth started to get frantic, he was running down corridors and asking people if they’d seen him. Everyone he spoke to said they hadn’t seen him, okay his heart was definatly on its way up his throat. As Seth was on his way to back to see you it was like he had an epiphany, Cesaro had probably thought he was taking to long so taken your son back to you! Seth sprinnted faster down those corridors that he had ever ran before to get to you and the girls, only to find you with no baby and no sign of Cesaro.

“Hey babe……. where’s (Y/S/N)?” You cocked your head slightly to the side.


“Seth Rollins you tell me where he is right now or I swear to God I will divorce you!” Your voice started to raise as the panic set in. Seth was a good father but boy could he be ditzy sometimes.

“I….ummm….. I lost our baby.” He looked down and you could see the tears in his eyes as he started to fiddle with his hands. “I had to do a last minute promo so I asked Cesaro to look after (Y/S/N) and the camera kept fucking up so it took longer than I expected and when I came back they were gone. I swear to God I looked everywhere love and I….just…I just can’t find them. I’m the worst parent ever.” By now the tears had started to fall and you coud see how dissapointed with himself for letting this happen. You closed the gap between the two of you and pulled him in for a hug, as soon as his head made contact with your shoulders his body started to shake with sobs.

“Hey you’re not a bad parent. You asked Cesaro to look after him and I’m sure he’s fine. Cesaro’s probably just taken him to the bathroom or something.” As if on que the swissman came round the corner holding your son and a bag from the merch shop. When he saw the scene in front of him he came running over, dropping the bag by you and placing a comforting hand on Seth’s back.

“Hey what’s going on?” Seth’s head shot up and instantly grabbed your son from him.

“Where the hell have you been? Why didin’t stay and wait for me to finish the promo?!” Seth’s harsh tone made Cesaro take a step back.

“You were taking longer that usual and (Y/S/N) started to get restless so I thought we’d pop down to the shop and get him some shirts, when I got back to where the promo was you had gone. People said they’d seen you head this way so here were are.” You could see the guilt wash over Cesaros face as he was piecing it all together. “I didn’t mean for you to worry…”

“Yeah well it’s to late for that. I was running round this place like a lunatic worried sick at what could have happened!” Seth’s raised voice made your son cry so you grabbed him and started to shush him. Once your sons cries finally started die down you spoke.

“Seth calm down. He’s safe and fine. You and I both know Cesaro meant well and we both trust him to look after (Y/S/N). Dont be mad at him, he was only doing something nice.” Seth took a deep breath looking at Cesaro’s sheepish face.

“I’m sorry man. It just freaked me out you know? Next time text me.” Seth joked and pulled Cesaro into a hug.

“OMG this is so cute!” They were interupted by you pulling a baby Kingslayer shirt out of the bag.

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Astro Rocky - Hogwarts AU /*

Park Minhyuk x Reader 

Format: Timeline

Word count: 3,5k+

As requested by @lovethyfandoms2 🌟

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First Year – September

The murmur of the train’s engine is calming. The Hogwarts Express is leaving in a few minutes, and you’re alone in a compartiment, in the front of the vehicle. The loud kids tend to gather in the back, following some unspoken convention, and you’d rather to avoid them. Plunged in your novel, with your headphones in, you don’t notice when someone opens the door.

“Hey! Mind if I join you?” a voice questions.

Your eyes turn to the intruder. “I’m sorry?”

“I was wondering if I could join you,” the boy says with a smile. “The other compartiments are all full.”

“Oh…” You take off your headphones and pause your music. “Sure, I guess.”

Already beaming, he somehow manages to brighten up. “I’m San Ha! Yoon San Ha! What’s your name?”

“It’s Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N! Are you a first year too?”


He sits down in front of you. “We might get sorted into the same house! I hope I get Hufflepuff! My father told me their common room is near the kitchen. How cool is that?” He doesn’t give you the time to answer. “Oh! And the head of the house if Professor Longbottom! As in Neville Longbottom! He’s like, so, so cool. I’m so excited. Can you tell I’m excited? ‘Cause I am!”

You chuckle, appreciating his genuine happiness. “I’m excited too.” You hesitate. “My two parents aren’t wizards, you see. This is very new and strange… But I like it.”

He gasps. “I’ve never had a muggleborn friend. Can we be friends?”

You stare at him, smiling in disbelief. “Okay! Let’s do that.”

A knock at the door interrupts your new friend, who was about to speak. There’s a boy at the door. He seems a bit older.

“Rocky!” San Ha almost shouts. “What’s up, dude?” He points to you. “This is Y/N. She’s my friend.”

The newcomer doesn’t seem destabilized by San Ha’s intensity.

“I’m all good!” He turns to you. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Park Minhyuk. Second-year, from Gryffindor. Everyone calls me Rocky, though,” he adds with a grin.

You return his smile. “Hey!”

The older boy sits down next to San Ha. As the Hogwarts Express moves steadily north, you end up having a long chat with the two others. You tell about the internet, and video games, and science. They’re actually interested, and you’re glad to teach them new things. In return, they answer all your questions about the wizarding world. The ambiance is merry, and you can’t keep your smile off your face. Once or twice, the two boys even manage make you laugh to tears.


Under the resounding cheers of your new housemates, you get sorted into Ravenclaw. The Hat puts San Ha into Hufflepuff… As the year flies by, you learn many new things and begin to feel like you’re part of this world – this mysterious, interesting and beautiful world. You become friends with your Ravenclaw roommates, but you prefer to hang with San Ha and Minhyuk, when possible. San Ha never fails to make you see the good side of things, and Minhyuk makes you laugh, even though you two often argue about insignificant things, under San Ha’s annoyed stare.


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Hi there! Can I request a scene with canon!Laurent and Auguste, perhaps the night before the battle. I love what you did with the relationship between Auguste and Laurent in "lines on the palm" but I'm really curious as to how you interpret their relationship back when Laurent was still young enough to be shy and bookish, and worship Auguste with no reservations. Thank you!!!


