Community Members Disrupt Plans to Tour Boyle Heights

Boyle Heights, CA

Adaptive Realty, a real estate group set to gentrify Boyle Heights, is reeling from the backlash after their flyer calling gentrifiers (and displacement) to the community received outrage from long term residents and critics of continued colonization.

What will become a “public relations” learning experience for other financial interests, real estaters, and lobbyists for re/development who will make sure their efforts are much more subtle just might turn out to be the spark the city of Los Angeles doesn’t want to increase solidarity in city-wide anti-gentrification efforts.

The bike tour was cancelled. Gentrification, however, is always on the agenda. Less Damage Control, More Damage to Systemic Control

Boyle Heights Real Estate Flier Stokes Gentrification Fears

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will offer free blood testing on a massive scale for lead poisoning to address worries that a Vernon battery recycler has jeopardized the health of hundreds of thousands of residents in southeast Los Angeles, officials said Thursday.

A battery recycling plant in Vernon has possibly poisoned surrounding communities (From Boyle Heights to Huntington Park) with lead and arsenic. The company that allowed this to happen is required to pay for blood tests for anyone that may have been affected. If y'all are from the area, please try to let people know, and try to get tested yourself. 

 This a largely working class and immigrant area, so it is likely that the government and the Exide company will not do much to distribute this information to those affected.

So please, whether or not you live in the Southeast or East LA area, please REBLOG and  SIGNAL BOOST.