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Anonymous asked: #37??? (’Welcome to fatherhood’)

Anonymous asked: Please could you do 99 and make it angsty if possible? Thank you! X (How could you forget your son’s birthday?)

Anonymous asked: “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” !!

I combined all three of these and it turned into a full blown one shot.

Also special shoutout to @harryimaginedstories. She knows. 

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ok so two nine-year-old boys (twin brothers) just called me to personally invite me to see homecoming with them oh my god my heart is going to explode

Family of Four Drabble: Wyatt’s First Crawl

Summary: Chris and Y/N had been trying every single method to get Wyatt to crawl and it turns out he is one independent boy that doesn’t need his parents help. 

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 953 

Warnings: You will die from fluffiness, sorry not sorry

A/N: If you guys have any drabble or one shot request for this series, please send them in. Also if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask. Thank you all for reading!! 

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Part 1 - Part 2

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August 6, 2017 │Sunday 

For the past couple days, Chris and Y/N had been convincing their son that his parents were truly crazy as they tried each and every method to get him crawling. They first started with putting toys in front of him or sometimes his bottle of milk but Wyatt would manage to outsmart the two of them as he slid on his stomach, making his way to whatever was in front of him. And once he would get his hand on it, he would let out the most adorable, evil laugh making his parents laugh along at his undeniable cuteness. Then they tried to Dodger to crawl in front of him since he loved Dodger and tried to do whatever he did but to their luck, it didn’t work, frustrating both of them as they were running ideas but then Chris suggested a ‘brilliant’ idea which led them to the moment where Wyatt was certain that he was being raised by two crazy people. His parents were on all fours crawling around the living room, Dodger occasionally joining them, laughing at Wyatt’s concerned and confused expression as they tried to get Wyatt to join the fun of crawling around.  

“Come on baby, come on Wyatt,” Y/N encouraged, patting her knees while Chris crawled his way over to Wyatt, kissing his chubby cheeks.

“Go to mommy Wyatt, come on buddy. You can do it, come on,” Chris gestured to Y/N, hoping his son would do something but the only response he got was a toothless grin while Wyatt clapped his hands. The two parents chuckled but it was a dry chuckle, a little disappointed.  Y/N let out a sigh and a grunt as she got up, heading to the kitchen starting on dinner while Chris stayed with Wyatt, missing all the time he missed while he was away filming. Finding it the hardest as he missed so many other things, like his first clap or when he did manage to slide around on his stomach. But this time around, Chris was going to be there for his first crawl, he had to and he wasn;t going to give up on Wyatt. He and Y/N both knew that Wyatt would start crawling when they least expected it, they heard one too many stories from their parents on how they started crawling randomly crawling when no one was looking. But Wyatt, as being the first child, had his parents wrapped around his tiny finger, knowing if they could they would never leave his side.

Hours had passed and nothing has changed except for the family having full bellies. Chris and Y/N were situated on the couch watching Dodger and Wyatt interact with each other, laughing whenever Wyatt did something adorably silly. Y/N switched from watching t.v to her tablet, reading over different crawling articles of experienced parents hoping it will enlighten them with ideas, marking the ones she loved. Chris had gotten up to get himself a drink right when Y/N found the perfect idea to get Wyatt crawling. She jumped off the couch before taking a quick glance at Wyatt, making sure he was safe and followed Chris gesturing to the tablet with a bright smile.

“I think this one will work. This mom used it with all of her kids and it worked.” Chris leaned on the counter to read the article but before he could start he was interrupted with Dodger’s soft barking. Which confused the two of them because Dodger understood the rule of no barking ever since Wyatt was born so Chris straightened his back making sure everything was okay but what he saw was something he didn’t expect. He let out a loud gasp, calling Y/N as he ran to the living room and back to the kitchen ignoring Y/N’s questions.  

“What? What? What happened?” Y/N asked as she ran to the living room herself, coming to a halt when she saw what got Chris so excited. There was her little boy on all fours, focusing on a toy that laid next to the wall. “Oh my god.” Chris finally stood next to her once he found his phone, ready to video his son’s first crawl. Y/N slowly walked closer to Wyatt, make sure he didn’t see her as to not get distracted. It almost seemed like she wasn’t breathing as Wyatt placed his left hand in front, shifting his body, pausing to think about what’s his next move as he placed his other hand next to his left. Then he moved onto his legs, placing one in front of the other; smiling to himself once he got the hang of it, moving forward and closer to the toy. Once he finally got his hands on the toy, Chris and Y/N started clapping, big smiles plastered on their faces.

