boys in cute clothes more like give me

so I’m wicked hella nonbinary

but I still like things with lace because lace is fucking gorgeous and makes me feel hot

where I’m going with this is that I want a chest compression binder, with lace.

or at least patterns or something

Yes, I love binders that I can hide and disguise under clothes, but why should I feel like I HAVE to hide the fact that I’m binding?

Why is it shameful for me to wear something to alter my appearance and present as more androgynous or masculine (depending on the day)?

Some days, yes I want to pass as male as well as possible.

But that’s not every day.

Some days I want to be a cute lacy boy. Some days I want to be a flowery hippie folk. Some days I just want to be a punk that screams “FUCK THE BINARY AND FUCK THE MASCULINIZATION OF ANDROGYNY!”

anyway, yeah.

Give me lacy binders or give me death.