boys can wear pink too!


some positivity for boys because sometimes we forget boys suffer too

here’s to all the beautiful boys out there (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

because objects, and clothes, and colors, and careers, and hobbies do NOT HAVE GENDERS. and because being “feminine” IS NOT AN INSULT.

anonymous asked:

why are you a feminist?

In a nutshell:

- Because we shouldn’t care still have to defend or justify how women are as strong as men.

- Because emotions shouldn’t be seen as a downfall

- Because men should be allowed to show emotions too

- Because “domestic responsibilities” aren’t only a woman’s job

- because men are cheered for changing a diaper but it’s expected of women.

- Because a woman shouldn’t have to choose between her child and her career

- Because “I’m bad at math because I’m a girl” shouldn’t be a reasoning

- Because “throwing like a girl” or “acting like a girl” shouldn’t be an insult

- Because people should be paid and promoted based on merit rather than gender

- Because “whether she will be taking time off for kids” shouldn’t be a consideration

- Because both maternity and paternity leave should be provided and paid

- Because women get blamed for being raped or domestically abused

- Because a man can be raped or domestically abused also

- Because a man is a “player” and a woman is a “slut”

- Because “boys will be boys” doesn’t benefit either gender

- Because boys can wear pink if they want too

- Because girl baby clothes say “cutie” and “sweetie pie” while boy baby clothes say “little genius”

- Because baby clothes and toys shouldn’t be gendered

- Because comprehensive Sex Ed shouldn’t be controversial

- Because men regularly make decisions about what women should do with their bodies

- Because viagra is covered by insurance but tampons are expensive and taxed

- Because razors are gendered

- Because a woman shouldn’t be laughed at for holding the door for a man

- Because it’s not okay to ask lesbians “who’s the man in the relationship”

- Because having an all female band, cast in a movie or TV show, or Supreme Court is controversial

- Because feminist is still a bad word.

Things people have told me will "turn" my sons "gay" :(

-breastfeeding,  although I’ve also been told this will make them grow up “obsessed with boobs” according to the same relative :P

-formula-feeding (I guess no feeding method is safe…)

-breastfeeding too long (Fox was three months old at the time @_@)

-not circumcising my sons (apparently all European men are gay since they aren’t cut?) I couldn’t help laughing at the cousin who told me this one, and when I responded with this she got all flustered and said “lots of European guys ACT gay!”

-letting my children be “too attached to mama.”

-cosleeping. No idea of the thought process concerning that one…

-letting them see me naked (I guess they would never get over the horror of a naked female body?)

-letting my son wear pink. Even pink polo shirts.

-letting my son help me cook.

-allowing my son to use the dress up center at preschool (apparently a lot of the parents forbid the preschool teachers from letting their sons wear any of the dresses, while mine would meet me at the door there in full princess regalia most afternoons).

-signing my son up for ballet classes when he asked.

-signing him up for gymnastics.

-painting his finger and toenails when he asked me too.

-letting him grow his hair to the length he wanted and wear barrettes in it when he wished to.

-not forcing him to play soccer or football when he didn’t want to.

-breastfeeding my younger son “too long” because doing so would cause “psychological damage” according to an older relative. Hmm…my two year doesn’t act too damaged by it in my opinion.

Is it just me, but I don’t see how ANY of these things could possibly affect the gender my sons are sexually attracted to as grown men??