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This history, uh… Starts in Columbus, Ohio. And, uh… There was few years ago, and, that was before Josh and I were able to make money playing music. And, uh, I called him up and I said “Hey Josh, you wanna come over to my rental house and watch the GRAMMYs?”, and he said “Yeah, who’s hanging in there?”, I said “A couple of my roommates, just coming to watch the GRAMMYs with us”, and, uh, as we were watching we noticed that every single one of us was in our underwear… And, seriously, Josh turned to me and we were no one at that time, he turned to me and he said “You know, if we ever go to the GRAMMYs, if we ever win a GRAMMY, we should receive it just like this”.

Supportive messages to send Daehyun and Zelo!
(and any other idol):

i hope you have a great day - 좋을날이돼길바래요
i love you - 사랑해요
i’ll always support you - 항상 응원해요
you’re the best - 최고예요
i’m so proud of you - 저는 당신이 자랑스러워요
please always smile - 항상웃으세요
have strength - 힘내세요
fighting today too! -  오늘도 화아팅
well done/great job - 잘했어요
have strength we are right here - 힘내세요! 우리가 있잖아요
wishing you the best always -  늘 좋은 일들만 가득 하세요
you always make good music - 너는 항상 좋은 음악을 줘서
you are perfect as you are - 지금 이대로 완벽해요 
I hope your comeback goes well -  컴백이 잘되길 바랍니다

please feel free to correct anything.

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BTS Vocabulary Save Me (Jimin’s Part)

note: this may seem a little advanced if you don’t know hangul and some of the grammar points i still suck a bit at grammar so i’ll do my best since i’m not just going to write the korean word but also explain the grammar behind it.

2nd note: i will never post in romanization, i haven’t read romanization since i started learning the alphabet and romanization only hinders you plus it’s ugly to look at lol i’m weird

난: I  

  • Comes from the informal word for “I” in Korean combined with the subject/topic particle. So 나 + 는 = 난

숨쉬고 싶어: I want to breathe

  • Is derived from the verb 숨쉬다 which is “to breathe.” The stem of the verb is 숨쉬 and adding 고 싶어 to the end of the stem of a verb turns it into wanting something, so 숨쉬고 싶어 turns into I want to breathe.

이: This

  • Pretty self-explanatory, no grammar explanation needed.

밤이: Night

  • 밤 means “night” and the 이 here is the subject particle

싫어: to not like

  • The informal conjugation of 싫다

난 숨쉬고 이 밤이 싫어: I want to breathe, I don’t like this night

이젠: now

깨고 싶어 : I want to wake up

  • Is derived from the verb 깨다 which is “to wake up.” Adding 고 싶어 turns the phrase into I want to wake up

꿈속이 : being in my dreams

  • 꿈 means dream, and 속 is being in something but not physically, this is different from the Korean word 안 which also means “in" where you can use it in the same way as 속 but also it can be used if you were actually in a place like say a house, school, etc. 속 is used for saying something like in one’s heart, or mind, etc, a place where you can’t physically as a person be.

싫어: to not like

이젠 깨고 싶어 꿈속이 싫어: I want to wake up now, I don’t like being in my dreams

내: my

안에: in

See notes from 꿈속이, 에 is a location particle

갇혀서: trapped

  • Not going to lie, a little lost on this one so don’t really know how to explain the grammar points to this, although I believe 서 is the conjunction particle for “because, so.”

난: I

죽어있어: dead

  • Derives from the verb 죽다 which means “to die”

내 안에 갇혀서 난 죽어있어: I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead

3rd & final note: all of these lyrics are informal.
Martin Shkreli: Australian boys recreate life-saving drug - BBC News
Australian students cheaply recreate a life-saving drug that was famously hiked in price last year.

US executive Martin Shkreli became a symbol of greed when he raised the price of a tablet of Daraprim from $13.50 (£11) to $750.

Now, Sydney school students have recreated the drug’s key ingredient for just $20.

Daraprim is an anti-parasitic drug used by malaria and Aids patients.

Martin Shkreli: ‘The most hated man in America’

The Sydney Grammar boys, all 17, synthesised the active ingredient, pyrimethamine, in their school science laboratory.

“It wasn’t terribly hard but that’s really the point, I think, because we’re high school students,” one boy, Charles Jameson, told the BBC.

The students produced 3.7 grams of pyrimethamine for $20. In the US, the same quantity would cost up to $110,000.

