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MX and their s/o having matching/couples items.

Shownu: Bracelet

Shownu isn’t sure about how to show off his partner, or how to show them how much he cares, so he bought a pair of matching bracelets and he’ll wear them under his sleeves, or if he can’t for a recording, he’ll always keep it safe or in his pocket until he can slip it back on again. 

Wonho: Necklaces

The boy likes accessories, what can I say.  He wouldn’t want to get something too cheesy, or too cliche, but he’d like to settle for something a bit more out there.  He wouldn’t want identical necklaces that just came in pairs, but two different necklaces that fit together into one.  

Minhyuk: Shirts/Outfits

He loves his s/o and he isn’t afraid to shout it from the roof tops.  When he’d take his s/o out for a date, or just for lounging around the house, he’d always persuade them into wear matching/couple shirts or sweats. This lil bub of sunshine is proud af of his partner, and he’ll make sure everyone knows it.

Kihyun: Key-chains/Phone straps  

He’d probably be a bit more reserved about matching items. Not flaunting it like Minhyuk, but settling for something small to loop on his keys or his phone strap. He’d be sure to always pick something meaningful so show he cares about his relationship in ways he can’t describe. 

Hyungwon: Slippers

What better way to tell your s/o you love them than kicking back in pjs, binging a great show with your legs entangles as your matching slippers hang off your feet.  He’d also spontaneously start matches where he’d randomly kick off his slipper at his partner and then they’d run around throwing them at each other until they get tired. 

Jooheon: Hats

We all know this lil dipple cutie-pie has a thing for head-wear.  Tbh, it’d probably be his s/o to buy the pair of matching hats as a surprise for Jooheon.  His newly owned hat would be his new favorite item he owned and would wear it as often as possible as well as take extremely good care of it, being very picky on who touches it at all.  He’d be thrilled to bits his s/o was thinking of him. 

I.M.: Phone cases 

It’d be something that they could always have with them.  I.M.’s not one for matching clothes and he’s always changing accessories with different styles, but having a phone case that is always with you was special to him.  He’d probably pick them out with his s/o and when he’s at the studio or not able to be with his partner because he’s busy or abroad, he’s always having something connecting them just in his pocket.  

He’d also thing it’d make calling and texting just a bit more special


Keith really wanted to do something nice for his boyfriend’s birthday❤️💙


So the Wish app recommended me this specific choker a while back and I couldn’t help it lmao… 
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Date a cute witch boy!

  • A witch boy who traces love & protection sigils on your thighs with his fingertips while he kisses your shoulders.
  • A witch boy with freckled kissed cheeks and sun in his hair. He paints you with his favourite watercolor set and dips his brush is warm sun water.
  • A witch boy who takes you on dates to the ocean and he tells you the name of every sea creature that crosses your path with excitement in his eyes.
  • A witch boy that makes enchanted soup that warms your soul and makes you curl your toes.
  • A witch boy who babbles to his deities all about you, and constantly asks them for your protection and safety.
  • A witch boy who not only does his own daily tarot reading first thing in the morning, but he does yours too.
  • A witch boy who writes your name and doodles hearts in his book of shadows.
  • A witch boy who reads you sections of his dream journal, and asks your thoughts , feelings, and opinions about it.
  • A witch boy who blesses your necklace with confidence spells because he loves you much, and you deserve the world.
  • A witch boy who whispers to his spirit guides late at night while you’re asleep. His pendulum swinging wildly in the moonlight.