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Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

I’m really happy that you think those two fit my style!! So cool! Thanks! Cause I love those two and I love those two in some rough urban style!

And I love them together, as friends! Iwaizumi is such a good senpai and Kyou respects him! I love their dynamic


Keith’s face when he’s flirting talking to a rescued Lance

Remember when Keith was completely apathetic towards Lance.

Remember when the strongest emotion Keith felt towards Lance was annoyance.

Remember when Keith didn’t even know Lance’s name.

Yeah Keith doesn’t either.

Tumblr: OMG. Undertale makes me want to be a better person.

Artist: *Draws an older Frisk with a feminine/masculine body / headcanons Frisk as a cisgender


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That really does sound excitin'! Do you think they need help? -Ninja-

Mike- Pretty sure Spot an’ Chickadee are doin’ okay on their own, but if ya really wanted ta help, ya could spread the news ta other newsies.

Ike- We ain’t had anyone tell the newsies in Spot Conlon’s turf, so the three of us could mosey on over and let ‘em know!

Mike- That is, if ya ain’t afraid of Spot Conlon! Kinda makes us a little nervous, ya know?

Ike- Mike’s bein’ a baby. Ignore ‘im.

Mike- Says the guy who can’t look Spot in the eye!

raise hands if you’re getting a headache thinking about why the fight started

we dont really fight a lot but i try to school sollux up on some basic human health 101 by making him eat more than half a meal a day

and ii refu2e two be lectured by 2omeone who had more 2car2 on hii2 back at age fiive than mo2t people get iin a liifetiime.

look what im saying here is that even i and especially i know what it takes to keep someone healthy alright and youre not doing even a quarter of it

ii can handle my2elf 2triider, ii’m not fuckiing dead yet 2o ii’d 2ay my maneuver2 work fiine.

that is bullshit logic and you know it

do ii look liike ii care?

Three For One Deal//Stilinski Triplets AU

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Stuart Stilinski, Thomas Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, Malia Tate, Reader.

“Would you just shut up, Stu? You never have anything to say unless it’s something pointless and annoying.” Stiles grunts.

“Me? You never shut up. You’re the annoying one!” Stuart replies, flicking his brother’s forehead.

Thomas watches from afar, both of his brothers annoying him.

“Will you boys stop fighting!” The sheriff shouts, quieting the two boys.

“Thank you.” Thomas rolls his eyes.

“Anyway, can we go to Lydia’s party tonight?” Stiles asks his father.

You and Scott stand behind the three boys, the two of you exchanging a look.

“Yes, fine. If it gets all of you out of the house then I’m fine with it.” The sheriff waves the boys away.

“Thanks, dad.” Stiles gives him a thumbs up before leading all of you outside.

“Y/N..” Stiles says suspiciously.

You raise an eyebrow, “What?”

“Be my date to the party tonight.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’ve gotta go.” Thomas glances at the two of you and hops into his truck.

“Bye, T!” You shout, waving as he smiles into his rearview mirror. You fix your gaze back onto Stiles. “Why?”

“I just need a date. You’re dateable, so be my date.” He talks with his hands.

“I wasn’t even planning on going tonight.” You shrug.

“Oh, you’re going. You’re definitely going.”

“Ever get the feeling she might not want to go with you?” Stuart glances up from his phone, Stiles’ face translating his frustration.

“I’ll go, Stiles.” You say before he can retaliate against Stuart.

“Good. Thank you.”

You pat Stuart’s shoulder and tell them both goodbye, getting in your car and heading home.

You had no idea what to wear to the party, Lydia said that she’d dress you. She came over with an armful of dresses and a suitcase full of shoes.

“Good lord, Lydia, it’s not like I’m going to a red carpet event.” You widen your eyes.

She laughs, “To be fair, this is the party of the year.”

You begin to look through the dresses she brought, none of them below mid-thigh. “Lydia!”

“What?” She looks up at you with an eyebrow raised. “Will these even cover everything?”

“Y/N, you’ll look amazing. Trust me.” She reaches up and touches your hair. “We’re going to curl your hair.”

“Do I have a choice?”


“I figured.” You shrug as you begin to look through the bag of shoes.

“Here, try this on.” Lydia hands you a turquoise dress.

“Turquoise is not my color.” You hold the dress up to your body.

“Fine. Here.” She takes the dress back and hands you a red one instead. You examine it closely, deciding not to argue.

You come out of the bathroom, the dress making you feel majorly exposed.

“You look hot! Y/N, you have to wear that.” Lydia claps.

You look at the cleavage in the dress, a slit from the top, running just a little too low. “You can see my side boob.”

