boys in b&w


This song,

oh this song.

It makes me think of him,

makes my heart cry out for him.

Every time it plays,

and every time I sing along,

I sing for him.

Though he’s thousands of miles away,

off doing brave things while I stay doing homework,

I miss him.

This song brings back memories,

memories of being in his truck,

on our first date.

Of our second date,

with my friends,

the movie Sing,

and how as soon as it started playing,

he looked at me and grinned.

And throughout that movie,

I’d ‘dance’ in my seat to songs I knew.

He’d catch me and smile,

smile at me like I was the greatest.

It’s the little things that mean the most,

so they say,

so I say.

That look he gave me,

I’ve never seen it before,

not in that way,

and I never expected it from him.

There was so much I didn’t expect from him,

and I got much more than even that.

He’s my blessing in disguise,

my fighter,

my hero.

Lost Souls: Selfish

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Lost Souls: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 (Final)

When you face the possibility that you’ve possibly lost the love of your life.

You grabbed the first taxi you saw feeling anxious as hell. You got in the cab handing the driver the address of the venue. “Please hurry, it’s an emergency.” The driver took off and you were now officially at the mercy of the local traffic. You chewed your nails, leg fidgeting. You couldn’t sit still as the driver weaved through the other vehicles. It gave you a small glimmer at hope, maybe you could make it.

That dream came crashing down when the traffic came to a complete standstill. “Looks like there is an accident up ahead,” the driver informed you.

“How far away are we?”

“It’s about two miles up the road.”

“Perfect,” you muttered. You reached into your purse, pulling out more than enough to cover the fare. You basically tossed it into his lap, “Keep the change.” The moment your feet touched the pavement you began to run. You ran like your life depended on it, because it might as well have. You counted your blessings that you had went for a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Around the first mile your lungs began to burn and a dull pain began on your left side. You weren’t a runner by any means, so when your body began to protest you weren’t surprised. But you continued. Nothing mattered except for getting to the venue. You have to stop Jiho. 

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By reblogging this post, it means that you have promised yourself that you will NEVER call an idol “daddy” on their SNS or to their face, because you have understood why it is wrong, and why it should not be done. Either keep these thoughts and other kinks in your head or away from the eyes of the person you are referring to. Let’s all try to be a little bit more mature about this. It’s more serious than we all think it is.