boyles frankenstein


Who says you can’t have some laughs this Halloween?

Creature: Because I am lonely! Every creature has a mate. Every bird in the sky! Even you are to be married! Why am I denied the comforts you allow yourself? A moment ago you were amazed at my intellect, but now you harden your heart. Please, do not be inconsistent, I find it infuriating! All I ask is the possibility of love.
Victor: Love?
Creature: Yes!
Victor: You think it is a possibility?
Creature: Yes!


Victor: How does it feel, to be in love?
Creature: It feel like all the life is bubbling up in me and spilling from my mouth, it feels like my lungs are on fire and my heart is a hammer, it feels like I can do anything in the world! Anything in the world!
Victor: Is that how it feels?
Creature: Yes!


Victor (very weakly): I don’t know what love is.
Creature: I will teach you!
Victor: Yes. You understand it better than I. Do you have a soul, and I none?
Creature (elated): I don’t know! Let’s debate!
Victor: Every chance I had of love, I threw away. Every shred of human warmth, I cut to pieces. Hatred is what I understand. Nothingness. Despair. I am finished. – But you give me purpose. You, I desire. Go on. Walk on. You must be destroyed.


The Creature and love.

from Nick Dear - Frankenstein, based on the Novel by Mary Shelley

‘A Study in Scar’ - Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature & Victor Frankenstein, from Danny Boyle’s play. I also wrote some quotes from the play all around.

Remember this drawing? started in 2012, “finished” in 2013 and I haven’t posted the whole piece… You can see the WIPs of this artwork under the tag  ‘studyinscar’.

Mechanical pencil, graphite pencils on 65x50cm paper.


Super Duper. 

I just want Danny Boyle's Frankenstein released on DVD

I want the front cover of it to be a lenticular print that does this as you turn it

And inside I want one side with Miller’s Creature on the disc, and the other side with Cumberbatch’s Creature on the disc. 

And when you remove the discs, the Creature’s creator will be the picture underneath in the box. 

The dvd box alone could be so beautiful, and I want it in my life so badly!