Auguste looks up and sees the yellow head, hesitantly inserted through the tent flap. He smiles and sets his sword aside. It’s been cleaned enough, polished enough. He knows he’s just losing himself in the reflective surface, now, trying not to think too hard or too far ahead. This is a better distraction.

“Hello there, Sparrow.”

It’s a dull brown name for such a golden boy. But Laurent hasn’t lost the bright, inquisitive way of peering at things that first earned him the name when he was barely old enough to walk. It’s on his face, along with a brief and subdued version of his usual smile, when Auguste waves him all the way inside.

“I heard Father talking,” Laurent says. “You’re planning to challenge?”

“Yes,” Auguste says. “If the Akielons have any honour, they will accept. It will save a lot of unnecessary bloodshed.”

Laurent takes this in solemnly, as he takes everything in. “Vere has used single combat to settle hostilities three times in history,” he says, unexpectedly. “We were defeated twice of those times. And won once. Two hundred years ago, King Josse defeated the champion of Ver-Vassal at the battle of Mont-Lys.”

“You know everything, don’t you?” Auguste says with affection. “I will need that head of yours, little brother, when I am king. Don’t go knocking it against anything.” Not that he thinks Laurent has the temperament to disguise himself in armour and go looking for the front line of a battle, as he himself would have done at that age. But it’s worth the reminder.

“You can even the score,” Laurent says.

Auguste laughs. “You’re very confident.”

“Nobody can best you,” Laurent says, with a trust that takes Auguste’s heart in its fist and squeezes.

He smiles, a little. “I hope not.”

Laurent comes closer, all the way close, and leans into Auguste. His voice is still a boy’s voice, but he’s growing. His head comes all the way up to Auguste’s chest now.

“I still wish you didn’t have to do it,” he says, muffled.

Auguste hugs him tight, then pulls back, his hands on Laurent’s shoulders. Fondness fills his chest like water. His younger brother is already such a clever, beautiful, caring boy. It’s going to be incredible watching him grow up and into his gifts.

“Laurent, this is part of being a prince, or a king. It’s valuing the good of the kingdom and its people above your own life. It’s being glad to take the risk, and willing to make the sacrifice when required. No matter what happens tomorrow, promise me you’ll remember that.”

“Make the sacrifice when required,” Laurent says, quietly.


“All right,” Laurent says. “I promise.”

For @seasless. 😘

On the left we have James (Harvey suggested the name, as a nod to Mike’s dad supposedly, but Mike suspects it was actually more to do with a certain awesome starship captain), but he usually goes by Jamie, and on the right we have Gordon (absolutely a nod to Harvey’s dad and one Mike was happy to consent to), who of course is immediately Gordy to almost every one from the day he’s born.

Jamie is boisterous and full of beans. He lives for Little League (Harvey coaches his team and swears he isn’t being biased when he says Jamie is the next Derek Jeter) and water pistol fights and when he’s older he will definitely be caught raiding the liquor cabinet. He’s also crazy about Donna and will develop a lifelong preference for redheads because of it.

Gordy is quieter, a little more reserved and shy until he really gets to know you. He loves reading and drawing and is definitely the musician in the family (he could make a living at it when he’s older, of that Harvey has no doubt, already mentally clearing space in his office for the first Grammy award which Gordy will obviously gift him with). He also loves helping Uncle Benjamin with his inventions, but he thinks his Uncle Louis is a little too obsessed with cats.

The boys (fraternal twins) are adopted and yet somehow Mike can’t help thinking that they’ve both inherited Harvey’s traits. His athleticism, competitiveness and playfulness in Jamie; his loyalty, warmth and love of music in Gordy. Harvey doesn’t say anything when Mike mentions this. He just smirks and his eyes twinkle in that way which shouldn’t still be so distracting to Mike after eight years of marriage and eight years of dancing round each other before that and Mike knows he agrees.

And yet they’re both just as surely Mike’s kids. They’re stubborn and bright, compassionate and empathetic, with hearts the size of Texas. And they can wrap Harvey round their little fingers.

And whether you chalk it up to nature or nurture, they’re both as into movies as their dads. Friday night is movie night in the Specter-Ross household. There’s nothing all four of them enjoy more than snuggling up on the huge couch Mike picked out when he and Harvey bought this house together, Mike insisting on decorating it like a proper family home and not some pristine, minimalist bachelor pad. Harvey rolled his eyes and grumbled, but he didn’t fool Mike for one second. This is the home he’s always craved too.

Of course, movie night wouldn’t be complete without snacks. Some nights there’s popcorn and chips and too much soda. Other nights there’s pizza (yes, the kind with cheese in the crust) and French fries and chocolate milk. But always there’s superhero pyjamas (and that’s not just the kids, much to Harvey’s never-ending amusement and fondness every time he spies Mike in those Spidey bottoms) and soft Henley’s (which, again, shouldn’t still be so distracting, but decidedly are) and sometimes an old Harvard t-shirt or sweatshirt (and seriously, Mike wonders, does Harvey have a guy in Boston supplying him with those things or something because they can’t all still be from his college days surely??).

They take it in turns choosing an age-appropriate movie so they each get one choice a month, and, honestly, if you’d told Harvey ten years ago that this would be his life, lazing on an overstuffed couch on a Friday night with Mike’s head a warm, welcome weight on his shoulder and a beautiful, perfect, beloved son curled up on each of their laps, popcorn strewn about the place from their food fight earlier and the latest Pixar behemoth on the box, he’d have said you were crazy. But now he just shakes his head in wonderment and counts his lucky stars, all the while wondering what the hell he did to deserve all this.

And while Lily may be a part of his life again, and a stellar grandmother to the boys, he sometimes still has to swallow a not insubstantial amount of anger when he looks at Mike and their two sons and can’t even begin to comprehend the idea of doing anything that would put him at risk of losing them, put him at risk of hurting them.

