Playing with fire

Request: “Hello!! Sorry if my request looks weird lol but, could you listen to blackpink’s playing with fire and write an imagine just using like the feeling the song gave you, without looking at lyrics? I think it would be interesting!!”

I was so excited to write this request bc it was so different, I hadn’t heard the song before but its catchy to be fair. I’ve written it without using the guys name so you can apply it to whichever you prefer. Also i had to look up the lyrics in english hahah I just got the impression the song was flirty and about a guy who kind of had a reputation of being a bit of a player/tease hence ‘playing with fire’but I’m not sure if my interpretation of the lyrics are what you were requesting for but i hope you still enjoy <3  

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stamped on the forehead
of every black baby
born at the hospital
the night after
it happened again.

Happy birthday.

The white-coat
Doctors recommend
white powder formulas
and white wooden cribs
and white-nippled bottles
and bulletproof bibs.

Again and again and again.

The obituaries
all look the same.
Copy and paste
the new name.
He leaves behind his mama-
**His mama is left

The ground is a complaint
box nobody opens-
he wears the casket
like a crisp jean jacket
two sizes too big
and still a little stiff.

The bullets in his chest
lie in a line
like brass buttons.
Someone else decides
when it opens
and when it shuts.

Little black boy
with a yellow squirt
gun pushed off
the edge of the earth
by a speeding bullet;

Speeding bullets
launched from
a trigger flicked
by a white man
who grew up
a little blank
and blameless boy
playing with guns.

Again and again and again.

Trigger warning.
Too little,
too late.  


He followed after the young boy, “W-Where is this ‘Yendybot’ of yours?!”

The boy :
I don’t know!

*He exclaims in a panicked squeal, pulling you as they sprinted around a corner. Heavy blunt thumps of weighty costume against tile follow as the giant rabbit animatronic trudged after the pair in high pursuit.*

Just keep running!

*Unfortunately there was only so much space left to run, and quickly did the two find themselves cornered among shelves of disembodied animatronic heads and spare parts. As soon as they finally stop running, the bunny’s bright headlights for eyes soon stop upon having the boys in his sights.*

Bonnie :
Fou-ou-ound you-ou ..!

*The purple bot exclaims as his long bunny ears fold excitedly, soon beginning a march-like walk towards them with his arms outstretched.*

You ki-kids sure know-ow-ow how to pl-pl-play!


Jonte’ - TIGER (by HelloJonte)

This is all kinds of awseome…s/he betta #werq

I see you looking at me 
begging for a bite cuz I’m so sexy
Begging baby ooh let me
you can get a bite, but it ain’t for free.

I see you looking at me 
begging for a bite cuz I’m so sexy
Begging baby ooh let me
you can get a bite, but it ain’t for free.

Jonte’ -

So pose
back in the room like
woah ho's 
wiping off they
nose blow
back in the room like

Can I get a light for my cigarette light
like can I get a light for my cigarette light?

Chorus -

I’m a tiger,I’m a tiger 
I’m a eat you biatch

Bridge -

You wanna take me to the back
Cuz you like my rack
You wanna hit from the back
but you can’t get it like that

you was looking real whack 
till you flashed them stacks
till you flashed them stacks

Bitch I’m so bad so please cut me my check yes!

*He thought he heard noises. The Pizzeria is awfully quiet tonight, and that alone is extremely unsettling. In the midst of the crisp cool dark, a door labeled “EMPLOYEES ONLY” eases open as a young boy’s head peeks out. His big brown as wander as he searches for the source of the noise.*