boys r annoying

(ew tumblr ruins the quality)

This is Cucumber! he hopes to be the next Scourge one day.

Im sorry if i keep drawing your OCs @catfanq I love them ok ay

boys r so dumb and annoying lmao i’m glad i’ve like calmed down from just liking the shitty attention dude gave me bc now i really don’t care bc tHERES ALWAYS OTHER HOES THATLL TREAT U BETTER 🗣

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[PT1] Hi! U seem knowledgeable abt sexuality/comp het etc so wondering if I could run this by you? I'm a 16yo girl, raised in a v Christian home by homophobic parents who refused to admit that gay ppl existed, and I think I might be a lesbian.

[PT2] I’m not sure tho bc I have liked guys in the past and I have liked male celebs etc, and I go to an all girls school so I feel like I’m not rly giving men a fair chance bc I don’t rly know any lmao. I mean I don’t rly want to fuck any guys but maybe that’s just bc teenage boys r annoying and disgusting like,, I’m sure there are some guys I could fuck? Also I do have a crush on a girl rn so maybe it’s just that I’m like.. focused on her or whatever? Thank you!!!             

[PT3] (Btw I’m sending this to a few different blogs to get a variety of opinions just fyi) thanks again 💖             

i have a tag for questioning lesbians and im pretty sure all of these points have been brought up before, so take a look!

you should be able to find more about both the fictional crushes (which are in no way indicative of your orientation) and the “i could be with a man” mindset (where could doesn’t equal want to), both in the tag and the comp het one & more :)

but you cant call me one night after 3 months and tell me you love me and miss me and how much you need me and then not speak to me for months. you can’t play with my heart and come to me whenever your lonely and expect me to be there. that’s not fucking fair. but what sucks the most is that i will always be waiting for you no matter what