But then Mike smiles at him or Jamie throws himself into his arms demanding hugs or Gordy tugs on his sleeve and asks him to play Grandpa Gordon’s records again and the knot in his chest both eases and tightens at the same time as he lets go of the anger and love floods his system all over again.

And, really, there’s no other place any of them would rather be right now than here, together. Mike and Harvey aren’t stupid. They both know it won’t always be this way. All too soon they’ll be alone on Friday nights as friends and dates take their place, and later work commitments and maybe families of their own. But that’s all right too.

Sure, they’ll miss these nights together, but they’ll still have each other (and Jamie’s rings from winning the World Series multiple times, alongside Gordy’s platinum discs commemorating his several bestselling albums because no matter what Mike says about being realistic Harvey knows their boys are destined for greatness) and they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they raised two good men.

Two good men who will never doubt how much they were loved and wanted, and who will carry both their names, and their fathers’ names, forward into the future and bring nothing but honour and respect to them, and to the two men who taught them the meaning of family and showed them what it means to love and be loved.

And in the meantime, they’ve still got ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’, the Indiana Jones trilogy (yeah, both Mike and Harvey agree they’re stopping at the third one) and ‘The Princess Bride’ ahead of them to discover anew through bright, wide, innocent eyes that they couldn’t love any more than if they were born of their own flesh and blood.

alright but caesar’s wiki page says his life goal is to have a happy family

imagine caesar as a father because this is what i need.

imagine how overjoyed he is when he finds out his wife is pregnant.

imagine the lengths he goes to to take care of her during the pregnancy and birth (and imagine how much he worries and frets about her)

imagine him naming it after his father or grandfather (if it’s a boy). imagine the tears coming to his eyes as he cradles the newborn for the first time. imagine the overjoyed feeling in his heart when he sees his wife holding the baby because this is his greatest moment in life, to finally have the family he always dreamed of having and to get to be the father he didn’t have growing up

and imagine joseph HOLY SHIT imagine him all like “HEYYYY CAESARINO YOURE A FATHER NOW LOL”

imagine him trying to make faces to the baby



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Do you think zeke's ideas about eren would change once he learns eren wasn't really brainwashed and has been helping the walled world out of his own volition? Would he stop wanting to "rescue" him? Or does he genuinely care about his little brother?

I think Zeke’s pained and worried expression upon seeing his little brother for the first time is sincere. 

Zeke probably spent his entire life thinking his parents were dead (or mindless titans. same difference). When he met up with Bert and Reiner after Utgard, he learned from them that the person who held the coordinate power was a boy named “Eren Jaeger”, a young man whose father was a doctor and had a basement with the secrets of the world. It wouldn’t take much for Zeke to put it all together. He realized at that moment that his father had somehow regained human form and went on and had a life without him. I’m no psychologist, but learning that your dead father is alive and has a new family would probably mess with you, especially if you’d grown up feeling responsible for his death. So meeting Eren Jaeger was probably very emotional for Zeke. It was solid proof of all of that. 

I never thought I’d have strong feelings for Zeke, but oops here they are. Grisha called what he did to Zeke “indoctrination”. We can just as easily call it “brainwashing”. 

I know Grisha had his reasons. It isn’t my intent to vilify him. I am very much of the belief that Grisha is a “good” guy, whatever that even means in the context of this series. But Zeke was very much a victim of his father. He has every right to assume Eren is as well. I don’t see Eren changing Zeke’s mind about any of that. Especially when Zeke finds out his father injected Eren against his will and forcibly had him take up his cause.

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Hi! I just wanted to say that your Luke headcanons have been killin' me. The stuff about his speeder and Owen and Beru and worrying about him being like Anakin was so wonderful and heartbreaking. I live for headcanons about how much Owen and Beru loved and worried about Luke. And I think so much about how Luke is THEIR legacy as much as his parents', two relatively ordinary, very good people who did their best with this kid who was maybe always a little too much, a always little uncanny. Yeah.

Thank you, yes, the relationship between Luke & his aunt & his uncle is a fascinating one that fandom has, understandably (given how briefly it is in the films) neglected. Here’s a few more thoughts:

  • you left her Owen spits. His step-brother flinches. He’s Owen’s age, thereabouts, but looks older: something about his eyes, depthless and wild and strangely yellow, like some distant sun is reflecting in them. But he’s younger as well, and reckless with it, and he left her, he left her, and grief twines up Owen’s spine, swallowing up any small thing like sense. (It is not wise to antagonise Anakin Skywalker at any point, and this point least of all. He is grieving. He is furious. Not twenty hours ago he slaughtered an encampment of Sand People, men and women and children alike, and he still smells their blood, raw and burned; and he hears them screaming mercy mercy and – )
  • Owen is a boy bereft as well, remember. Shmi raised him. Grief is a shadow, a veil, and swamps all beneath it; and he crowds Anakin, aching with sadness; if he were Force sensitive he would quail at the howl of Anakin’s fury, the ghosts tangled in his cloak, the screams – but he has all the Force sensitivity of a potato, and so he shows his teeth and spits you left her! you left us! if you had been here –
    • I could have saved her, says Anakin. He’s panting, nostrils flared like a womp rat run to ground. If I were here –
    • But you left!
    • You’re not her son – 
    • Not by blood, no, but more than you were, I was more of a son to her than you –
  • And, just like that, Owen cannot breathe. His fingers fly to his throat. His eyes bug. Unseen claws haul him up to Anakin’s eyes (fevered and yellow and hungry) and his stepbrother (brother – ) snarls, I should kill you and if Owen knew the Jedi and their propensity for reading thoughts, he might have tried to think something that would have convinced Anakin otherwise; tried and failed, for Anakin is sick and tired of being manipulated and just like a dog from the dust he has the taste of blood in his teeth and – 
  • But Owen doesn’t know the ways of the Jedi. He thinks, instead, mother I’m sorry I don’t know who’ll care for father if I die – 
  • The pressure is released. Owen rasps in air. Anakin says, you will stay to care for your father, in this hell-cursed place, you will stay – you don’t know how lucky –  
  • Owen wants very much to break his nose. Instead he says, low and bitter, I know my duty. I know my job. I’ll stay. I was more of a son to her than you. You left her behind –
    • I had no choice – 
    • There is always a choice. 
  • He never sees Anakin again. He is not given to introspection. He doesn’t ponder what could have been. He marries Beru. She is sweet and kind and constant – like his mother. His father dies. And then Ben Kenobi comes to him, a babe in arms, and says that Anakin Skywalker is dead, and here is his son. Beru’s womb is empty, despite their best efforts, and children are always welcome on Tattooine. What’s his name? says Owen. Luke
  • The boy is strange and sharp and always a little too much. Beru says he’s too harsh on the boy, and all Owen can do is take her hands in his and tell her, again, of the one and only time he met Anakin Skywalker. How he could not breathe. How his eyes seared yellow. And how he had snarled: I had no choice. How the Jedi had taken him. There is a choice, he said, and we are making the right one
  • Owen believes in the Force. He fears it, as one should. The Force is the heat and the brush fire and the drought, the burning-brand sun and the sudden flood. It is the whispers from the dunes outside: give me the child, you cannot keep him from me, from his destiny, there is no choice – 
  • He shuts the windows, cranks up the radio, and does not listen to the soft voices outside.

