boys from skins


Part 3, “Of paper bones and porcelain skin.”

In which everyone gets pissed off at me bc I insist on giving only small updates BUT LOOK AT THAT BOY’S FACE; HE’S GONNA FALL HARD AND QUICK I TELL YOU

(( Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ))

Anyone wants to guess what happens next??? :^)

you keep on hitting, but i keep on swinging

Summary: Dan’s an asshole and Phil tries to convince himself Dan isn’t one.

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: lil mention of homophobia if u squint, some sexy times too

Word count: 8k

A/N: i started this fic back in june and i can’t believe i finally got around to finishing it dsjfd this is the longest i’ve written and it’s nothing great but pls appreciate it all the same sobs ;; i also tried going for a laidback style of writing but i realized it wasn’t me so i had to start all over again lmao. ok bye enjoy i guess? <3

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What does he smell like, Jaehyunie? Chocolate? Honey butter chips? Or, are you trying to kiss him? 

OMG boy, keep your lips away from Tae’s tights!! I don’t know… what are you doing???

kim taehyung is perfect exactly the way he is

I was a kindergarten aid

The children would play “Superhero” every day. the had a supergirl, a superman, a bat man… and a dark-skinned boy from India as their Captain America. They played and smiled and nobody told him he couldn’t be his favourite super hero. It made me happy.

I mean, this just looks very cool to me. I don’t even know what’s happening. And aww look, Damian found another pet! I bet he unironically names is Fluffy.

(Robin - Son of Batman 1???)