“So? Side boob is in. It’s the new under boob.”

You give Lydia a look, “Fine. What shoes did you bring?”

She holds up a pair of black stilettos, “Simple. It ties the whole outfit together.”

You take the shoes from her, sliding them onto your feet. You begin to buckle the straps in place as she stands, “Let’s do your hair!” She was enjoying this way too much.

You walk into Lydia’s house, the quiet house wouldn’t remain that way for long. “What can I do?” You smile at her.

“Drinks. Can you tap a keg?”

“I grew up with the Stilinski boys. Yes, I can tap a keg.” You grin and she laughs.

“There’s one in the backyard and one in the living room.” She walks into the kitchen and you go to do your task.

When you return the house is packed full of people. You push your way through the crowd when you spot the three dark-haired boys in the dining room.

“Y/N!” Stuart shouts when he sees you.

You smile and wave, the looks on the boys’ faces making you blush.

“You look amazing.” Stiles smiles as you move to stand beside him.

“Thanks.” You look up at him, the blush on your face somehow getting redder.

Thomas stares at you, his lip between his teeth. “Do you want a drink?” He places a hand on your shoulder and whispers in your ear.

You nod, “Yeah. Thank you.”

He winks in response, holding his red cup between his teeth as he navigated the crowd.

“I’m going to go find Isaac.” Stuart nods before taking off.

Stiles wraps an arm around your shoulder, “So, miss Y/L/N, who’d you get so dressed up for tonight?”

“You, partly. Mainly because I like to look good.” You tease.

“Well you definitely look good.” He smirks.

Thomas returns with a cup for you, you smile when you take it. “You two want to go out back?” He looks at you and Stiles.

You and Stiles share a look before nodding. “Why not?” You shrug.

You follow Thomas out back, the three of you sitting in the hammock. You sit in between Thomas and Stiles, rocking back and forth. You sit and talk for hours, the three of you drunk off your asses.

Stiles went off to find Scott and never returned so you and Thomas were left alone.

“Let’s get you home!” Thomas screams, it wasn’t even loud he was just too drunk to care.

“You can’t drive.” You giggle, standing up and trying to maintain balance.

“Let’s go find Stu!” He laughs and stands with you, the two of you holding hands so you don’t fall.

You find Stuart with Isaac and Malia, he was 100% sober, as you expected.

“God, you two reek of alcohol. You should go home.” Stuart crinkles his nose.

Isaac smirks at you, “You look hot.”

Thomas gives him a filthy look, “Shut it, Lahey.”

Isaac shrugs and continues his conversation with Malia as Stuart stands.

He turns to look at Malia and Isaac, “I’m going to run them home. I’ll be back.” He puts his hands on yours’ and Thomas’ backs, leading you out the door. “Where’s Stiles?” He raises an eyebrow.

Thomas stumbles making you and him laugh, “He’s with Scott.” You slur, Stuart shaking his head.

“You’re going home with Thomas, Y/N. I don’t trust you at home by yourself.” Stuart helps the two of you up into Thomas’ truck.

He leaves you both in Thomas’ room, bolting out the door as fast as he could.

“I’m going to shower.” You start taking your shoes off.

“Okay.” Thomas snorts as you lose your balance.

You run off to the bathroom, the hot water sobering you up some. You return to his room with a towel wrapped around you.

“Here.” Thomas hands you a shirt and a pair of his sweatpants, both of them too big.

“Turn around.” You raise an eyebrow.

He spins on his heel, covering his eyes with his hands. You quickly change and jump onto his bed.

“My turn.” Thomas leaves the room.

You send Stiles a couple of texts, none of them readable. Just as you’re about to pass out Thomas comes back in. His hair’s wet, water droplets falling down his shoulders. He’d already changed, the basketball shorts on his hips hung low. Too low.

You sit up and raise an eyebrow and he smiles. “All done.”

“I can see that.” You pat the bed and scoot over.

He lies down beside you and the two of you talk for a couple hours before you fall asleep.

You wake the next morning with no recollection of the night before. You yawn and sit up, almost jumping out of your skin when you saw Thomas beside you. You look down, a panicked feeling washing over you as you see his shirt on you.

What did you and Thomas do last night?

mahou shounen au for UgawaNayuki pls

Ugawa and Nayuki are secretly magical boys who can enter dreams and the ones tasked to battle out nightmares using their star-shaped wands but omg things turn out for the worst when nightmares start taking human forms and bringing chaos to the real world. With Ugawa and Nayuki struggling with their own insecurities and envy threatening to consume each of their hearts, can they still take the responsibility as magical boys while also being musical students of Ayanagi Gakuen?