Remus going back to Tonks after leaving and seeing Harry in DH, for 31stoctober1981

Remus had listened. Carefully. He had understood one thing: despite the fear, despite the war, despite everything… He loved Nymphadora Tonks, and she loved him back. That was what really mattered. He had to go back to her, he knew it; he had to protect her, be with her… be with the mother of his child.

He stood in front of Andromeda Tonks’ door, expecting the shouting, the tears, fearing that his apologies wouldn’t be enough. He would deserve it, he thought. He would even deserve a fine punch i the face; he knew Tonks wouldn’t hesitate. A little smile crossed his face, but it died instantly as he rang the bell.

The door didn’t open. He rang again, and it took a moment for him to get a response:

“Aunt Dromeda, is that you?” A quiet, hoarse voice came from behind the door. Remus’ heart jumped in his chest.

“It’s me, Tonks.” He said quietlty.

Everything remained silent for a moment, then the door opened. This time, Remus’ heart stopped. She had lost a couple of pounds since the last time he had seen her; her cheeks weren’t rosy and round like they used to be, they were pale, hollow. Her hair weren’t bubble gum pink anymore, they were brownish. Her eyes were puffed and red. But what truly caught Remus’ attention was the little bump she had just under her breast.

She stood there, her eyes wide, teary. But she didn’t say anything. She didn’t shout, nor did she cry. She merely stood, supporting herself with one hand against the door, the other protectively resting upon her belly.

“I came back.” Remus croaked, looking back into her eyes.

Tonks half gasped half sobbed. “Where were you?” She whispered after a while; no more sound would come out of her tightened throat.

“Too far.” Remus answered, cursing himself mentally for hurting her so badly. “But i’ve come back, Dora. I’m going to fix everything, I’ll take care of you… I’ll take care of our child. I won’t ever leave you again, Nymphadora Tonks, I swear it on Merlin’s name.”

Tonks watched him for a moment. Remus reached out to touch her belly, but she jerked his hand off and took a step back. He gasped when she slammed the door behind her.

“That’s right, leave me outside. I’ll stay here until you open that goddamn door. I’ll wait, Dora. I promised. You wont get rid of me this time.” He said quietly, resting his forehead and his hands on the door. “I love you, Tonks. I love you and I love our baby already. If It’s a boy, we’ll name him after your father. If it’s a girl… she’ll take the name of her beautiful mother. I love you, Tonks.”

He stopped, listening to the appeasing silence of the night. But before he could have lost all hope, Tonks opened the door once more. Remus pulled back, a relieved smile playing on his lips. Tonks stared at him for a moment, and when she realized that indeed he would never leave her again, she threw herself into her husband’s arms. She was crying, but there was one thing Remus knew for sure: these weren’t tears of sadness.

All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Three (Yoongi x You Gang AU)

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All I Know is How to Love You - Chapter Three

“I’ll be honest, I never thought you kids would actually come through.” The man spoke with a smirk in his tone, slight disbelief coating his words.

“As I’ve said before, BTS is no joke. We have the connections and the resources, so you can let your people know that we’re the people to come to if they need to get business taken care of.” Rap Monster spoke in that cold, calculating voice that seemed to send chills down the spines of whoever he was addressing.

“And what does your father think of your little play group, Namjoon?” The man drawled, teasing the pink haired boy and pushing to see if he would break.

“My father has no part in this. Now I insist that you take your drugs and leave with BTS’ name in your ear before I ask my lovely playmates Jungkook and Suga to make you leave.” The threat dripped with venom, and Rap Monster flashed his best smile.

A new voice invaded the spacious office, that wasn’t unfamiliar but one that Rap Monster and the others hadn’t heard in a very long time. “Yes, won’t you all please excuse myself and the leader of BTS so we can have a little chat?”

The members all instantly straightened from their lounging positions dispersed around Namjoon’s office.


“My dear friend, how have you been?” The tall blonde had a friendly demeanor as he approached the desk, but the members only stayed tense, waiting for Rap Monster’s reaction who was keeping an unreadable face as best he could.

“I didn’t realize you were back in town.” Rap Monster ignored the question, standing to his full height in order to be eye level with Jackson. But the careless boy just took a seat in the chair across from him, picking up one of the trinkets from his desk to play with and replacing it with his feet.

“Cypher has relocated back to its origin city as you’ve probably guessed, I’m sure you had already heard the rumors.” Jackson answered immediately.

