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  • Jungkook: Hyung, what are you sprying the bench with?
  • Yoongi: I couldn't resist the infomercial, Jungkookie.
  • "Unwanted dirt just slides right off!"
  • [Seokjin slips off a bench]
  • Yoongi: And voilà!

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Hi, hi! I might have missed it but can you explain your "four days of tech rehearsals" hashtag? Like, did they really only have four days? LOL.

I was going to put this in my recap but I’ll explain it now!

So last night at stage door I was chatting to various members of the cast who are remaining (James Howard, Mackley – who’s staying as first cover Albus btw, and hopes they’ll be able to say when they’re on this year, and Annabel) about how excited I am to see the new cast on Wednesday and Thursday, and James Howard said he hopes they’ll be ready (he also referred to Samuel as his son to some other people he was talking to), and Annabel said to cut them some slack.

She explained that the original cast had five weeks of tech rehearsals in the theatre, whereas this cast have four days. I presume they start today, and are rehearsing tomorrow, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning.

I just think it’s amazing for the cast to be able to do that, and I think there’s going to be so much adrenaline and excitement. I love really raw and energetic performances, so that four days stat really caught me, hence why I’m using it as my tag for the new cast!

I will, of course, be doing a full recap of the new cast’s first show (and I’m so excited to discover all the new details they bring, and chronicle everything that’s different. It’s going to be fresh and thrilling, and judging by today’s videos, I am going to absolutely love them).

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mahogany crimson honey butterscotch wisteria also I forget what the ordering pizza one is but that one too lmao

  • mahogany: im gay
  • crimson: ur gay 
  • honey: would you be open to ordering a pizza together sometime. like are we friends in that way
  • butterscotch: i would give you candy if i could 
  • wisteria: i support and believe in u 

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-the namjoon anon- I don't exactly know what is it, but the way i see it : namjoon and yoongi had difficult early lives the only difference is namjoon had something externally happened to him that effect him, while yoongi had something internally happened to him ( mental health issues ) and I don't know why but i feel like his father has the same issues growing up too and that yoongi is old enough to understand it he has the biggest respect to his father.

Hmm, I see your logic. I think I get it now. For Namjoon, I think I had never thought about that before ‘cause I had never seen any signs that it’d be possible. To me, the problem was born with him? Like. There’s many kinds of intelligences, right? People will be smart about different subjects. Namjoon, though, has the kind of intelligence that would easily fit in to a bunch of different subjects, he’s literally too smart for his own good (Moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius) - so that’s what I always thought that had been what made him the way he is with his mental issues. He just simply knows too much, and growing up with his kind of intelligence in the society that he lives (he being open minded and having to learn that that was actually considered wrong by his elders, etc) made him confused for a really long time. The amount of knowledge that he has eats him up. Does that make sense? So while Yoongi feels a lot because he’s a very sensitive person, Namjoon is sorta like that too but his biggest problem is understanding even things that he doesn’t want to. And it’s common knowledge that people that are too smart always end up feeling alone somehow. That’s what I think happened to him, so I never thought about something actually being done to him. Maybe he experienced some bullying in school, too, also because of his wits - but we can’t know that for sure. I do feel like it’s weird that he never talked about anything like that (not that I’m aware of), which leads me to think that 1) it happened but BigHit wouldn’t allow him to talk about it because South Korea wouldn’t like that subject to be public, 2) it happened but was so traumatic he still has a hard time dealing with and wouldn’t want to talk about it, 3) it just never happened. lol But anyway. I appreciate your input ‘cause now you made me think about it and I’ll probably pay more attention to the things he says as so to compare to your theory.

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And that’s true, Yoongi was strongly influenced by his father in many ways, it frustrates me a lot that I can’t read his 4th house to understand it properly. I feel like that’s sorta what happened but it also has something to do with his brother too. Whatever it is, Yoongi’s relationship with his father certainly defined who he is. And Namjoon and Yoongi were very lucky to find each other in life (I honestly think they were meant to like in a fate kind of way lol), they’re very alike in a world that doesn’t have many people like them - so they probably rely on each other a lot. 

Oh boy more FF9 AU, featuring post-end scenes where everyone should be happy but whoops, these kids have issues and are also still teenagers or in their *very* early twenties and have not had time to adjust to anything

AKA Where in the World is Sorey Fabool Alexandros the First, AKA Let Mikleo Say Fuck. Actually the latter has been established as a good summary of the entire AU. Plus all these post-end scenes I’ve been playing with for months are why it’s taking forever to get a real chapter out. I just felt like sharing this one because I’m having feelings about the boys again. You know, like every day.

Sorey’s sitting by the eidolon wall when a dagger suddenly sinks into the ground at his side, dangerously close to his hand.

“What the fuck, Sorey!?”

He’s in so much trouble.


“…Phoenix? What? …Sorey. Answers. Now.”

“I feel like if I answer incorrectly I’m gonna get a dagger to the throat.”

“That might not be entirely wrong.”


Mikleo runs his hands through his hair, burying his face in them and letting out a long, rough sigh that turns into a groan halfway through.

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