  • Jungkook: if nothing is impossible then is it possible for something to be impossible
  • Jungkook: humans can see water so does that mean fish can see air
  • Jungkook: why is the pizza box a square if the pizza is a circle and the slices are triangle
  • Jungkook: if I hit myself and it hurts does that mean I'm strong or weak
  • Jungkook: who taught the first teacher
  • Jungkook: if Jesus could walk on water, did he swim on land
  • BTS:
  • Jungkook:
  • BTS: Jimin, what did you do to him?
  • Jimin: It wasn't me! I said I was busy and he started being a drama queen! And now he's in trance, but-
  • BTS: apologize to him.
  • Jimin: But I didn't-
  • BTS: go now before it's too late.
  • Jimin: But-
  • BTS: Jimin.
  • Jimin: ...
  • Jimin: how did I fell in love with someone like this

remember that time when you didn’t know their names? when you didn’t knew who played which instrument, who’s your favourite and how their personalities are. when you had 4 albums that you’ve never listened to, finding out about so many new and amazing songs. when you still had to discover every little fact about them, not knowing that they’ll be your favourite band soon. yes? that’s my favourite part of discovering a band.


Agust D is a popular rapper in the underground world who has just released his first album, Pinkett, taking his first step into the mainstream music industry. Jimin is his diehard fanboy who dyes his hair pink after the album and catches other fans’ attention. People start speculating when Agust D also dyes his hair pink… 11/?

  • Yoongi: *looking at the map*
  • Yoongi: I can't find it anywhere.
  • Taehyung: What?
  • Yoongi: I searched everywhere.
  • Yoongi: I've stayed awake the whole night but I don't have a single clue where it is.
  • Taehyung: What?
  • Yoongi: My will to give a damn about your opinion.
  • Taehyung:
  • Taehyung: It sounds like some lyrics from Agust D.
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: I'll take that back, you're a genius-oh wait no, that's me. But you can be brilliant if you want to.
  • Taehyung: Good enough.

Jeon Jungkook | dusk till dawn

❀ A universe in which Jungkook fell in love. Friends to lovers, they lived happily. One day, they decided to meet to go watch a movie. Everything happened so fast. She was gone and so was he. His days of joy and happiness became sadness, he made many mistakes and decided to live a life of suffering, thinking that if he was hurt by something else, he would forget how destroyed he was because of losing her. ❀

Hellooooo, here’s another one, if you want to see more, click on the flower , I love flowers. I hope you’ll enjoy. | Please credit |


“My heart burns there, too” // SkiResort!Ziam AU

by jaegyoo

“All it takes is a spark, m’friend,” Niall says as he tunes his guitar.
“A spark,” Liam repeats.
“Yeah,” he strums twice, before twisting another peg, “Ignite the flames n’ let nature take its course.”

He gets what Niall is saying, but trying to make logical sense of them was another. Running into Zayn was possibly the worst thing that could have happened on this trip. There were too many months laid in between them. Months of waiting for him to call and months of wondering if he should call first. It never used to be this difficult. Everything was always easy with Zayn and he wished that part of their relationship would remain the same, but it didn’t. And he knows he’s partially to blame for this too. The undeniable fact was that Zayn moved on, and Liam needed to figure out how to do the same.

“I think it’s closure you’re looking for,” Harry comments as he takes a sip of his cocoa then nestles himself next to Niall. “You never got the chance to end things with him and, y’know-” he takes another sip “..maybe this is it, Liam?”

Liam reckons he’s right, or at least that’s what makes the most sense in comparison. When Zayn left, there was a myriad of words left unsaid; words that couldn’t be said over the phone without reading his expression. It’s as if Zayn and Liam had already developed this epic story, and then suddenly the last pages were torn out. He figures that Zayn took them with him, amongst the clutter of other things that Liam felt for him. If someone asked him to sum it all up in one word, to put it simply, they were ‘unfinished’. Maybe he wasn’t ready for the rest of the story, the final arch. And maybe, although he hates to admit it, he’s terrified of what that ending may entail.

“Closure,” he reiterates Harry’s words as he looks up to see Zayn coming down the stairs. He swallows down, cursing at his own betraying heart that beats erratically at the sight of familiar copper skin and raven hair. The fact that Zayn still had this effect on him made his chest ache in a way that he terribly missed. The pictures he’d seen online never really did him justice because Zayn was more than a bunch of colors and pixels meshed together. They don’t capture the depth of his gaze when he looks right at you during an intimate conversation. They don’t capture his smile the way it feels when he’s smiling just for you. You’re almost afraid to blink, scared you might miss something that would be worthwhile seeing. And seeing Zayn in person was an experience on it’s own and Liam missed taking in every detail of him when they were – well, whatever they were.