“Wyatt, baby you did it! I’m so proud of you,” Y/N said in a high-pitched voice, approaching Wyatt picking him up and resting him on her hip, placing kisses all over his face, her heart melting at the sound of his little giggles. Chris walked over to his family but stopped halfway giving Dodger a nice rub and a treat as a thank you for always watching over their little boy. He pulled out his phone making sure to angle it perfectly to fit his family as Y/N and Wyatt smiled brightly at the camera, Dodger posing next to them. He captured the picture and looked at it, his cheeks hurting from smiling so hard but it didn’t matter because he was finally there to witness one of his son’s and his proudest moments.

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Shiro and Allura about to go on a mission together:

Shiro: So you have my cell phone number, and the number to the Black Lion is by the phone.

Allura: There’s food goo in the fridge. Mind Coran while we’re gone. :)

Coran: Guess what?! I rented you guys some movies! :D Voltron Come Home, Voltron Redux, and my personal favorite, Lonely Space Vixens…Aha, that’s uh, for after you go to bed.

Keith: Ugh, Come on Coran, we’re not fou-


Tawny’s face was turning red, her patience and frustration spent with the warlord who stood before her. Gripping the bridge of her nose, her even temper snapped and raised her voice to Eule.

“He’s just a boy! Barely past two years old! How could you just let her leave without him!?”

Eule, looking surprisingly disgusted with even the notion of bringing up Ginger, scoffed at his general. The woman who laid with him for months, who appeared to grow fond of him, who took him and bore him his first born, had left on his pardon just three days prior. With little hesitation, she left the both of them and returned to her own tribe, never looking back.

“I guess she never truly cared about the boy.” His voice was low and quiet, holding back a bitter anger. Looking down at his son, who hid behind Tawny’s skirt, his nose scrunched and brow furrowed. He looked so much like her. His tanned skin was his…his black undertone was his, but everything else he received from his mother. He was a beautiful little boy who was kissed by the sun. Just like her. Copper colored eyes that were as grounded as she was looked up at him with scared, tear filled eyes. Ginger’s son…his son…the proof of what he thought was their love. Biting his lip, he drew his own blood at the sheer force of his sharp canine.

“I was a fool to keep her here. Should have killed that bitch.”

Tawny’s face scrunched as she yelled, “The boy needs his parents, Eule! If his mother has gone and abandoned him, then you need to–”

She was cut off by the slam of a fist through his wall. The anger was palpable and she choked back her words, trying to keep the young boy safe from his father’s blind fury instead of provoking him. Burying his face into her leg, Kite grabbed a fistful of her skirt and jumped at the loud noise.

“I NEED TO WHAT?! Take care…” He began to laugh bitterly, shaking his head, “Take care of that little bastard!? That mistake?! Sienna is pregnant and will be due any day now. I can’t have him here!” Pausing, he swallowed and turned his back to the both of them. “Worried about the bastard? Then you take him.”

Tawny blinked, looking down at the toddler who was beginning to tear up. She couldn’t deny how fond of him she was. Turning back to him, her only words were ones that needed confirmation. “Are you sure…Sir?”

“Go.” His words stung, spoken harshly as he sat at his desk. “Leave. Take him…get him out of my sight.”

Picking up the boy, whose tiny arms wrapped around her tightly, she left without hesitation. Eule was his father, and Kite’s rightful place was next to him. That was how she truly felt. However, the more she thought of the sweet, loving boy in her arms, the more she realized how twisted his upbringing would make him. How his stepmother would likely abuse him…hell, how Eule would likely abuse him.

Maybe raising him would protect him from such a horrid fate. Perhaps, Kite could have a chance at a normal life with her.

I am all about a National Dog Day. These are my babies.
My Dad brought my Mindy home to me after years of begging when I was nine. If I could have another 15 years with her I’d take it in a heartbeat. She’s easily the best dog ever.

Maggie Mae came not long after Mindy passed. I didn’t think I could deal. But that little black puppy was so damn cute. There’s no way she wasn’t meant to be ours.

Murphy, wearing the garbage can, was supposed to be Maggie’s friend. Instead he was a bolt of lightning for all of us. He was a big personality and a big loss when he passed after an accident.

And Cooper. Coopie is the giantest of giants. He’s be content to be your shadow and go wherever you go. He’s curious about everything, and scared of almost everything. He’s a sweet boy.



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What do you think Peter and Johnny's relationship is like?

Oh! I like this ask!