“I would ask why but I doubt you even know.”

Jackson looked wounded at those words. “You underestimate me, Joonie, I’m not the little kid you used to know.” Rap Monster just rolled his eyes and snatched the trinket from his hold. Jackson pouted before continuing. “I actually do know why, but of course that’s all confidential information. My boss should be back in town by the end of this week so I came to properly warn you, because, despite what think, I do care for you still just the tiniest bit.”

“Warn us of what?” Jin asked from his seat in the corner. He had been watching the exchange with quiet fury.

“He wants you out of our territory and to end whatever activity you’ve been conducting. Basically move or BTS will be forced into extinction.”

“It’s not your territory anymore, Cypher forfeited all rights to it when they packed up and moved across the globe.” Suga replied lazily, bored with the entire thing and in desperate need of some rap music and sleep.

“Maybe, but you know as well as I do that Cypher has the ability to take back what was theirs. So far you’re the only ones who have opted to stand in our way and, quite frankly, boss man ain’t scared of seven adolescent boys who have distant ties to Whalien.” Jackson chuckled, standing and readjusting his jacket.

“Distant?” Jimin suddenly jumped up, snarling and pissed, “If you call Rap Monster being the son of the leader of Whalien distant then you’re even crazier than we thought!”

“Last time I checked, Joonie wasn’t on such great terms with Daddy dearest.” Jackson raised his eyebrows in question but Rap Monster was getting tired of listening to his bullshit.

“Your warning had been dully noted, you may leave now.” Rap Monster’s statement was laced with poison and had an undeniable tone of finality in it.

“I really hope you take it to heart, for your own sakes.” And then Jackson was traipsing out of the office but the tense atmosphere wouldn’t let up.

“What are we gonna do?” V bolted up, shifting nervously from one foot to the other, the lollipop that was once in his mouth now long forgotten.

“Not a damn thing.” Rap Monster’s eyes glinted in fury.

You continued on the same way for the rest of the week: arriving late, keeping an uncaring demeanor, and sleeping through every single class. It was the best way to keep numb and it always seemed to work, so there was no reason to change a single thing.

Except that fight on your second day stirred up more drama than you were in the mood for. People stared and whispered now, and did their best to stay as far away from you as possible, which you didn’t necessarily mind. But this also resulted in some of the Bangtan boys taking an almost unhealthy interest in you, much to your chagrin.

The day after your fight, you were woken from your morning nap to find several desks pulled up to surround yours as several boys laughed and obnoxiously horsed around. Judging by the deserted classroom, it was lunchtime now.

“Ah, Y/N! You’re awake!” J-Hope noticed your lucid form almost immediately, that goofy smile stretching across his face. Your mind was still too foggy to come up with any kind of response. “Y/N, you really are hard core, huh? First punching Suga and then fighting those girls?” J-Hope was still the only one speaking, an incredulous look on his face. You noticed Suga ignoring the entire ordeal and looking out the window absently, a sleepy look on his face.

“You’re seriously amazing! Where’d you learn to punch like that?” One of the guys asked, “Oh I’m Jimin, by the way.”

You just stared at him, long enough to make his enthusiastic expression melt away.

“She really is cold.” One of the others shivered slightly.

“Shut up, V! She just doesn’t like the attention can’t you tell?” Another one said.

“Oh little Jungkookie knows everything it seems.” V retorted, earning a playful slap from the one they called Jungkook. Suddenly, they were all playing around and laughing.

“Go away.” You said, standing from your seat and gathering up your things.

“Y/N, you’re so cold!” J-Hope whined.

Just then, the pink haired monster strolled through the door, forcefully pushing you down into your seat before pulling up his own chair and sitting on it backwards. “Sit, Y/N.”

You arched a perfect eyebrow at him, rolling your neck angrily. “I don’t like being told what to do.”

“Yeah me either, guess we have something in common.” He flashed a toothy smile. “You’ve been stirring up a lot of trouble, and unluckily for you, you’ve now fallen under our radar.”

You sighed in exasperation, words leaving your mouth before you could stop them. “You guys really think you’re some hot shit don’t you?”

Most of them looked at you with wide eyes besides V who was laughing silently, and from his seat in the corner where you dared to glance at him, Suga had the ghost of a small smile on his face.

“Why did you move here?” The leader asked you.

“None of your goddamn business.” You stood again, gathering up your things once more.

“I think it is. Sit the fuck down and answer the question before I get you to answer through force.” He stayed calm despite your fighting stance.

You didn’t know why this such a big deal, but you remained standing as you answered through your teeth. “I go wherever my parents send me. This time it was Seoul.”

“Have you lived here before?”

“Not since I was young.”

“Where did you live before this?”

You lied through your teeth. “London.”

He squinted his eyes at me like he didn’t believe me. “Really?”

“Really. Are we done now?”

For a second he gave you a steely gaze which was more emotion than you had ever seen him express before he curtly nodded his head and you were out the door faster than they had ever seen you move.

You weren’t surprised that Jin was already lounging underneath the tree, an arm draped over his eyes to shield the sun. You tried your best to be silent so he wouldn’t notice your presence and you could sleep in peace, but he was much smarter than that.

“Never thought I’d see you here again.” He didn’t remove his arm or look at you, just remained still.

“You can blame your idiotic gang members for this one.” You grumbled, cozying up to the tree.

He chuckled, “Oh god what did they do?”

“You guys aren’t nearly as scary as you think, why do you want my information?”

Jin sat up then, a confused look on his face. “Rap Monster interrogated you?”

“More like asked a single question after threatening me.” You didn’t open your eyes.

“What did he ask you?

“Shouldn’t you know? Why don’t you go and ask him yourself.”

For once, Jin didn’t say anything else, too caught up in his own confusion and you were drifting off to sleep once again within minutes.

