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San Diego shows this week (Oct. 22 – Oct. 29)


Friday (10/25) - Hunx & His Punx at The Irenic with Northern Tigers, The Frights
7:00 pm, $12 
For fans of Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Reese Witherspoon’s performance in Pleasantville.

Reasons to see this show:

  1. Crowds go fucking crazy for Hunx & his lovely Punx. Hunx goes crazy for crowds. It’s a symbiotic relationship that ultimately benefits you, hip young reader.
  2. The Frights are surf rock perfection straight out a 60’s beach party flick. And they answer all of their anonymous asks on tumblr.
  3. At 12 bucks, this show is a steal. Do not pass up this garage punk dance party. 

Now for Sweet Jane’s great big long list of shows. Recommended artists are in bold.

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Are you officially crazy, like what does that even mean? He said no thank you, no thank you, he caressed his head away from his palm. I felt guilty again. You know, with one leg always in the fuckin’ fire you sure can dance, that’s what he said, cheeky smile, not friendly, and this: if I were you… man, I’m glad I’m not. She was talking so loudly and she said okay, okay, okay, but I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough time, now I have to go. He looked sleepy or like a retard. I didn’t say don’t be afraid of me. Hurry up, will you? I had to laugh because he was so much like me. A pathetic escape plan. He said they puked everywhere and I’m back in heaven. Bedwetters, you all. I hope your beautiful body is full of… what? Bugs? Bones? Bruises? You just want to sound foul. He said he’s the monster under their beds.

- Day #122 (


anime: Golden Boy

music: Koji. - lotus

My dash is dead. Reblog/like if you post these bands/artists:
The 1975
Twenty One Pilots
Fall Out Boy
New Found Glory Nirvana
The Pretty Reckless Tokio Hotel Weezer

He said this is highly unusual and this: there are words I always misspell. He smiles with all his teeth out. I always just pretend to be busy, you know? I mean I’m like a sick person but I’m not sick. I’m like a child. I miss her all the time. I can’t collect anything unless it becomes material. I live in my head more than I live in… what? ‘Real world’? The other parts of my body? This is bullshit. I almost always want to talk to you. I check back and back and back. Whatever I do. He says, starving doesn’t make you pure. It makes you dry and you’ll smell like coughed up juice. I don’t like to kiss him anymore. This is where they enter the story but they do not save the day. She’s not mad and it makes it worse. He says I was glad, I mean I was glad I almost lost it, it inspired me so much. He’s always frowning and his nails don’t exist. Those dogs chased me down the street all the way to his door or his secret garden or whatever. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life. They said I was strapped to a bare bed for three days straight. He visited me all the time. He said he just wants to be loved. I bit his lips raw and now… Did you know he called himself Little Monster when he was a kid?

- Day #121 (