  • Johnny will randomly call Peter ‘kid’ or ‘kiddo’ a few times ‘squirt’ and ‘short stuff’, and it drives Peter crazy, which is why Johnny does it. Johnny normally only calls Peter these things while they are in civvies, but one time Johnny called Spidey ‘short stack’ in front of all the Avengers and Fantastic Four.  
  • For the rest of the night, everyone referred to Spiderman as ‘short stack’, (which is usually in reference to a short woman) and Peter felt any smidgen of respect that he used to have, vanish after that night. (Clint still calls Peter ‘short stack’
  • Johnny found himself webbed to his bed the next morning. And Sue didn’t even help him out. (He ended up having to burn them off, and in the process, he ruined his favorite sheets…stupid Peter)
  • The two boys are competitive. They race around the city, have eating contests, see who can beat up the most baddies, have video game marathons, and even have wrestling contests every once and a while (Peter isn’t allowed to use his spider strength)
  • Peter is pretty much oblivious to how protective Johnny is of him. When he shows up with a split lip or a black eye Johnny always feels himself starting to burn with a need to punch the person responsible. So don’t let Johnny see Peter with broken bones because he will find the person who did the breaking… 
  • Peter gets pretty angry if anyone every extinguishes Johnny’s fire. “That isn’t allowed!” Most the time Johnny doesn’t really get hurt, because no one can touch him. But whenever it does happen…watch out for Spiderman, cuze he is coming after you…
  • Peter and Johnny have a favorite burger joint that is a hole in the wall tiny place that pretty much no one knows about, they go there pretty often. Peter dips his fries in his milkshakes. Johnny is disgusted. “How could you do that to your poor fries!?” “No, Johnny just try it! It’s good I swear!” 
  • Pinky promises are a sacred thing within their relationship. You do not break a pinky promise. That would be unspeakable. (Sue has a picture of Peter with his mask off, Johnny still in his FF uniform, giving each other a pinky promise on top of a building. The boys don’t know Sue took the photo)
  • Johnny loves Aunt May. Johnny has gone to May for advice, and sometimes he’ll go over to the Parker house before Peter gets back from school just so that he can hang with Aunt May for an hour or two. (This boy needs all the parenting he can get) 
  • Peter and Johnny have quite a bit of sleep overs. Some over at Peter’s house watching cheesy monster movies and eating cookies that they baked with Aunt May before hand, and then falling asleep tangled together on the couch. (Aunt May has many pictures of this) (She and Sue trade photos)
  • Other sleep overs are at Johnny’s, usually after a patrol or a rough night. They prank Ben and make a mess of things (many food fights have happened in Sue’s kitchen and she is going to kill them) 
  • Peter is in love with Johnny’s bed…He wants to marry Johnny’s bed. It is a California king sized bed, with the softest sheets and fuzzy blankets and fluffy pillows and Peter always insists, that he has to sleep on it with Johnny. 
  • Peter is a blanket hog and his feet are always freezing, Johnny has told him that a billion times. Peter always comes back saying Johnny snores and Johnny scoffs looking offended at such a notion and walks away from a laughing Peter. 
  • Peter is a heat leech (as Johnny would say) He is always all grabby with Johnny stealing Johnny’s body heat and calling him a ‘space heater’ or ‘heated blanket’. Johnny is not amused. 

These two are best buds, so there is a bunch more I am leaving out (piggy back rides, stealing each other’s clothes, pranking one another, saving each other’s lives, sharing body heat when they are teleported to Alaska, long and elaborate handshakes that confuse Reed every time, camping trips and catching fireflies, Peter trying to teach Johnny science stuff and Johnny putting his hands over his ears and singing ‘la la la la’, Johnny buying Peter that big fuzzy sweatshirt he was looking at as a surprise, Peter coming over with pizza to cheer Johnny up) and so much more. 

Bon Voyage season 1 episode 2: best cinematic poetry ever

How we became porn stars

Totally olicity au, just wrote this fast during lunch so I am sorry for grammatical errors.

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“Welcome to Anesthetic Hotel, hope your stay here Mr. and Mrs. Queen is exquisite.”

He looked at the front desk woman and just nodded as his wife beside him spoke for them both. “Thank you.”

He took her fingers into his as they headed to the awaiting elevator. Their luggage would already be in their rooms. Their garment bags put in the awaiting closet in their suite.

He placed a tip in the hand of the bellhop as Felicity began to take her jacket and place it on the coat rack placed just inside the shallow closet. She waited for Oliver to give his own jacket and also placed it by hers as he looked at her. This was a needed get away their family would meet up with them late tomorrow but until then he had her to himself.

Clothes flew and heated kisses met each and every new exposed skin to the other. Their erotic dance as they passed different accented memorabilia in the suite until they got to large floating California king bed as he roughly had her picked up moments before they even made to the room as his back hit a few adjourning walls as his wife’s lips lavished his neck.


