why do you care what people think?

stuck in the middle // boys like girls. anklebiters // paramore. // i don’t care // decade. all signs point to lauderdale // adtr. sophomore slump or comeback of the year // fall out boy. resuscitate // mallory knox. famous last words // my chemical romance. holding onto you // twenty one pilots. hometown heroes, national nobodies // all time low. i don’t care // fall out boy. jukebox (life goes on) // the summer set

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This wasted time on you // A playlist for every time you made me feel alone 

Coffee Shop Soundtrack All Time Low // Serpents Neck Deep // In Too Deep Sum 41 // Break Your Little Heart All Time Low // Roam The Story So Far // A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me Fall Out Boy // Seventy times 7 Brand New // Crushing Grief (No Remedy) Neck Deep // I Don’t Love You Anymore Real Friends // Rock Bottom Modern Baseball // My Friends Over You New Found Glory // Love Drunk Boys Like Girls // Dysentery Gary Blink-182 

Heels Over Head
  • Heels Over Head
  • Boys Like Girls
  • Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls | Heels Over Head

You guys, this album was the first CD I spent my own (birthday) money on. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop laughing about that, given the band name.

It’s track 11 of 12 on the album, and it’s the definition of the jam-that-won’t-ever-be-a-single for me. (It’s a thing: Rihanna’s “Complicated,” “Te Amo” and “Watch ‘n’ Learn” are all within one or two of the end of the album before bonus tracks)