boys of summer: team

@aeiiopus made this!! this really really pretty outfit for demo heck heck I had to put him in it man it was too gorgeous to pass up 

the endless summer crew as people you see at summer camp

aleister: knows everything about nature. by the time he’s done saying the scientific name for poison ivy the person he’s trying to warn has already stepped in it. claims not to miss home but has called his mom 19 times.

craig: has a stash of food under his pillow. somehow sleepwalked to jake’s cabin last night and pissed on the door. once was told to get firewood and came back with an entire small tree.

diego: came out of the closet by performing barbie girl in high heels during the lip sync competition. constantly asks if you’ve seen the newest superhero movies.

estela: has a cabin to herself and nobody knows why. counsellors aren’t actually sure if she’s enrolled at the camp.

grace: has a separate bag for the books she brought with her. had to tell raj that pine needles won’t make him high. wears sweaters even though it’s ninety degrees out.

iris: she’s the speaker system set up around the grounds idk

jake: the camp counsellor that calls everyone names and talks about quitting all the time but secretly brings the kids snacks at two am. most likely to have a forbidden romance with one of the campers.

lila: the instructor who seems like she was planted and grown from the soils of the camp. leads all campfire songs. promotes ‘safe sex’ and makes everyone uncomfortable in record time.

michelle: brought a portable vanity and 37 types of makeup. hasn’t gotten a speck of dirt on her the whole time. only here for the experience.

mc: doesn’t have specific friends and wanders between social circles instead. answers everything by shrugging. has a strangely convoluted backstory.

quinn: friends with all the counsellors. has made the spider in the corner of the cabin her pet. always stays in the water for an extra two minutes after free swim ends.

raj: ate a random mushroom an hour into summer. is convinced he’s going to befriend all the forest wildlife. surprisingly deep talks at weird hours of the night.

sean: all the girls wanna hook up with him by the end of the summer and the boys want him on their sports teams but he just wants everyone to have fun. shows off all the time by accident.

zahra: somehow smuggled her laptop into the cabin and uses wifi from some mysterious location. dares people to lick leaves.

I recently had a problem with a pen of my tablet and it has been broken, until I fix it or buy a new one I’ll not be able to draw anything..
unfortunaly I’ll be a while without updating :c , but maybe I’ll upload some sketches.
For now, I leave this SOUMAKO unfinished here :3


Lord, I would like to take this time to thank you for bringing these boys into my life ~ (人*´∪`)♪тнайк чоц♪(´∪`*人)