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Who are BgA? I never heard of them. Educate me please?

oKAY LISTEN UP EVERYONE!!!!!!! this is the most life changing information of your life’s life. BgA stands for Boys generally Asian. They are a 5 member boy group signed under RHP (Ryan Higa Productions). Their debut music video was released on May 13 2016. the song is titled  똥싸야돼 (Dong Saya Dae).

It was released on iTunes on May 19 2016 and went to no 4 on the kpop charts (america) the day of release.

Their second music video released only recently is titled Who’s It Gonna Be.

 It reached no 1 in the itunes kpop charts (america) within an hour of the release of their music video. i call them KINGS. 

other links related to BgA are:

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Dong Saya Dae Dance Version

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ToppDogg reacting to BgA (technically not BgA but a video worth watching)

My K-pop Boyfriend (Jeungri ft BgA)

Who’s It Gonna Be MV BTS

Here are the character profiles for the members.

They’ve had a private fanmeeting once before but it is unconfirmed if they will ever have more fanmeets or concerts.

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again


Gadgets! Pigeons! Heidi! Murray Mints! Oh My!

Name: Michael

Gender: Male

Age: 19 


Hi! I am super interested in finding internet friends or someone who is down for letter writing:) I am looking for someone who will be my friend and talk to me for longer than like a week.

Interests: Space, Programming/coding, Science, Fun Facts, Guitar, Plants/Terrariums, Pin collecting, Equality, Gaming, Music (All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, A Day To Remember, AFI) Roller Skating, Crochet, and Tattoos! 

My Perfect Pen Pal! I don’t care about gender, sexuality, or religion but I would like someone in the 17-20 range. It would help if you liked some of the things I do, but it’s not required. 

Contact: Tumblr: guitarmooo

Email: michaelmooo95 @ gmail. com (without spaces)