boys deserve better


Just look at Bert’s face the entire time he watches Reiner speak as a soldier, you can see the pain that he feels watching his best friend go through that.

Imagine the countless times he watched Reiner fall apart in front of him and Bert let him be because those were the only times Reiner seemed happy..


“Iron Man. That’s kind of catchy. It’s got a nice ring to it. I mean it’s not technically accurate. The suit’s a gold titanium alloy, but it’s kind of provocative, the imagery anyway.”

today, on june 5th 2017, i want to wish a happy birthday to one of the most amazing wizards out there. he’s turning 37 today and i’m so proud. he could’ve died so many times even before he came to hogwarts. he could’ve died because of his father’s acquaintances, he could’ve been killed by voldemort or even harry potter. he could’ve taken one hit too many from his abusive excuse of a father. 

but he survived. he wasn’t the boy who made all the wrong choices. he simply was the boy who had no choice at all. he could do what he had done or die, there was nothing else for him to choose. but he tried his best and he survived.

and that’s fucking amazing, let me tell you. 

happy birthday, draco malfoy.


#AoT week || Day 2: Devotion

  • Option A: Favourite Character
  • Option B: Favourite Titan Shifter
  • Option C: Favourite Minor Character

 ↳ Bertholdt Hoover || The Colossal Titan

Hansol - Topp Dogg

Hello fellow K-Pop fans of tumblr, I’d like to make an announcement.

Recently, a member from a group that I occasionally listen to had an Instagram live. On his live he was discussing how he wanted to kill himself, and was walking dangerously close to the edge of a busy road. Some of you already know who I’m talking about. If you don’t, I’m talking about Hansol from Topp Dogg.

If you don’t know about Topp Dogg, I don’t blame you, I didn’t know about them until early last year.

Topp Dogg have been around since 2013, and I don’t think a single music video of theirs ever reached past 1 or 2 million views ( sometimes not even that many ). They also had 4 members quit, one went on Produce 101. They’ve never done well popularity wise and they’re about to disband.

This is seriously depressing if you remember that these boys have probably trained their whole lives to be apart of the idol industry. Gave up having normal teenage lives maybe even childhoods, training, dieting, loosing sleep, being separated from family for long periods of time. They did all of that, and they didn’t even know if they were going to make it into a group or be kicked out.

I feel terrible for not taking more time to get to know this group better, because they are big sweethearts who are very talented and hardworking. When I heard about Hansol, I felt my heart break. I was close to tears. He’s such a beautiful boy with a contagious smile and laugh, and hearing that he’s suicidal is nothing but scary.

I ask that if you are religious please pray for Hansol, leave positive comment on his Instagram.

If this group does end up disbanding, I don’t want them going out like this. Please check out their music, stream it, watch their mvs. If you don’t like them, that’s fine, but these boys deserve so much better. I want to give them better.