“Oh my god.” Felicity had her hand over her mouth as she looked at the video. Oliver said nothing as his hands were in tight balls he wanted to hit someone so badly. Footage of their love making gone viral nothing they could do to stop it. If this act of taking their private moments wasn’t bad enough the video had caught the heated conversation he had with his ex-wife Samantha over their custody battle for their son Conner.

Being actors they already had their lives under the camera and with the new baby news the paparazzi couldn’t get enough pictures as Felicity were to show the new bump. Their twin boys were with his mother until she would join him at their hotel room. Moira and Walter loved to travel and he did like his new step-father he had made his mother very happy and that meant lot to him.

Oliver was in town to also talk and finalize his next movie deal which has gathered so much media attention. His wife was staring beside him as the badass character so many have loved since the book came out a few years ago. Well his book came out. That still gets him to this day. He never thought he would write and become this famous author. He was an actor for so long doing small projects where he has made quite a following of fans.

When he was with Samantha she always wanted the spotlight of being his wife and when he would mention passions she would in turn ask him what the benefits would lead to them living the good life. His dreams had to make her life better or she would just shun the idea. He didn’t think much of it because he was a busy man and had no time to internalize his needs or wants as long as his family was happy he should be happy.

He has known Felicity for a short while before he jumped into his marriage head first and his mom was not amused when he eloped with Samantha at all. Though after his son was born he was happy to be a dad but the duties of being a husband to someone who always put herself first started to create a wedge between them.

His brother Tommy would make snarky comments and his sister Thea just would shrug her shoulders when he would ask them to be supportive of his wife until they just sat him down and asked if he was okay. Somehow after that the fog around him lifted he wasn’t happy and that led to a messy divorce and because he moved around to different shooting locations for movies he let her have more custody rights.

He started a relationship with Felicity during his separation and at first he thought it was just a rebound until he woke up and looked at her sleeping form and knew he wanted it to be like this forevermore. He had to have talks with people he knew he trusted and when they just looked at him and said pretty much the same thing. The way he looked at her cemented that she was the one in their eyes. He laughed it off until his buddy John ‘I’m a straight shooter’ Diggle showed him pictures of how he would always look at Felicity Meghan Smoak. There was a sparkle in his eyes every damn time. How did he miss it?  God he would have been with incredible creature that made him feel like nothing else in the world. He started writing that book she believed in him leaving little post notes of positivity.

He came home to her after he spoke to his mom and step-father and asked her to be his always. She was stunned at first and as the days became weeks and a pregnancy brought them two beautiful boys. They married in front of their close-nit friends and family.

So the book gathered a lot of positive feedback and people wanted to see him play the star character of his own book which he could believe the fans were very vocally passionate in their demands. Felicity taking the role that everyone could only see her playing since that short movie that they did together was such a success.

Her latest movie premiered and they made their rounds to movie premieres all around the world. With the pregnancy being confirmed less than a week ago they were meeting with producers for their joint movie adventure. They also made sure that they could have some sweet moments for themselves. They made sure that pleasure was their top priority for the next few months they’ll be so busy with this coming movie, twin boys needing their parents and a pregnancy that was pretty much in line with the book. They couldn’t believe their luck on that.


So now they’re in court. Accusing the hotel of collecting videos of unsuspecting guests they were responsible for their employees.  

“Mr. Queen you may now respond.” said one of his lawyers.

“This violation where a couple, my wife and I who deeply love each other to be broadcasted and joked about how we are thee couple.” He sighs and continues, “Our intimate moments doesn’t… Does not give permission to have unsolicited props on how we should make more of these.” He looks around and stares at the camera. “My wife is very sexy and I am proud of her accomplishments and love how she is with our children and how she is a wonderful wife. You may have had a glimpse on how we show each other our love behind closed doors which in turn is our, our moments.”

For short while the media accused them of being the responsible party in using public relations in putting those videos on the net and spreading their sex life to promote their movie. When the authorities found a large stock of these kinds of filming of so many other patrons the media backed off of their initial regards that the Queens were somehow responsible.


When their kids grew up they tried with all their might to never see their parents get it on. They knew even after all these years those vids gathered so much viewership that it was always a gross moment when a friend of theirs would talk about certain graphic scenes of a great video of Olicity.

To them Mom and Dad had that chemistry and their parents never shied away from heart eyes.

So its short, hope you like. I didn’t tag this time.


andromedasstars  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Abby and Neil? I mean everyone knows that boy needs good loving parental figures and as Wymack pretty much has 'team-dad' covered...

