boys men

trans men are males, just like cis men are.

our bodies are male bodies, just like cis men’s are.

we are worthy of respect just like cis men are.

trans men who are gay, are not cishet women - we’re just as gay as cis gay men are.

trans men who are gay are not invading gay spaces, we ARE gay, so those are our spaces too.

cis men, instead of being against us, protect us.

Hey, stop scrolling.

Your mistakes don’t define you.

Your past doesn’t define you.

You are who you are.

And you are loved and cared for who you are.

Because who you are is a wonderful person, beautiful, smart, awesome: you’re already perfect. Don’t let anyone make you doubt this.

Don’t give up anything. You are loved. Sincerely.

Pass it on.

Things I am excited for after top surgery

1. Giving my binders away to someone who needs them 2. My pets sitting on my chest and it no longer making me writhe 3. Running painlessly!!!!! 4. Standing up straight!!!!! 5. Being able to throw on clothes and feel great 6. Old clothes fitting better 7. Wearing just 1 layer :O 8. Swimming!!!! 9. TIGHT HUGS 10. Being able to play the guitar and violin without bumping into anything 11. Sleeping on my stomach more comfortably 12. No more boob sweat 13. Better angle for my right hook 14. Going shirtless god please 15. Never being told by cis girls how lucky I am and how jealous they are again 16. Nothing digging into my shoulders hallelujah 17. Comfy all day not just at home 18. Bro chest-slams??? 19. No dysphoria when I have to take my shirt off at the doctor’s 20. No more button up shirts getting messed up 21. Wearing tight clothes, crop tops, and tank tops 22. Never accidentally falling asleep in a binder or bra 23. No awkward placement of suspenders 24. Non opaque white t shirts!!!! 25. Peace of mind ♥♥♥♥

“You fuck me up, you really do. Its always hot or cold with you, I never understand what game you’re playing until I realize I’m loosing again.”

You tire me out, in the worst way possible.