boys are less drama

Lmao so many girls I know say ‘oh I like hanging out with boys better its less drama’ and I’m like…… BIH what boys r u talkin about cuz all the boys I know here are whiny babies that like to bring up irrelevant shit every 5 minutes

The drama on The Fosters is getting a bit too ridiculous. 

Things it needs to stop doing
- Throwing boys at Callie
- Callie doing dumb things
- Brandon brooding
- The Lena v Stef drama, couples counselling isn’t necessary. Stef just needs to stfu, listen and consider everyones feelings before she says things

Things it needs to focus on
- Cole and his story
- Mariana being smarter than everyone else, not this boy drama
- Mike/Aj father-son thing
- Jonnor and less labeling
- Moving forward, no more repeating plots

Will probs still keep watching though because I need to know if Lena and Stef stay together. I also want to be watching when Stef finally finds out about the Lena/Monte kiss. 

Me, on a daily basis: But if Glenn had been just a few seconds faster we never would have dealt with this Nicorey bullshit, and Paulie would have had one less meat head friend to to gossip with. Maybe Nicole would have been more tolerable, because she’d have less boy drama. Sure, Glenn might have been an annoying conservative, but at least he wouldn’t have told stories about setting goats on fire.

Hendall Opinion

Hello everyone I am back.

Ok so yall know how much I love Harry and how much I support of him so Im not going to go on about that. 

I personally felt victimized when I saw those pics of them two on the yaucht. Wasnt this meant to be a break for the boys which in turn should bring less drama? Yeah every 1D fan ever has said that, but its true. 

Im not going to justify how the picture is seen differently because I believe its not, its what we all dont want to see (unless you ship them). Firstly they are in St Barts, highly exclusive yes? So how come paps are there? 

This is a big ass boat they are on so if they didnt want to be seen they easily could have covered a towel (which harry did at one stage) or go inside. I just think its very suss which an anon and a few others I’ve spoken to about have said that they both have big management teams, hes got an album and is on ‘break’, shes got a modeling career and not to mention who her mother is. Kris Jenner is honestly the biggest publicist of them all, I mean for example she gave Lamar Khloes new number so he could contact her when she wanted nothing to do with him. Anyway enough about that. 

Id also like to note that the official Kardashian twitter has posted a link of them two saying “ Ooh la la! Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were spotted together on a yacht:”. This brings me to believe more about how this is more of a PR stunt. 

They could truly be together and if they are I dont mind (I just dont want to see it on my dash for a while), if hes happy then good on him. Just of course like many Harry girls I’ll be sad because hes been single for so long and we love him. Yes I know hes never going to date me but not many approve of the Kardashians. 

I am usually really spot on with PR stunts but this one guys Im honestly so mixed about it. This one feels different to me and I cant work it out, but I guess time will only tell. 

Love you guys so much thanks for reading. :)

-Side note: Harry always has a December/Jan “girlfriend” too so do keep this in mind. :)

I can’t believe the internalized misogyny i had for the longest time about how I liked boys better for friends cause they have less drama and only when I got to college did I start realizing the errors of my ways and how fucking amazing girls are like the majority of boys in my life caused me problems and girls helped me fix and deal with them

We are amazing and boys are so basic smh

Girls have less drama compared to boys tbh like we can compliment each other but boys have to say shit like “no homo” what’s wrong with homo you fuck just admit that they’re a good looking dude ugh fuck your masculinity boys are so dramatic