The rest of the week, the boys, as in Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook, returned to your desk at lunch time every day, surrounding you in laughter and horseplay. You tried your best to ignore it, listening quietly as you pretended to sleep. It was either this or the tree with the never ending stream of speech that was Kim Seokjin, so there was no winning either way. At least these four let you attempt to sleep as they engaged in their own ridiculous conversations and every once in a while you would peek over at Suga, who was doing the exact same thing as you all by himself in the corner.

On the way home one night, all you could think about were those stupid boys and their stupid gang. Whatever they were involved in, it took a toll on both Suga and Jin. That much was clear. You entered the long tunnel that spilled out into the city near your house and immediately noticed something was wrong. Cars were backed up and honking relentlessly. Squinting, you noticed that halfway down the tunnel, a large pickup truck was parked so that it blocked both lanes, stopping all traffic. There was hollering and excited yelps from every direction and you watched as the people in the cars got angrier and angrier. Your feet inched closer to the disruption and that’s when you saw them.

You noticed V first, crouched on the hood of a car with a spray paint can in his hand as he ‘X’ed out the windshield and laughed maniacally. BTS was in the road between cars, flying across the tops of them, and causing all sorts of mayhem. J-Hope spit his drink out at a window, while Jimin dumped his on the top of a car. They screamed and danced around, laughing and having so much fun. As much as you could tell that this was a huge disturbance, you were fascinated and watched in awe. They had each other’s backs—that much was clear. They all had a reason for what they were doing, like their youth was taking a toll on them and this was them fighting back. It made you dizzy with jealousy to see how much they loved each other, to see them creating memories right before your eyes.

You were broken from your reverie when J-Hope’s eyes spotted you, watching in silence.  “Y/N?!” He shouted, jogging over to you immediately. Most of the others didn’t notice except for V who jogged over to join you. “What are you doing here?”

“I was…I was walking home…” You didn’t really know how to react about this.

“Come on, we’re having fun!” V exclaimed, tossing you an extra spray paint can and yanking towards the nearest car which he proceeded to jump onto and dance around on. You looked at the can dumbly for a second before J-Hope came over and closed his hand over yours.

“Like this.” And then he applied pressure and you were vandalizing a car together as his steady hands traced out the letters ‘BTS’. It was exhilarating, and you could feel your cheeks flushing with excitement.

Then you spotted Suga. He seemed drunk on the rush of what he was doing, and it made him he even more attractive than before. He chucked his cup at the closest vehicle, and that’s when the first person started to get out of their car. Suga called out a warning and they all started running for the pick up truck.

“Come on!” J-Hope screeched, grabbing your wrist and forcing you to run along. Everyone was climbing into the back of the truck that blocked the traffic, all of them screaming and shouting from the truck bed. J-Hope hoisted you up without your consent and all but threw you in before climbing in himself. Within seconds, the car was speeding away and traffic was continuing to normal.

You were breathing heavily, trying to calm your heart which was racing from the high. You hated that you liked the feeling, almost like you had a taste of what it was like to be really alive. You hadn’t noticed the six pairs of eyes on you.

“Y/N?” Jungkook said between heavy pants, “When did you get here?”

All you could do was stare wide eyed, angry that the image you had worked to create may have just been foiled for a single moment of exhilaration.

“I was—“

“She was walking home and saw what we were doing and I saw her so I pulled her in to join!” J-Hope explained happily, his face scrunching up into that ridiculous grin, you couldn’t help but grin a little bit at his expression.

“Did Y/N just smile?!” V shouted in disbelief, pointing his finger right in your face. You went to bite it, and he pulled away just in time.

“The more the merrier.” Rap Monster just replied contentedly, placing his hands behind his head and closing his eyes while leaning back. At that moment the tunnel opened up and your hair was thrust up by the oncoming wind, but you loved it, you always loved this feeling. Some of them lifted their hands up to the wind, still shouting and laughing at the experience. Your eyes found their way to Suga who was curled up in a ball, eyes closed in rest peacefully and they didn’t leave him for the rest of the ride home.

You didn’t regret that day at all, but it did lead to a slightly sticky situation. The boys now thought you were willing to be friends which most certainly wasn’t the case. You continued to ignore them at lunch, but now even Jin was showing up and they would try to get you to engage.

On Friday, you were sleeping away like normal while V and Jimin horsed around and Jin and Rap Monster shared a hushed conversation when someone burst into the classroom.

“It’s good to be back in school!”

At the sound of the voice, your head unconsciously snapped up and found the source. Standing there in all of his arrogant glory was Jackson.

Rap Monster was on his feet instantly. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I had a sudden desire to finish my education.” Jackson then seemed to notice your presence. “Y/N? Is that you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, as if that was enough to will the boy away, but instead you were yanked forcefully out of your seat by your arm and forced to face him. “I’m speaking to you.” He said cheerfully.

The second he had grabbed you, chairs were falling back and the boys assumed positions to fight. “Get your hands off of her.” Jin seethed, surging forward. Unexpectedly, Rap Monster held him back.

“How do you know Y/N?” He probed, that calculating look back.

Jackson flashed that impressive smile as he looked back and forth between me in his grip and them. “Oh that? Y/N is my fiancée.”

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My bored Ideas

I went and got bored. So what did do? I looked at Antisepticeye and Dr. Schneeplestein and thought to myself, why can’t I think of of good theories? So I also thought I should put what I think Jack’s “personas” are. At least to me that is.

Anti: The upset little boy who just wants to dance.                                               Dr. Schneeplestein: The mostly good doctor who is loosing his goodness. Jackaboy Man: The hero that people find adorable.                                           Jack the Magnificent: The fun loving magician.                                                    Chase Brody: The father.                                                                                       Jacksepticeye: The loud lovable face of the group.

Then there is who he really is Sean(His last name is escaping me right now), the one who created them all and thank all of use for just sitting like the losers (The lot of us are) watching the videos he takes time out of HIS day to record and then uploading it for us the people he holds so dearly to watch.