I’VE THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT THIS OK NEIL NEEDS A GENTLE MOTHERING SOUL (this entire thing is cheesy but I’m a sucker for that shit so here we go)

  • neil knows mothers as hard and punishing and tough love
  • he recognizes his mother’s brand of love because he grew up around her
  • he recognizes being beaten for a wrong move because he needs to be safe
  • he recognizes love as caring for him even if its harsh and cold
  • its why he doesnt need to be told “i love you” by andrew and why he doesnt need to say it back
  • he knows love as protection with angry words and fists
  • and later he knows love as andrews hand on his neck and a rough pat on the back after a game
  • he doesnt recognize love as soft words and gentle hands, so maybe thats why he doesnt recognize abbys actions towards him

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Jongdae’s final words when EXO received their 2014 MAMA Daesang for Overdose

(So after the fire, the wolf, the vampire, and the demon, who comes next, logically? That’s right, the hunter!) >>

5. Guns.

  He is a weapon. Not a shield or a protector. He is death and murder, violence and anger.

  Oh, sure, they tried to tell him that he was a guardian. He is a protector, of course, a legal stand of trust and importance, of inspiration to those around him. They see the destruction and death he’s capable of and celebrate it. They see the sorrow and ruin he causes and call him a hero.

  He is a weapon. And he kills the outcast. And that is not what a hero would do at all.

  Still, they try to convince him to the point where they remove his eyes and rewire his brain. They are so intent on teaching him that weapons are safe and creatures are bad that they have to replace his parts to do so. He can’t love them, he can’t have compassion for life and emotion.

  He’s not allowed to feel things like ‘love’ or 'sympathy’ for the enemy.

  He’s not allowed to think.

  He is a weapon.

  He kills on sight with his clouded eyes and dead heart.

Luv In Skool || Pt.2

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Genre: high school!au + fluff

Word Count: 5.6k

Part 1, Part 3Part 4

A/N: After many weeks, pt. 2 is finally up! Sorry for the wait, I kept losing ideas for this part. A little more interaction with Jungkook though!1!!1 If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to drop by my ask! 


The obnoxious ring of your alarm interrupted your sleep as you tossed and turned in your blankets. Finding the sound too much to handle, you slammed your finger onto the snooze button before irritatedly laying back down, now wide awake. The sun hadn’t even risen and you were already done with the day.

You got out of your undeniably cozy bed and shuffled to your bathroom to freshen up. After carrying out your morning routine, you hurried outside, shivering at the sudden cool air greeting your skin. Hugging your body, you continued down the vacant street, relishing the silence that came with it. However, the silence didn’t last long as a truck hummed loudly from behind you. You rolled your eyes, nearly seeing stars, as you trudged on toward your bus stop. Your little legs could only carry you so fast and soon you found the truck by your side.

“It is [Y/N]! I knew it!” The voice shouted, causing you to whip your head to your side. J-hope’s cheerful, contagious smile greeted you warmly as the car pulled up to the curb. Namjoon, J-Hope, and their driver sat inside the truck while Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung sat in the bed of the truck, instantly waking up at the sound of your name.

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Don’t say it

A/N : After Emma comes back, Killian doesn’t want to hear her say she loves him. He can’t bear to even think of that night. But then an accident happens and his feelings finally come out. Captain Swan one-shot (the summary kinda sucks). 

Killian never lets her say it. He’s aware that she wants to say it but he can’t hear it. Not these damned words. Not again. 

So when Emma tries to whisper those three little words throughout the day, he silences her. He changes the subject when the conversation turns a bit too deep - as it always does with them. He interrupts her in the middle of her sentence with a heated kiss when he feels them coming, making her forget everything. 

But she knows exactly what’s going on. She’s been back for weeks and the words must be burning her lips but she holds back. For him. At least, that’s what he assumes. But hearing the words would be too painful. 

He never lets her say I love you. Ever. Because he’s afraid he’ll lose her one more time if the words were to ever leave her mouth again. The way they did when she became the Dark Ones months ago, believing she was giving into an irredeemable darkness. The same way these words had tumbled from Milah’s lips with her dying breath. 

The words are burning his lips as well. Constantly there, as if waiting for the moment when he’d let his guard down. But he can’t. Every single person he’s ever said these words to died or left him. All of them. His parents. His brother. His first love. Even Emma had - although she’d come back. As a villain, he deserves nothing more than this. He should let her go, end things right now. But he couldn’t. As much of a hero as he’d like to pretend to be, he was being selfish. He could live without a ship, without a roof - without food if it came down to it. He had always been a survivor. The only thing he needs to live is her. Emma. He can’t make himself give her up. So he’ll wait for her to grow tired of him and enjoy the last months with her as much as he can. But he would not pronounce those words - or hear her say them. 

And then it happens. 

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