A pair of dirty blonde hair and blue eyes follow Zayn closely behind, bringing Liam back into himself. He pretends not to notice the way Harry and Niall look at him with sympathy. He wishes he was better at masking his emotions, not for himself, but for the sake of his friends. He hated being easy to read. It only caused unnecessary worry to those around him. He really needed to get it together and he resolves that the first step was putting a sense of finality to this. Pages or no pages, written or unwritten, their story needed to be laid to rest. Then, he could finally move on.

“What are we lads talkin’ bout?” Louis settles next to Liam on the couch, shrugging off his thick coat before fixing his fringe.

“Sparks,” Niall sings, wiggling his eye brows.
Closure,” Harry corrects him, then nudges his shoulder being careful not to spill his drink. Louis looks to Liam for an answer and so he does.


((Or the one where Zayn and Liam run into each other at a ski resort for the holidays and lots of unresolved tension and angst ensues because i like dying apparently??))

Please fire me. I work as a full time childcare giver and my client thought it would be funny to refer to me as a girl and introduced me to everyone as a girl. Within that week, everyone in the park (other sitters, parents, and even children) thought that I was either gender confused, lesbian, or just a girl. It took three months to clear up the misunderstanding.


baekhyun stans:

  • suddenly horny
  • want more
  • need more

chanyeol stans:

  • giggly af
  • craving more 
  • will fucking enter your house if you have a nice one

jongdae stans:

  • “i feel dirty”
  • confused af
  • uncomfortable

kyungsoo stans:

  • suddenly really perverted
  • sees a clock and thinks “sex”
  • need help

jongin stans:

  • wet
  • really wet
  • suggestively breathing

kris stans:

  • perplexed at what they just read
  • “did i really just”
  • can’t accept the fact they just read smut

yixing stans:

  • “this smut is so inaccurate how is yixing a bad boy”
  • looking for grammar mistakes
  • completely unbothered by the fact they’re dirty

luhan stans:

  • heavy breathing
  • spamming tumblr blogs with their dirty requests

junmyeon stans:

  • probably touching themselves
  • making sure their door is locked
  • dirty

sehun stans:

  • screaming
  • yelling
  • “whAT THE FUCK”

tao stans:

  • really really really really dirty right now
  • go near them and they’ll perform everything they read in the smut
  • honestly they should go to church rn

minseok stans:

  • “chOKE ME DADDY”
  • the most dirty of all
  • probably pregnant now
Definite singular form // Norwegian grammar

How a word ends in the definite singular form or ‘bestemt form entall’ in Norwegian, is completely based off of which article is put in front of the noun in the indefinite singular form. En, ei or et.

En: If the noun has the article en in front of it in the indefinite singular form, then the definite singular form will end with -en. If the noun already ends with an -e then only the -n will be added to the end.

en gutt (a boy)  - gutten (the boy)
en kåpe (a coat - kåpen (the coat)
en sofa (a sofa) - sofaen (the sofa)

Ei: If the noun has the article ei in front of it in the indefinite singular form, the the definite singular form will end with -a. If the noun ends with a vowel that vowel will be changed to -a instead.

ei jente (a girl) - jenta (the girl)
*ei trapp (a staircase) - trappa (the staircase)
ei veske (a purse) - veska (the purse)

*Keep in mind that a lot of nouns can use both en and ei in front of them and can therefore also be conjugated both ways. This is because of the different dialects in Norway. Personally I will use the conjugation for ei more than I will do for en because of where I’m from. For example, “ei trapp” that I used previously can also be conjugated like “en trapp”

Like this: en trapp (a staircase) - trappen (the staircase)

Et: If the noun has the article et in front of it in the indefinite singular form, the the definite singular form will end with -et.

et hus (a house) - huset (the house)
et vindu (a window) - vinduet (the window)
*et tre (a tree) - treet (the tree)

*In this example you can see that even though ‘et tre’ ends with an -e, -et is still added to the end, and not just -t. This is not always the case.
Like here:
et sete (a seat) - setet (the seat)

Unfortunately, there is no rule for when this happens, and you’re just gonna have to learn which words uses this as you go.

The definite article for en and ei is ‘den’, while for et it is ‘det’,but ‘den’ or ‘det’ can also mean ‘that’, if you put them directly in front of the noun.

For example:
Den gutten spiller fotball - That boy plays football

If you just want to say “The boy plays football” you’ll skip the ‘den’.
Gutten spiller fotball - The boy plays football.

However, if you put an adjective between the article and the noun it will also be ‘the’ instead of ‘that.

For example:
Den høye gutten spiller fotball - The tall boy plays football