So that was my thought on all these things. Oh and um… the Anti thing is just my personal idea.

A flip of a page.

Another dozen memories.

A tiny hand pointing to a picture that he hasn’t laid eyes on in years. 

“Who’s that Daddy?” He asks. Barely 5 but looking like him with each passing day.

“That’s your other Daddy. Jinki Sweetie." 

The tiny boy frowns for a moment, probably trying to recall the long forgotten name that used to be used all the time around him. From yelling for a towel after the baby boy’s bath, or for his stuffed lemur that he liked to leave every where. “Where is he?” 

Minho takes a deep breath, his palm flat against the page as his fingers run across the picture. “Somewhere safe. Looking over you.” 

Their son is quiet for a moment, his bottom lip sucked into his mouth just like his father that was no longer with them always used to do. “Did he love me?” 

"Yes. Very much." 

"Then why did he leave?” Those almond shaped eyes that looked at him the way he used to almost stops the words from forming on his lips, but Minho manages to say them.

“He didn’t want to Baby. God just needed one of his angels back.” He hadn’t even noticed he was crying until the small hand was wiping the tears away.

“Daddy don’t cry. Jinki wouldn’t like that.”

Minho laughs despite everything, knowing full well that Jinki wouldn’t. It had been 2 years, but it felt like more. Maybe those old photo albums shouldn’t be shoved up into the hall closet. Maybe those picture frames that were still hard to look at could be put back to their rightful place. 

“He loved you very much. I want you to remember that.” Minho said softly as he kissed their son’s forehead gently “Now go play." 

He looked up at his father, before looking back at the photo album on his lap. His small hand flattened along side his father’s huge one as he said, “I want to know more about Jinki.” 

Minho smiles softly, almost sad, because he knew this day would come. Their son was ready to know, but he wasn’t ready to relive them.


Just something that came after seeing that photo… yea it’s sad. I’m sorry. 

Credence survives and is eventually adopted by Tina and Newt. The rest of his life is spent in love surrounded by friends and parents who love him, actively teaching him how to control his magical abilities and forever supportive.

Credence grows up, meets a girl, and eventually becomes a father to a boy named Rolf. Rolf visits his grandma and grandpa almost every other weekend, and reads through all the books in the library. He’s an insistent little boy and begs to hear his grandparents global stories.

Rolf grows up, travels the world, meets a girl also traveling the world, and eventually becomes a father to twin boys, Lysander and Lorcan.

Credence takes them to visit their great-grandparents in 2014 when Luna goes to the 427th Quidditch World Cup, and the stories begin again starting with a young wizard visiting New York for the first time.

I once read that the poison leaves bit by bit
Your skin slices open and all the memories of sneaking out at three am and mumbling “I love you” against his mouth drip out of you like those last few drops of water that fall from the faucet after you turn it off
You cannot flip a switch and suddenly feel nothing when you see his face in the hallway or think about him holding her hand
You cannot forget the notches in his spine or the veins that stretched across his wrists as quickly as slamming the breaks of a car
You slow down first
Look both ways before you cross the street
If it really hurts you might have to pull over on the side of the road and throw up six months of memories onto the sidewalk only to watch them play out in front of you like a VCR on rewind
And you will never forget his name
But it will stop crawling through your ears and chewing at your brain while you sleep
The blood will dry until you stumble across his T shirt on your bedroom floor and suddenly your insides are spilling out all over again
You’re breaking every bone in your fucking body
But they will heal
And the scars will fade
And you won’t miss his voice anymore because you won’t even remember how it sounds
And next winter you will fall in love again
And this boy won’t have blood on his teeth or under his nails
And he’s never gotten in a fist fight with his father
Or drank until he collapsed
So you promise yourself it will be different
The poison won’t take as long to leave because it isn’t there
And nobody ever told you about having their heart broken by the sweet boy with the quiet smile who tells you your hair smells like roses
But your spine will crack all over again every time he says your fucking name

espeonsweetie  asked:

still trying to come off the oras disappointment... can we have more headcanons about your ikarishipping fanchild

(I still haven’t named her, BUT)

Paul literally has no idea what to do with her during her dramatic teenage years. She comes home one day upset because a boy she liked started dating someone else. She comes home and crashes on her bed.

This is not at all Paul’s department. Dawn is the person in charge of handling emotional teenager theatrics. But she is not home at the time, so he has to take care of it himself.

He sits on the edge of her bed and asks what’s wrong, and when she explains, he, like the good, understanding father he is, says, “It’s not the end of the world.”

“It feels like the end of the world,” she replies.

"Believe me, unless you’re friends with Ash Ketchum, there’s a good chance it’s not the end of the world.”

This only serves to make her more upset. When Dawn comes home, he heads out to greet her, and he relays what happened and says that their daughter is being unreasonable.

“What did you tell her?” she asks.

“That it’s not the end of the world.”

Dawn lets out a breath and says, “Paul, you can’t tell a teenage girl it’s not the end of the world.”

“But it’s not.”

“Yes, but it feels like it to her.”

“But it’s not.”

This is precisely why Paul is not allowed to handle his daughter’s emotional lows.


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Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed ‘s “Songs of Supernatural Season 1″ challenge and inspired by The Death Riders-Mary . I use the song loosely, touching on the dark and twisted nature I feel exists in it. 

The man you once loved is no longer the same. Something dark was within him. Something predatory and evil. You knew you should resist, but can you when that face is still the face of your Dean?

Characters: Demon Dean x Reader

Content: Angst

Warnings: Rated T for some adult situations, Mild Language. Nothing Explicit

Word Count: 1k+

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Listen…….in all seriousness, this baby is fucking real. And Louis loves him more than anyone in this world. Please just take a step back and realize that. I know it’s hard because some of you have invested so much TIME into Larry, but please please please just think about how damaging this is for you. Louis is a FATHER to a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY NAMED FREDDIE. It’s ok to step back! It’s ok!!!!! I just want y'all to enjoy this precious baby and this important part of Louis’ life.

Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 4/?

I stared at Lissa and raised my eyebrows. “What do you mean? Of course, you can drink! Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean you have to endure this prohibition with me.”

She giggled, wiping away more tears from her cheeks. “Rose, you aren’t listening.” She reached into her purse and dug for something, stopping abruptly when our waitress returned. Lost to confusion, I wasn’t even sure what I ordered. Then, as soon as Clarice was gone, Lissa slid something my way.

A pregnancy test.

A positive pregnancy test.

“Rose, I’m pregnant too. I’m due in December. Christian doesn’t know.”

Sure that I had the stupidest smile on my face, I grabbed her hands and practically squealed. “You’re having a baby.” She nodded. “You’re going to be a mom.”

“No, Rose,” she said shaking her head. “We’re going to be moms. Our babies will grow up together. They’ll have each other just like we did.” If it were possible, her face brightened a bit more. “Now that you won’t have to work, we can spend so much more time together!”

Gravity tugged at the corners of my mouth. “Liss, that’s the worst part. I can’t be your guardian for a while. I –”

“Rose weren’t you listening?” Squeezing my hand, she said, excitedly, “No more silent guardian bull. We can finally have conversations and be pampered together and it’ll all be perfect!”

There she was. Golden Lissa. Always brightening the mood. I hated to spoil it all, but I had to be realistic. “Lissa, I don’t know how this is going to work. My situation isn’t like yours. People are going to think things, terrible things about me and Dimitri and this baby.” I looked down, playing with my napkin. “Not only that…chances aren’t good for us.” Subconsciously, I placed my hand on my stomach. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes and promptly swallowed the lump rising in my throat.

“Stop.” Her hand landed firmly on mine. “Your baby will be amazing, a mini-Rose or Dimitri.”

“That isn’t what worries me,” I said, my voice catching. “The chance of miscarriage is so high Lissa. No baby born of two dhampirs has ever…”

Pulling my chin up so that my eyes met hers, Lissa smiled. “It’s all going to be perfect. You’ll see.”

Though anxiety coursed through me, I couldn’t help but smile. Lissa’s positivity and happiness was contagious. I knew that deep down she was worried too, but she’d never let me know that. Since the bond had disappeared, she’d gotten slightly better at hiding her feelings from me, but after so many years inside her head, I almost knew her better that I knew myself.

The rest of the day was exactly I needed. We talked and shopped and just relaxed, something I hadn’t done in quite a while. Lissa told me about the names she had picked out for her baby. She decided on Rhea for a girl after her mother and Lucas for a boy after Christian’s father, though she wasn’t sure exactly how he’d take that idea.

Honestly, I hadn’t thought about names. Why name something you’re not sure you can keep? The thought had crossed my mind a few times, but I’d promptly pushed it to the back of my mind and reminded myself of Lissa’s words. It’s all going to be perfect. You’ll see.

After walking her back to her suite and wishing her luck with telling Christian the news, I trudged back to my suite, my swollen feet protesting with each step. The suite was empty, and I couldn’t help but wonder where Dimitri had gone.

Throwing off my shoes, I relaxed onto the couch and allowed myself to drift off slowly. When I woke up, I was covered in about four blankets and had to laugh to myself. Dimitri was notorious for doing that. He always seemed to think I was cold when I slept.

“Your mom called,” he called from the kitchen.

I groaned and sank down into the couch a bit. “Of course she did. What did she say?”

“She wanted to make sure you were okay. She sounded pretty worried. You gotta call her back soon.” He walked in holding his left arm behind his back.

“What’s in your hand?”

He smiled and sat down by my feet. Pulling a small box from behind his back, he handed it to me. It was tied with a small yellow bow.

“What is this?” Involuntarily, I shook the box.

He waved his hand. “Open it.” The smile on his face took over his every feature.

Throwing aside the yellow bow, I cracked the box open and glanced inside. Some sort of fabric? Then, fully removing the lid, I pulled out a small onesie from the box. It was red with yellow edges, the words “Super Hero” written across the front. A small yellow cape trailed behind it. I couldn’t help but smile.

“He or she will take after you and be an amazing hero. I just know it,” he said, caressing my leg.

Smiling, I leaned up to give him a kiss. “Thank you, Dimka.”  

“You’re going to be an amazing mom.”

The tears began to fill my eyes as I whispered, “I love you.” Kissing him softly, I could feel his hunger. His arms wrapped around my waist as he deepened the kiss. He leaned me back against the couch and his hands found their way down to the small of my back. Laughing, I tossed the onesie aside and ran my fingers though his hair.

His hand slid further down, cupping my hip as he leaned further into me. Suddenly, he stopped and sat up, his eyebrows furrowed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worry coursing through me.

Tearing the blankets off of me frantically, he remained quiet. His eyes filled with panic as they clouded up with tears. I looked down to try to understand and that’s when I saw it. All over my pants and stained into the couch.


Harry James

James Potter had never been so afraid of anything as he was of baby Harry.

Tiny Harry with his little fingers and kicking legs; smiling Harry with crinkles in his cheeks; happy Harry, barely big enough to handle a Snitch, let alone a Quaffle. There was something inconceivable about the boy, and it might well have been the fact of his existence. At only twenty years old, James Potter was a father, and he might never have known the word for all that it meant now. (It hadn’t seemed like much from his own mouth, but from Harry’s…) Lily had brought their child into the world, of course—his brave, beautiful wife—but still this precious little boy had come from him. For one who has born into a world of wonders, this was something else entirely, and in spite of all his parents praise, James had not thought himself capable of… this. It was magic, wasn’t it? The newfound father had achieved an awful lot in his still short life, to be sure, and had performed some remarkable magic at that, but never had anything been quite so magical as this. Tiny Harry. Fragile Harry.

“Babies bounce, right?”

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